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How to Make Waterproof Eyeliner at Home - DIY Liquid Eyeliner

diy gel eyeliner at home

Eyes are the reflection of the heart, they say. They tend to reveal everything even when your lips choose to remain silent. They are the beauties which let you see the world around and at the same time, are the features which are noticed first and foremost in you.

Make Your Own Natural Eyeliner

Eyes are the best camera one can have. They capture the memories and store them in your heart forever. No memory card or space in gallery required! Shut your eyes and the whole world goes bleak and dark with no light, no sunshine and no ray of hope. Ask a visually impaired person to know the importance of eyes and how blessed you’re to have them.

diy waterproof eyeliner at home

When these little wonders painstakingly do so much for us, it becomes our unwavering duty to take care of and show them some love. Women love decorating their eyes, inarguably, with Kajal, various eyeliner such as shimmer, pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and whatnot dearth of these eye makeup products in the market either. As always, I’m here to emphasize the prominence of natural beauty products and encourage you to use them.

Easy Recipes To Make Eyeliners - Quick Steps

We will learn today about making waterproof eyeliner at home with this simple recipe and using all-natural ingredients that won’t only beautify your eyes but render much-needed nourishment to them as well.

how to make eyeliner at home

Waterproof Eyeliner Ingredients List

Waterproof Eyeliner Recipe - Step by Step

  • Take a small clean glass bowl and pour one teaspoon of Vitamin E oil in it.
take clean glass bowl and pour one teaspoon of vitamin e oil
  • Make Opaque: Now, add a half teaspoon of aloe vera gel in it. Mix it well till the mixture becomes opaque.
add half teaspoon of aloe vera gel in eyeliner mixture till it becomes opaque
  • Add Essential Oil: Next, you need to add few drops of lavender essential oil as it helps protects from eye mites and things similar to that.
add few drop of lavender essential to protect eyes
  • Use Charcoal: Next step is to add few sections of activated charcoal powder in the mixture depending on the blackness you need in your eyeliner.
add activated charcoal powder to get blackness in eyeliner
  • Mix Shea Butter: Take some organic shea butter, microwave it and add melted shea butter to the mixture in the bowl.
add melted organic shea butter in eyeliner mixture
  • Mix: Mix all the ingredients very well. You can use a teaspoon to do that.
mix all ingredients of eyeliner using teaspoon
  • Move Eyeliner Gel: Now, transfer the solution made to the container in which you’d like to store your gel eyeliner.
transfer liquid eyeliner solution to container
  • Store: Keep the container in the refrigerator overnight so that it gets hardened.
keep container or homemade eyeliner in refrigerator overnight to get hard

Your waterproof gel eyeliner is ready to adorn your eyes without getting smudged. Try it once and you’ll sure-shot forget the store-bought one.

How To Remove Homemade Eyeliner

You can use coconut oil and a clean cotton ball to sweep the eyeliner from the eyelid gently. Safely follow the process repeatably till all eyeliner removed properly from eyelashes.

How to Make Multi Colour Eye Liner at Home

You can make blue eyeliner, black eyeliner, or even white and green, its completely depends on the ingredients you use during this DIY alternative. In the above recipe for making eyeliner at home, we use activated charcoal; instead, you can use glitter powder of blue color or desired color.

make multi colour eye liner

Even you can make blue gel eyeliner at home by replacing aloe vera Gel with any natural petroleum jelly with few drops of water. As you can see, you can do various experiments while making chemical-free eyeliner at home.

After making homemade natural eyeliner, you can read out how you can get thick and long hair eyelash by making Eyelash Growth Serum offer more beautiful eyes look and feminine grace.

Safety Notes on Homemade Eyeliner

Try to Keep Homemade eyeliner in the refrigerator to long last and avoid change in texture and smell; otherwise, you need to follow the eyeliner's DIY at home.

  1. While storing eyeliner in a box, glass jar, or any other mold, try to clean first properly.
  2. While applying eyeliner using a brush, pencil allow them to air dry.
  3. Use eyeliner on the outside of eyelashes, not inside, to avoid any damage to your beautiful eyes.
  4. Avoid Pigments if you can as they are not good for cosmetic products uses.

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  • How much shea butter do you recommend? I presume a teaspoon?

  • can this be used as a kajal?

  • Hello, does this need preservative

    Michelle Krasey
  • it’s too liquidy any ideas?
    paula cortez
  • Doesn’t this need any
    preservative ?

    Pavithra Eswaran

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