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How to make your own healthy version of Deodorant at home

As the temperature leaps beyond 40 degree Celsius, our body temperature also gets affected which leads to perspiration. Perspiration turns into bad odor which is a huge turn-off for everyone. We often spend a lot of money on deodorants which are filled with more gas than fragrance itself. The result? The deodorant we spend huge bucks on evaporates before it completes a month. Doesn’t that irritate you?

natural deodorant

Calm down because we have brought a natural, safer and healthier version of deodorant for you. No chemicals, no paraben, no harsh additives. It is a homemade DIY deodorant which fills your body with an alluring fragrance. Now, you must be curious to find out how it’s made and how to use it. Brace yourselves for the creative fun we’re about to have together. Here’s the recipe:


natural deodorant


    Step 1: Add Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in a glass bowl and put the bowl in a medium –sized saucepan.

    natural deodorant

    Step 2: Pour some water in the saucepan which is sufficient enough to surround the glass bowl without overflowing. Boil this water.

    natural deodorant

    Step 3: While the water is gradually boiling, start stirring Shea Butter and Coconut Oil till it melts.

    natural deodorant

    Step 4: After it has melted, mix some baking soda, arrowroot starch and essential oils.

    natural deodorant


    Step 5: Funnel the mixture in a 3 oz jar, let it cool down either at room temperature or in the fridge until it solidifies. Place the lid over the jar until use.

    natural deodorant

     Now that you know how to make the natural deodorant, it is time to learn the directions for use. To begin with, you need to dampen your underarms a bit which helps in even application of this DIY product. Secondly, scoop out a coin-sized quantity and gently rub through your fingers prior to direct applications to underarms. Nextly, for any normal day, one application should suffice. In case the weather heats up further and you’re sweatier than usual, you can reapply this natural deodorant frequently as per your requirement and comfort. This deodorant when stored in a cool, dark and dry place can last up to 4 to 6 months. And, it barely takes your 10 minutes to prepare the natural deodorant.

    natural deodorant

    Last but not the least, the reason why Tea Tree Essential Oil is marked as optional is because some people can be sensitive to this oil. Hence, they’re advised to do a small patch test on skin with a drop before putting it into the mixture. Tea Tree Oil is considered as anti-bacterial which helps in killing the bacteria in your underarms which causes foul smell. So, you can consider adding it to the DIY recipe if it suits your skin.  


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