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VedaOils is manufacturer of various types of Natural and Artificial food flavours that can be used in food applications. Our flavours used in vapes and e-juice, as well as food products such as flavoured beverages, bakery items, cakes, cookies, flavoured water, energy drinks, flavoured milk, flavoured yogurt, etc. If you have any questions regarding the application of our flavours, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care experts. Read More

Natural Flavor Oils - Best Food Essence Flavours in India

Our Food Grades Edible Flavor Oils can be used for flavoring candies and confectioneries. They are manufactured to be safe for your skin and health. You can use them for adding a special flavor to your food preparations, but the real taste cannot be achieved unless you also add a sweetener along with them.

There are many varieties of flavor oils available in the market. To achieve the right balance of flavor and aroma, VedaOils has brought a selection of carefully picked natural flavor oils for you. You can use our Fruit flavor oil in your food preparations, and they also prove to be suitable for adding a distinct fragrance to your Cosmetic Products. We offer a wide selection of cake flavoring oils and flavor oil for candy making that you can pick as per your requirement.

Only natural ingredients have been used while making these flavors. As a result, you won’t experience any bad results or inconvenience after adding them to your dishes. These organic food flavor oils are formulated to be skin-friendly and safe so that you achieve the desired results after adding them to your DIY skincare and beauty care products. Don’t waste your time and see what these magical fragrances and flavors have to offer!

    Edible Baking Flavor Oil for Chocolate & Candies

    Check out the wide selection of edible flavor oils specially formulated for food items like candies, chocolates, hard candies, toffees, and other confectioneries. They are food-grade flavoring oils but use them only as flavors as they are available in concentrated form. Adding them will bring an enticing flavor to your candies and chocolates, and you will not be able to resist using them to flavor different confectioneries and toffees.

    Our Birthday Cake Flavor Oils will add a delectable taste to your cakes that will make them more tempting and delicious. Experiment with various juicy fruit flavor oil to make delicious and sumptuous cakes, pastries, and other bakery items.

    Wide Range of Food Grade Flavoring Oil

    VedaOils is a leading manufacturer of organic flavor oils in India. We offer a wide range of carefully manufactured organic flavored cooking oils that can flavor your food items with ease. Do not worry, as they are completely natural and safe to use. You can order them in bulk quantities as we are offering flavor oil wholesale now.

    Shop Oil-Based & Water Soluble Flavoring Oil

    Our food flavoring oil is suitable for mixing at various stages while manufacturing candies, toffees, cakes, pastries, juices, milkshakes, ice creams, desserts, sweets, and confectioneries. According to their composition and solubility, we have classified them into two main categories, viz. oil-based and water-soluble flavoring oils.

    • Oil Based Flavor Oil: Oil Based Essence Oils are concentrated flavors that give a delicious and clean flavor to your preparations. Oil Flavour oil gives a perfect consistency and texture to the end products. Moreover, they are known for giving a true flavor to your confectioneries and sweets. You can use our food flavoring oil for flavoring candies, sauces, baked goods, pasta, frosted desserts, yogurt, etc.
    • Water Soluble Flavor Oil: Water Soluble Essence Oils are less concentrated, but they are used due to their ability to gel with a wide range of flavors and other ingredients. These edible flavor oils add a unique appeal and taste to your food items and need to be added along with sweeteners for adding the natural and real taste of fruits and nuts. You can add these flavor oils to add an enticing flavor to your candies and chocolates.

    Shop Food Grade & Edible Flavor Oil Online at Wholesale Price | VedaOils

    VedaOils is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of natural food-grade Flavoring Oils in India. We specialize in both oil and water-soluble flavoring oils, and our catalogue is wide enough to serve all your requirements. You can now order them online through our portal, and we assure the safety of all your transactions as we have employed a secure payment gateway for your convenience.

    You can now buy our organic flavor oils at wholesale prices as we are offering them in large quantities as well. Rest assured of their quality and effectiveness as they have been manufactured by following the highest standards of purity and quality. Order our sweetened flavor oils today and give a rare treat to your taste buds!

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