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Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Oil

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Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Oil

Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) which is also known by the name Paraffinum Liquidum is a mixture of hydrocarbons that are saturated and in liquid form. It is a transparent liquid that is colorless and odorless. Liquid Paraffin is a mineral oil that exhibits high resistance to temperature and chemicals. Therefore, it is added as a stabilizer and preservative in cosmetic and personal care products.

Light Liquid Paraffin oil is highly refined, it is completely safe for your skin. It prevents your skin from getting dry as it acts as an emollient. You can Use Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) with other emollients and natural ingredients to make high-quality skincare and cosmetic applications.

Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) is used in many hair care applications like shampoos and conditioners. It increases hair thickness and promotes growth as well. Its conditioning properties make it ideal for maintaining the texture and shine of your hair. It is utilized for Soap and Candle-Making processes as well. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties soothe your skin. You can also add it to hairstyling appliances due to its waxy texture. Light Liquid Paraffin proves to be useful for thickening cosmetics.



Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) gives a highly moisturizing effect when applied to the skin. LLP prevents your skin from getting dry and soothes rashes and skin irritation. These uses make it an ideal addition to body lotions and moisturizers.
Lip Care Products

Lip Care Products

Lip care products like lip balms and lip care creams contain Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) in them. The emollient properties of this cosmetic ingredient take care of lip cracks. Your lips become smooth, moist, and luscious after its application.
Eczema Cream

Eczema Cream

Strong anti-inflammatory properties of Light Liquid Paraffin provide instant relief from skin itching and inflammation. These qualities make it an ideal ingredient for eczema creams and ointments. You can even incorporate it into your daily skincare routine.
Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Characteristics and texture of Liquid Paraffin enable candle makers to use it for making regular and scented candles. LLP is similar to candle wax and supports combustion without creating any deposits or dirt. It does not exude an awful smell when the candles are lit.
Soaps Making

Soaps Making

Light Liquid Paraffin is added to soap due to its ability to nourish and condition your skin. It improves the quality and overall effectiveness of the soaps without altering their fragrance, texture, or color. It can be mixed with organic ingredients while making soaps.
Hair Growth Formulas

Hair Growth Formulas

Light Liquid Paraffin boosts hair growth by adding length and volume to your hair follicles. LLP nourishes your hair and protects it from outer contaminants by creating a layer around them. These qualities make it an effective ingredient in hair growth formulas.

Light Liquid Paraffin Benefits

Relief from Itching

Relief from Itching

Dry, sensitive, and chapped skin often creates an unbearable itchy feeling. Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) can provide relief from all these symptoms by nourishing and conditioning your skin. It also protects the skin from external dirt and pollutants.
Hydrates Skin & Hair

Hydrates Skin & Hair

Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) prevents moisture from escaping skin pores and hair follicles by creating a coat or layer over them. It maintains the moisture in them for a long time. These properties make it a useful ingredient in makeup applications too.
Heals Wounds

Heals Wounds

Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) is incorporated in therapies that are done to treat wounds. It also fastens the process of wound healing and also curbs the bacteria. Light Liquid Paraffin may also be effective against sunburns, cuts, scrapes, and minor injuries.
Adds Shine to Hair

Adds Shine to Hair

Including Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) in the hair care routine will condition your hair strands and will add a visible shine to them. It helps to detangle hair and supports easy hair styling. Liquid Paraffin may also be effective against hair breakage.
Thickens Emulsions

Thickens Emulsions

Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) is an excellent thickener and it also serves as a lubricant in personal care products. It is added to cosmetic products to improve their texture and thermal stability. Cosmetic makers prefer it because of its cheaper price.
Cleanses Skin

Cleanses Skin

Apart from hydrating skin and hair, Light Liquid Paraffin also promotes easy cleansing. Body and face cleansers may contain Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) in minute proportions. It is also a key ingredient of wax wipes due to its cleansing ability.

Product Specifications

Raw Material Source: Petroleum
Manufacturing Process: It is obtained by purifying petroleum i.e. crude oil as a by-product while making petroleum products like gasoline.
Chemical Composition: CnH2n+2
Chemical Formula: Carbon (C)
CAS Number: 8002-74-2
INCI Name: Paraffinum Liquidum
IUPAC Name: Paraffin Oils
Molecular Weight: 0.83238 grams/ml
Boiling Point: 60 °C
Flash Point: 190 °C
Odor: Odorless
PH Level: 7 to 9
HLB Value: 12-13
Color: Transparent Colorless
Grade Standard: Technical Grade
Shelf Life: 24 months
Purity (%): 99%
Form: Liquid
Alternative Names: Paraffin Oil
Solubility: Not soluble
Applications: Cosmetic, Skincare, and Haircare

Packaging Sizes

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