How to make a DIY Eyelash Growth Serum


Every woman loves having thick lashes which adds another silver feather to her beauty. That’s the reason we use a mascara, right? Well, we are here to suggest you a healthy alternative that helps in volumizing scanty lashes. No more depending on that greasy, sticky mascara. Get those thicker eyelashes with constant use of this serum which is easy to make and convenient to use.

lash serum

There is nothing better than getting lovely thick lashes naturally which make your eyes look even more beautiful and provides feminine grace. Imagine giving up addictions to unsafe volumizing products that smudge with one drop of sweat or moisture. And once it smudges, it is quite a tedious task to clean up the mess. Now, you needn’t worry about messy or scanty lashes because we have an organic and homemade solution for thick lashes.



eyelash growth serum

  • Aloe Vera Gel- 1 teaspoon
  • Olive Oil- ½ teaspoon
  • Petroleum Jelly- 1 teaspoon
  • Vitamin E cream- 1 teaspoon
  • 1 empty container for storing serum


Step 1: Add the Olive Oil into the empty container.

eyelash growth serum

Step 2: Mix the Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E into the empty container.

eyelash growth serum

Step 3: Now add some petroleum jelly into the container.

eyelash growth serum

Step 4: Blend the mixture till the ingredients are combined into a smooth texture.

eyelash growth serum

Step 5: Apply a little serum on a small and sleek makeup brush and gently glide over the roots of neat and dry eye-lashes.

eyelash serum

Step 6: You have to keep applying this serum till you get the desired length of eye-lashes.

eyelash growth serum

Next time when you don’t have time to buy fake lashes or fix up dried mascara, you know this serum will come to your rescue. Simply leave it overnight for a few days till you get the desired length of lashes. Keep reapplying till you get those enviable thick lashes. It is safe, organic and chemical-free.  Store this serum away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area.


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