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Candle Wick Holder - Wick Centring Device for Candle Making

At VedaOils, we are offering durable and easy-to-use wick holders for candle making. The cross-hole system makes it flexible to use. Also, as it is longer and stronger than usual candle wick holders, it can be used for candles of larger width as well. We provide candlewick sustainers or holders of various sizes and these high-quality wick holders keep the wicks centered without any issues.

Our Candle Wick Holders, Clips, or Tabs are made up of high-quality materials that make them long-lasting and sturdy. Their clips help you to adjust the wick at the center of the candle easily. Get our premium-quality wick holders today and take your candle-making expertise to the next level!. Even you can use a wick holder for diya, oil lamps in the festive season.

Order adjustable wick holders and clips to grow up your candle-making business. Create Non-Toxic & Safe Candles using our environmentally friendly wooden candle wicks.

Wide Range of Wick Holders For Designer Candle Making

At VedaOils, we believe in providing plenty of choices to our customers. Our candle wick holders are available in various sizes and types that enable you to pick the one that suits your candles perfectly. Here are some of the basic candle wick holder types we offer:

  • Metal Candle Wick Holders: Our Metal Candle Wick Holders or candle wick tabs are made from premium-quality stainless steel. They are durable, easy-to-adjust, and reusable as well. Also, you can use them in different types of candles without any issues.


  • Wooden Candle Wick Holders: We also offer wooden candle wick holders made from high-quality wood. You can reuse these wooden candle wick holders. They align the wick to the center to perfection. Wooden wicks can be used for various candle types seamlessly.

Why Choose VedaOils for Wick Holders?

Wick holders align the wicks perfectly and also enhance the overall quality of your candles. These wicks holders are easily adjusted within wicks and candles without any issues and their sturdy quality makes them reusable as well. You should choose VedaOils for buying candle-holders because of these reasons:

  • High-quality Wick Holders: We never compromise with quality and provide high-quality wick holders. You can use them to make your candles last longer and burn without any issues.
  • Different Sizes and Shapes: At VedaOils, wick holders of different sizes and shapes are available. Therefore, you can get them as per your requirements like the size of the candles, compatibility with the wick, wax, etc.
  • Different Candle Wicks Currently Vedaoils offers candle wick sustainer tabs, Wooden Wick Holders, Metal Wicks to create luxury candles.
  • Wholesale Prices: We are offering these wick holders at competitive prices. You can purchase them in bulk if you are a commercial candle maker. Also, we offer discounted prices on all our candle-making supplies at the moment!
  • Reusable: Our candle wick holders are made from durable and long-lasting materials. They can be reused countless times in candles. Therefore, they are suitable for those who are into candle making business.
  • Easy Payment & Heavy Discount: We provide a hassle-free payment process to our customers where they can make payments securely. Also, heavy discounts are available especially for those who purchase wick holders in bulk.

Buy Wick Holders in Bulk Quantity At Wholesale Price

At VedaOils, we provide the best quality Candle Wick Sustainer at Wholesale price. Our wick holders consist of fine quality wood or stainless steel. We are offering them in bulk, and you can get them at affordable prices from our portal. For bulk purchasers, we are offering a huge discount, and the reasonable price of our candlewick holders makes it an economical option for candle makers.

Our wide network of logistic partners enables us to supply these wick holders anywhere in India and abroad without any issues. Therefore, our candlewick holders are suitable for both beginners and professional candle makers. Purchase them today and redefine your candle-making business today!

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