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How to Make Eyelash Growth Serum - Easy DIY Recipe

Tried a lot of chemical products to regrow eyebrow or eyelashes but not getting the desired result. Don't worry, now no need to buy eyelash serums of brands, just a few DIY steps of regrowing serum for eyelash, get back thick and long hair naturally. Every woman loves having thick lashes which adds another silver feather to her beauty.


That’s the reason we use a mascara, right? Well, we are here to suggest you a healthy alternative that helps in volumizing scanty lashes. No more depending on that greasy, sticky mascara. Get those thicker eyelashes with constant use of this serum which is easy to make and convenient to use.

There is nothing better than getting lovely thick lashes naturally which make your eyes look even more beautiful and provides feminine grace. Imagine giving up addictions to unsafe volumizing products that smudge with one drop of sweat or moisture. And once it smudges, it is quite a tedious task to clean up the mess. Now, you needn’t worry about messy or scanty lashes because we have an organic and homemade solution for thick lashes.

Eyelash Growth Serum DIY For Thick & Long Hair Overnight

After publishing an article on DIY of Homemade Foundation Powder, many people request us to make DIY for eyelash serum growing long lashes, So here were. Before starting the tutorial, you need to collect given below organic products required for an eyebrow growth serum. So go to your nearby buy stores, and if you are not able to get all ingredients, then check out the other supplies which mentioned below make homemade eyelash serum:

Eyelash Growth Serum - Natural Ingredients List

eyelash growth serum ingredients

Eyelash Growth Serum Ingredients Details

Let talk about ingredients we are using to make our organic growth serum for long and thick eyelashes, so that so can easily understand the usage of these supplies in eyelash growth serum:

1. Aloe Vera Gel for eyelash growth: Pure aloe Vera gel holds a good amount of vitamins A, C, B1, and E, which play an essential role in hair growth of eyelashes or eyebrows.

2. Olive Oil for Eyebrow: This oil contains good fatty acids and the right amount of vitamin E, and K. Offers complete hydration and moisture to the hair follicle of eyebrows.

3. Petroleum Jelly: It is used to offer the right moisturizing effect and hydration to hair to reduce break off.

4. Vitamin E Cream: This is used to promote hair regrowth, as the name suggests contain a fair amount of vitamin E. In this DIY, we use vitamin E cream, strengthening the hair, and promoting eyelashes to grow naturally. You can also use vitamin e capsules instead if you are not able to find vitamin e cream.

5. Coconut and Almond oil: Not getting olive oil, don't get upset; you can use these two oils instead of olive oil as they act as natural remedies for eyelash growth.

Note: Many people are confused while selecting the essential oils for eyelash growth serum, but in this DIY of eyelash growth serum, we are using olive oil. You can also choose different essential oil such as castor oil and coconut oil; it is completely up to you. Even you can make separate eyelash serum by adding the essential oil.

DIY Eyelash Growth Serum Recipe - Step By Step

After collecting the all-natural ingredients mentioned above to make natural and organic growth serum for eyelash, follow these steps properly:

Step 1: Add the Olive Oil into the empty container.

olive oil for eyelash growth serum

Step 2: Mix the Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E into the empty container.

Mix Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E into empty container

Step 3: Now add some petroleum jelly into the container.

add petroleum jelly into the container.

Step 4: Blend the mixture till the ingredients are combined into a smooth texture.

blend mixture till ingredients are combined into smooth texture.

Step 5: Apply a little serum on a small and sleek makeup brush and gently glide over the roots of neat and dry eye-lashes.

apply eyelash serum on eyebrows

Step 6: You have to keep applying this serum till you get the desired length of eye-lashes.

eyelash growth serum

Next time when you don’t have time to buy fake lashes or fix up dried mascara, you know this serum will come to your rescue. Simply leave it overnight for a few days till you get the desired length of lashes. Keep reapplying till you get those enviable thick lashes. It is safe, organic and chemical-free.  Store this serum away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area.

How to use Eyelash Serums For Faster Growth of Hair

While applying this homemade growth serum for eyebrow hair, first always try to check on some small part of the skin, acts as a patch test so that you can check whether you are getting any kind of redness or irritation, so that we get sure that our handmade eyebrow serum working well.

eyelash growth serum before and after result

Now take a few drops and apply on the eyebrow over the neat and dry eye roots and leave for overnight. Not getting any allergic reaction, then start using safely to grow eyelashes naturally. Keep reapplying till you get those enviable thick lashes. It is safe, organic, and chemical-free. Store this serum away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area.

Tried the DIY for natural eyelash growth? You can also comment to get any details regarding steps; hope you like this easy hack to grow eyelashes using Olive oil.

What have you tried for natural eyelashes growth? Please leave it in the comments for me or send me DM on Instagram. Don't forget to pin this easy beauty hack to use essential oils for eyelashes growth!

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