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How to Make Homemade Foundation Powder | DIY Natural Foundation Powder


organic homemade foundation powder

Sensitive skin demands much more attention than other skin types. The moment any foreign substance or cosmetic product comes in contact with the sensitive skin, it attacks and leaves some serious battle scars behind on the face.

The most disappointing thing is that the numerous cosmetic brands which boast of their natural products are far from real ingredients or made using thereof. Since the skin absorbs anything that is placed on it within just 26 seconds, you should always go with the products which are made using natural ingredients.

DIY Natural Homemade Foundation Powder Recipe

Are you thinking about how to make a homemade foundation at home, if yes then below instruction with easy steps helps you to make homemade makeup foundation at low cost with natural ingredients?

Foundation makes for the basic product in the makeup regime. That’s why we’re going to see today that how to make your own foundation powder at home which isn’t expensive as well as devoid of harmful chemicals.

homemade foundation powder ingredients


Before starting the DIY of powder foundation, hopefully, you read out the previous article on the making of charcoal peel-off masks at home and give you a boost to make new and natural organic products at home to cover your face with chemical-free ingredients without any side effect on the skin.

Homemade Natural Foundation Powder Supplies

To make foundation powder at home, you just need a few simple kitchen ingredients. 

You can even customize your face powder according to your skin type. You can try first try to find out your skin type even such as oily, dry, scaly, and sensitive. Collect given above supplies for organic homemade foundation powder.

You can easily find these chemical-free ingredients for foundation powder from your nearby grocery stores at low prices. If some products are not available still you can make natural foundation powder using the below DIY Steps for natural foundation powder

Homemade Powder Foundation Recipe - Easy Steps

  • Take Bowl: Take a non-metallic bowl as the clay shouldn’t come in contact with the metal. Add one-fourth cup of arrowroot flour starch as your base.


arrowroot flour starch
  • Add Clay, Oil & Ginger: Next step is to add a half tablespoon of grounded cinnamon, 1/4th tablespoon of grounded ginger, 2 tablespoons of Kaolin Clay Powder and 2-3 drops of Vitamin E Oil.
mix kaolin clay powder with vitamin e


  • Add Cocoa Powder: Now, you need to take 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and add one tablespoon at a time slowly, until you get your desired shade of foundation powder.


add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • Add Rose Oil: Mix all the ingredients together well. You can also add few drops of any essential oil which is your favorite and friendly to your skin. I’ve added Rose Essential Oil to mine.


add rose essential oil
  • Mix Natural Ingredients: Whisk all the ingredients together. Test the color by applying a small amount of foundation powder on either your face or arm with your finger.


homemade natural foundation powder
  • Get Perfect Shade: It may require some tweaks for you to get your perfect foundation shade the first time according to your skin complexion.
apply homemade foundation powder on face
  • Store: Store the foundation powder in a small air-tight container and apply using a brush or dry sponge.
apply natural homemade foundation powder using brush


Apply Foundation Powder: You’re ready to rock your everyday look with homemade natural foundation powder. You can also try this face powder with a homemade liquid foundation for light coverage on the face. This lighter face powder does not look so much cakey and gives your face a natural look.

Note: You can change the color of your homemade foundation powder by changing the ingredients such as instead of Ground Cinnamon, you can go for Clove for dark reddish-brown color and Nutmeg for medium brown color.

How to Make Foundation Powder Last Longer

The best way to keep natural face powder last longer by keeping them in good storage space. To increase the life of homemade foundation powder, you can keep them either in a glass jar or go for a powder jar.

According to quantity, you make organic foundation powder at home you can choose the glass jar, try to take a medium size jar so that you can easily use a brush to apply it. Powder jar is specially designed for makeup foundation, it maintains control of the flow of foundation as it contains small holes.

Mostly Foundation Powder Last Longer from 2 to 7 weeks, depending on how you apply and how much you make using the above DIY steps. Try to apply makeup foundation powder on the face as much as possible otherwise it looks cakey but try to cover the complete face.

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