How to Make your Own Natural Lipstick at Home

There’s not even an iota of doubt that we, women, strive to look our best and be presentable at any given time of the day; whether when we’re at the workplace, heading to some rocking party or sitting idly making faces to take selfies.

No matter it’s a full-fledged make-up regime or bare-minimum look, there’s no denying that it’s always incomplete without a dash of lipstick on our otherwise dull lips. The market is flooded with all sorts of cosmetics and lipsticks are no exception. You name it and have any color of your choice.

The synthetic lipsticks we apply on daily basis are accidentally licked into mouths and needless to say that the chemicals-induced lipsticks aren’t safe to be eaten. So, today I’m going to share with you the recipe to make all-natural DIY Lipstick at home devoid of toxins, chemicals, and preservatives.    





  • Next up, you need to have is two tablespoons of Almond Oil.


  • Heat this mixture so that it starts melting, stirring it continuously.




  • Take an empty lipstick container and fill it with the mixture. Refrigerate it for some time and let it solidify for you to use.


  • Your all-natural DIY Lipstick is ready to adorn your lush lips.

Be ready to receive the compliments going to come your way and share with us as well. You can thank us later!  


  • Pavithra is right. Small quantities vl encourage homemade chemical free pure product nd would be light at pocket also.

    Hemlata singhvi
  • if the lipstick ,lip balm moulds are available would be more comfortable

  • if the pigment colours are available in lesser quantity ,for less price.It is affordable to buy.And also pleaseconfirm if the pigment colours are organic


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