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Vitamin E Oil

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Description :

Vitamin E Oil is a carrier oil of light brown reddish hue. The oil is anti-oxidant and versatile in nature. Veda Vitamin E Oil can be applied directly to the skin without posing any harmful effects. The oil is an active ingredient which is used in umpteen skin care products. It helps fight against anti-aging. It contains both health and beauty benefits.

Benefits of Veda Vitamin E Oil :

  • Vitamin E Oil helps in moisturizing skin and preventing dry, flaky skin.
  • Veda Vitamin E Oil treats infections, skin itching, and allergies.
  • Veda Vitamin E Oil is potential for mitigating the symptoms of eczema and mild psoriasis.
  • The moisturizing benefits of Veda Vitamin E Oil help the skin in keeping less wrinkled and makes it appear more youthful.
  • Veda Vitamin E Oil soothes sunburn and prevents the formation of it as well.
  • Veda Vitamin E Oil is efficient to take care of yellow, cracked and peeling nails by protecting cuticles.

Uses of Veda Vitamin E Oil:

  • Apply Veda Vitamin E Oil on your stretch marks regularly to reduce their appearance.
  • Apply Veda Vitamin E Oil thrice a week along with the normal cream to reverse the signs of aging.
  • Massage Veda Vitamin E Oil around the eyes regularly to get rid of dark circles.
  • Take some drops of and rub gently over the sunburn to reduce inflammation.
  • As Veda Vitamin E Oil works as an excellent moisturizer, apply it on dry chapped lips to make them supple and soft.
  • Apply Veda Vitamin E Oil on brown spots or scars to found on the face to see them diminishing.
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