Melt and Pour Soap Base with Shea Butter and Glycerin

Melt and Pour Soap Base with Shea Butter and Glycerin

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  • ENRICHED WITH SHEA BUTTER. Shea butter has been used as a skin moisturizer and soothing agent for irritated and chapped skin. It's derived from the Karite tree found in West Africa. Soap Expressions Shea Butter Soap has a neutral odor so the fragrance really comes alive when added. Shea butter is one of the most popular additives to soaps because of its superior skincare, it's known for its soothing and emollient properites.
  • A high glycerin content with good foaming and excellent moisturizing properties.
  • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE - Works great with soap colorants and essential oils for fragrance. Providing an opportunity to create your own custom beautiful homemade soap bar. Base is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, with a rich lather, along with lots of vitamins and nutrients.
  • LUXURIOUS SOAP BASE - Premium 100% natural melt and pour soap base, made from high quality ingredients, is extremely easy to work with, providing endless possibilities. With your creativity and personal touch you can transform this bar of soap into something amazing!
  • INGREDIENTS - Produced in the India from the following premium ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), shea butter, purified water, sodium hydroxide (saponification agent), sorbitol, propylene glycol (made from vegetable glycerin), sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), oat protein (conditioner), titanium dioxide (mineral whitener used in opaque soaps).


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