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DIY Sunscreen Lotion Bars - How to Make Homemade Sunscreen Lotion Bar Soap

how to make your own sunscreen lotion bar soap

Summers have come knocking on the doors of Delhi. As Sun is searing and the temperature is soaring, our skin woes are most likely to augment, and trust me on this. We indubitably are in dire need of sunscreen lotion bars to protect our skin from harmful UV rays of Sun in this scorching summer. We won’t like our skin tanned, irritated, scalded, or succumbing to any other skin jeopardy.

Need of Sunscreen Lotion Bar

It is advised to use sunscreen lotion on every inch of the area of our skin exposed or devoid of clothing when stepping out of our home. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause grave damage to our skin by burning it severely. However, we tend to forget to smear sunscreen body lotion at times while going out. If that’s what happens to you as well, then read on as I have the perfect solution for it.

Homemade Sunscreen Lotion Bar To Protect Skin

Why depend on sunscreen lotion when we can have natural sunscreen bar to bathe with? Yes, today I’m going to share with you the DIY recipe on how to make sunscreen bars at home; which are devoid of all chemicals and potential carcinogens found in regular sunscreen lotions.

homemade sunscreen recipe ingredients list

Role of SPF in Sunscreen Lotion Bar

When we talk about any sunscreen product, sunscreen lotion, sunscreen bar, sunscreen cream, or spray, SPF's value becomes essential. Sun Protection Factor can create huge differences in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Let's understand simply if any sunscreen care products hold 100 values, then it protects 99% UVB rays, and sunscreen lotion holds 50 value, then it holds 98% UV rays, and so. In this DIY homemade sunscreen lotion bar recipe, we make skin care products that offer adequate protection from harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Sunscreen Lotion Bar

  • Easy to Use & Carry
  • Protect your skin from harmful UV Rays.
  • Give a smooth and soft skin with a complete moisturizing effect.
  • Reduce since of aging, dark spots caused due to UVA and UVB rays.

Ingredients List for Homemade Sunscreen Lotion Bars

Facts About Sunscreen Lotion Bars Ingredients

Let's talk about why we are using these supplies in our DIY of sunscreen bar soap since you can make hundreds of versions of sunscreen lotion soaps by changing the ingredients list. Let start with the basic items you can easily find in your kitchen but know about their properties, making them best for sunscreen bar soap recipes.

Coconut Oil: You can start making your own sunscreen bar soap by adding coconut oil as it offers hydration and smoothness and reduces redness. The antioxidants present in coconut oil protects skin, and fatty acids present in it reduce dryness. The SPF Values offered by coconut Oil is around 8. You can also include other alternative essential oils with more SPF value than coconut oil.

Beeswax Sunscreen Recipe: Add this natural ingredient in your lotion bar recipes that gives a solid texture to your soap bar and remove dead cell while bathing. It keeps your skin hydrated to make your skin soft.

Shea Butter for Sunburn: You can avoid sunburn by adding half a cup of Shea butter to your handmade sunscreen lotion bar. It holds anti-inflammatory properties that give relives, moisturizing effects, and fatty acid presents Shea butter gives soothe to our soft skin.

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Benefits: You can add these special ingredients in your sunscreens lotion bar to create a protective barrier that deflects harmful UV rays. Its antimicrobial and non-pore clogging nature good for sensitive skin type. Zinc oxide is safe and good for sunscreen products as it protects your skin from UVA and UVB light.

Vitamin E Oil: Basic Oil used in hundred of skin products due to its property to regenerate cells. It also acts as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants present in vitamin e make it suitable for our homemade sunscreen lotion bars.

Vanilla Essential Oil: Mostly, we are thinking about the vanilla flavor. Still, Vanilla Essential Oil holds a fair amount of antioxidants that repair damaged skin, and it also neutralizes free radicals, which helps rejuvenate your skin.

Natural Sunscreen Lotion Bars Recipe - Step By Step

Let start the process of making own sunblock lotion bar recipe, step by step, so that at last you get a smooth, UV blocker soap bar.

Step 1: Mix Coconut oil, Beeswax & Shea Butter

Take a bowl and combine all the ingredients in it, namely, 1 cup of coconut oil, 1 cup of beeswax, 1 cup of shea butter and one tablespoon of Vitamin E Oil.

Mix Coconut oil, Beeswax & Shea Butter

Step 2: Boil Mixture Constantly

Using a double boiler, bring the mixture to the boil. Stir the ingredients constantly with a spoon.

Boil Mixture Constantly

Step 3: Add Zinc Oxide in Sunscreen Mix

Now, remove the mixture from heat and add zinc oxide and vanilla essential oil to the bowl. Stir with a blender.

add zinc oxide in sunscreen soap bar mix

Step 4: Add Mixture in Moulds

Carefully, pour the mixture into silicon moulds and allow the sunscreen bars to harden in.

add soap lotion bar mixture in moulds

Step 5: Cool & Wait

Let the soap bars to cool for around good 8 to 9 hours before popping them out of the moulds.

leave sunscreen bar soap to cool

Step 6: Store Sunscreen Lotion Bar in Cool Place

Keep these sunscreen lotion bars at a cool temperature, away from the sun. Better you keep them in the refrigerator for longer term storage.

store sunscreen lotion bar in cool place

Stay Safe in Sun now without even applying Sunscreen Lotion; just take bath with Sunscreen Bars!

Alternative Ingredients Used in Homemade Sunscreen Bar Recipe

You can add Carrot seed oil, Raspberry seed oil, and popular Avocado oil, which hold good SPF values to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays.

How to Use Sunscreen Lotion Bars

You can take a bath with these bars before going outside for a long time. Try to apply on the body part, which are more exposed to Sun and causes sunburn. Firstly gently apply this sunscreen lotion soap and gently wash with water you like, hot or cold. After that, you can apply homemade sunburn relief spray to get double protection to avoid harmful UV rays and dark skin patches.

Now Make Your Own Sunscreen Lotion Bar 

Now that how you make your sunscreen lotion soap with natural ingredients and a limited budget. The shelf life of this homemade zinc sunscreen bar is around eight weeks. If you feel any texture change or smell, then try to avoid using it and make a new batch of sunscreen bar soap with new alternative ingredients if you want. It entirely up to you. Try this sunscreen lotion bar recipe and share your thoughts in the comment section. If you have any doubt and questions, you can also write in the comment section.

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