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Decyl Glucoside In Skin Care - What It is, Uses, Benefits & Safety Tips

There are plenty of skincare products available in the market today. It often becomes confusing to select products that would be suitable for our skin type. Decyl glucoside is a wonderful cosmetic raw material that is very skin-friendly and biodegradable. It is widely used in a lot of cosmetic products today.

decyl glucoside

Decyl Glucoside is a natural and surface-active agent commonly found in the ingredient lists of many skin care products such as decyl glucoside shampoos, cleansers, face washes, body washes, soaps, and many more.

Decyl glucoside has an excellent foaming capacity and is very skin-friendly. It is often used on just any skin type and is a suitable co-surfactant in many cleansing products. It is considered ideal for sensitive skin types.

What Is Decyl Glucoside Derived From?

Decyl glucoside is an ingredient derived from plant-derived substances made from fats, sugars, and alcohols commonly found in corn sugars, coconuts, and palm oils.

Chemically, it is an alkyl glucoside made from a glucose reaction from the corn starch with fatty alcohol. Decyl glucoside is also known as decyl alcohol as it is found in palm oils and coconuts.

Decyl Glucoside Benefits For Skin Care

One such ingredient that is becoming popular in skincare is decyl glucoside, a non-ionic surfactant in nature. The decyl glucoside in skin care helps in emulsifying, spreading, and providing foaming effects. It is a naturally derived bio-degradable substance that has enormous benefits and natural properties for the skin. Let us see below some of its useful benefits:

  • Easy to Lather: Decyl glucoside has the property to lather easily thus, it is a great choice of ingredient for soaps, shampoos, and cleansers.
  • Safe To Use In Cosmetics: It is a mild agent and non-toxic. It is very safe for skincare and personal care products like cleansers, liquid body washes, and many more.
  • Act As Good Surfactant: It is a great surfactant that allows removing oil and dirt from all the formulations in skincare products.
decyl glucoside benefits
  • Organic & Eco-Friendly: Decyl glucoside is organic in nature and biodegradable. It is very skin-friendly and eco-friendly too.
  • Safe For Skin: The decyl glucoside is very mild, gentle, and non-toxic on the skin. It is perfect to never cause skin rashes, irritations, or infections.

Side Effects: Is Decyl Glucoside Safe For Skin?

Decyl glucoside is organic in nature and 100 per cent obtained and processed from all natural cosmetic raw materials. It is biodegradable in nature and non-allergic to skin and reproductive organs. It generally does not possess side effects. It is non-toxic and safe for all skin types. It is best to be used on sensitive skin types. It is a mild agent that helps to retain moisture and makes your skin healthy.

Decyl glucoside has no impurities, and its chemical composition is very safe for baby and pet products. It is best and has vital use in anti-dandruff treatments, skin issues, and infections.

  • Decyl glucoside is very effective and does not hamper the functioning of reproductive health.
  • It is anti-carcinogenic (inhibits the development of cancer) in nature.
  • It is very safe, non-allergic, and non-toxic on all skin types.

Decyl Glucoside Uses In Skin Care Cosmetic Products

  • Decyl Glucoside Cleansers: Decyl glucoside is a safe and non-toxic ingredient in skincare products. It is best used in all personal care products such as cleansers, liquid body washes, moisturisers, and many more. Decyl glucoside surfactant that removes oils and dirt from the skincare formulations.
  • Liquid Soaps: Decyl Glucoside is natural and acts as an emulsifier. It is ideal for cleansing and foaming products. It is a combination of plant-based fatty acids, alcohol, and glucose. It is excellent at generating foam, therefore, used widely in liquid soaps and washes. It removes dirt and oil instantly.
  • Shaving Foams: Decyl glucoside is very mild and has amazing foaming capacity. This is the reason why it is a great ingredient in shaving creams. It is very mild and gentle on the skin and can be used as a surfactant. It is completely natural and has cleansing properties.
decyl glucoside in skin care cosmetic products
  • Shower Gels: Decyl Glucoside surfactant used as a foaming agent for conditioners, shampoos, shower gels, body washes, and many more. It has excellent dermatological compatibility. It helps in cleansing and removing all the dirt from the skin. It is best used as shower gels to give you a smooth and hydrating feel.
  • Bath Oils: Decyl glucoside is wonderful at the combination of oils and additives. It is used alongside glucosides to enhance foaming and skin conditioning properties. It helps in removing dirt, oil and hydrates the skin well. It has emulsifying properties and nourishes the body well.


Q: What Decyl Glucoside Is Made from?

A: Decyl glucoside is a wonderful plant-derived substance found in palm kernel oils, corn sugars, and coconut. It is non-toxic and acts as a surfactant and emulsifier. It is used as a foaming and cleansing agent in skincare products. It is biodegradable and removes oil and dirt effectively.

Q: Is Decyl Glucoside A Sulfate Free?

A: Decyl glucoside is a surfactant that is sulphate free used in cosmetic products. It is best used in shampoos and cleansers. It is biodegradable in nature and very gentle on the skin. It helps in calming your skin from irritations and infections. It can maintain foaming lather in skincare products.


Decyl glucoside is an amazing ingredient used in shampoos, cleansers, body lotions, and many skincare products. It has various purposes and is used in baby and pet products. You may use decyl glucoside in your daily skincare regime and have nourished, hydrated, and glowing skin. It has multiple benefits and is safe to be used on all skin types.

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