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How to Make Strawberry Scrub for Face & Lips - DIY Strawberry Face Scrub

Whether it is summer season or winters, our skin needs rejuvenation in all weathers. What better than a scrub to eliminate dull and dead skin? The store-bought scrubs can be harsh yet expensive. Besides, you don’t even know the list of ingredients put into them.

We are living in an advanced age where we appreciate transparency in everything we buy to ensure wellness. This is why; we are introducing a super-effective and skin-replenishing sugar scrub that consists of the delicious strawberries too. Like it already?

Strawberry Scrub For Face & Lips

You’ll love making it too. This strawberry sugar scrub is mild yet effective on your skin. It not only renews dead skin but also helps in unclogging pores. It drives out toxins which could harm your skin. It gives your skin the ample of the goodness of Strawberry.

Not only this, but it also helps in lowering pigmentation, tan or ageing issues to some extent. It also contains the richness of sweet almond oil and hydration of coconut oil which prove to be a blessing for your skin. Let’s get started.

Homemade Strawberry Scrub Benefits For Face

You can use Strawberry in your homemade scrub to get a skin lighting effect. Not only scrub, but you can also add this magical fruit in mask, creams, and lotions.

  1. It contains an antioxidant called ellagic acid good for preventing wrinkles.
  2. Add Strawberry powder to reduce dark spots on face and get lightening blemishes effect.
  3. Strawberry Scrub good amount of Vitamin C helps in skin lightening and offers a radiant, glowing look
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties of strawberry face scrub help in preventing inflammation and treat acne problem very well
  5. Ellagic acid present in Strawberry protect your face from harmful UV rays.
  6. Acidic nature due to vitamin C present in Strawberry scrub good for oily skin type people.


Strawberry Scrub Recipe Ingredients List

  • Freeze-dried Strawberry – 1 ½ cup
  • Sweet Almond Oil- ¼ cup
  • Coconut Oil- ¾ cup
  • Granulated Sugar - 2 Cups
  • Strawberry Extract - optional
  • Mason Jar 8 oz

Interesting Facts of Strawberry Face Scrub Ingredients

Freeze Dried Strawberries Benefits: Freezing helps in preserving the nutrients of Strawberry such as Vitamin C and easy to grind which can be used easily in a face scrub.

Sweet Almond Oil: Use this oil in face scrub to fight against acne and good for dry skin. It also helps in skin lighting and protects your face from harmful UV rays also.

Coconut Oil In Face Scrub for Acne: Common oil used in hundreds of skincare products, holds good fatty acids, antibacterial properties and Vitamin F which gives nourishment and helps in retaining moisture.

Granulated Sugar Benefits for Skin:To keep your skin hydrated, add sugar granular to preserve moisture in strawberry scrub. Glycolic acid present in sugar helps in rejuvenation of skin pores, which makes your face skin fresh and glowing.

Strawberry Extract: Add Few drops of strawberry extract to get Vitamin C, good antioxidants and which helps in treating acne and pimples.

Homemade Strawberry Face Scrub Recipe - Step By Step

Step 1: Add Coconut Oil

Using a stand mixer, whip Coconut Oil for up to 5 minutes. Add Sweet Almond Oil into it and mix well.

add coconut oil in strawberry scrub for face

Step 2: Use Coffee Grinder

Use freeze-dried recipes and put them into a neat coffee grinder.

freeze-dried strawberries

Step 3: Grind Dried Strawberry

It is time to grind freeze-dried strawberries till it becomes a fine powder.

Grind Dried Strawberry

Step 4: Mix Granulated Sugar

Now, add granulated sugar into this strawberry powder and mix them properly. Then, sift them together.

Mix Granulated Sugar

Step 5: Add Almond & Sugar Mixture

Combine the sugary mixture with sweet almond and coconut blend very mildly. Stir them thoroughly.

add almond and sugar mixture

Step 6: Add Strawberry Extract

After having prepared this scrub, it is ready to use. If you find the coconut aroma is too pungent then you can add 4 teaspoons of strawberry extract to add a pleasant strawberry scent to this exfoliating scrub. (This is completely optional.)

add strawberry extract in sugar scrub

I’m sure after having made this fragrant strawberry sugar scrub, you’ll be tempted to taste it. If you’re using food grade oils, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea. On a serious note, the reason why we used freeze-dried strawberries is to make sure they can last for a month at least that wouldn’t have been possible with fresh strawberries.  Store the mixture into dinky clean containers.

strawberry sugar scrub

Read More:

How to Use Strawberry Scrub On Lips

You can use it as a lip scrub, pedicure scrub or as an exfoliator for any dull skin area provided it is not too sensitive or prone to breakouts.

This is also one of the best gifts for Mother’s Day, Daughter’s Day, Birthdays or Christmas Eve. Enjoy glowing and scented skin without any harsh chemicals, dyes, paraben or any other harmful ingredients contained in those store-bought scrubs. Isn’t it amazing to try a DIY sugar scrub that brings back lost radiance? Let us know!

I hope you enjoy this video and learned the secret of how to make DIY strawberry scrub for face and lips for acne blackheads at home. Don't forget to share this DIY recipe to friends, family and social media. Leave a comment to beloved if you have any questions this face scrub.

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