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How to Make Charcoal Soap at Home

Soap is the most common product that we use on daily basis to clean ourselves. But, the off the shelf soaps always make me suspicious. So, I rely on the natural ones which can be made easily at home.

That is why; today I’ve come up with an interesting blog on how to make charcoal soap at home, using natural ingredients, that too in just 15 minutes.

Supplies Required:



  • Take a clean bowl and put all the soap cubes in it. Now, start heating the mixture using a double boiler to melt the cubes.


  • Add 50 grams of Activated Charcoal Powder to the melted soap and stir it continuously using a tablespoon. Charcoal Powder contains detoxifying properties which are great for your skin. You can find Activated Charcoal Powder on our website - Veda Oils.



  • After that, pour this mixture into the soap mould and let it cool for some time.


  • Take out the Soap Bars from the Soap Mould after it’s completely hardened, and you’re good to go. Your Activated Charcoal Soap is ready to use. You can take a refreshing bath with this soap and thank me later.

If you have got any queries regarding where to get the above-mentioned ingredients, you can drop them in the Comments Section below. Don’t forget to share your experience of using this soap.

So, that was it for now. I’ll come again with another awesome DIY Beauty Products Recipe.


  • Really very good blog you should definitely check this ethix

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  • Really very good blog you should definitely check this ethix

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  • Activated charcoal products designed for internal use should always be taken under medical supervision. Although they’re often marketed as “detoxifying,” these products may do more damage than good with adverse effects ranging from vomiting to decreased nutrient absorption. Hospitals administering activated charcoal to patients are precise with their dosage and are able to carefully monitor the patient. It’s much harder to achieve this kind of precision with a DIY effort. Visit my blog http://mycharcoalsoap.org/.

    Anne Watson
  • I bought this and made a soap with it. But the soap is leaving blackish colour on every bath. Is that ok?

    Somika Gupta

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