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Pigment Powder Colors | Soap Colourants | Soap Colorants - Natural Colour for Soap Making

Soap making colors or soap dyes are colorants used while making bath soaps, detergents, soaps used for washing clothes, etc. They make your soaps look attractive and append a glossy and stylish finish to them. As a result, they are in great demand in the soap making industry.

VedaOils provides natural colors for soap making that are made without the use of chemicals and synthetic additives. As a result, they are completely pure and natural and do not cause any side effects on your skin after using. They come in the form of soap pigment powders and are available in various bright and appealing colors. Our soap color range consists of many marines and iron oxides that are known for providing consistent and stable results in soap making.

Our high-quality natural soap colorants list can be used for all types of soap making, including melt and pour, hot, and cold processes. These colors can be used as bath bomb dyes, and you can also use them for your DIY projects as they are completely organic and skin-friendly. We are offering a wide range of soap colorants so that you can make soaps of your favourite colors without any hassles. Buy our soap making colors now and explore the fun of soap making!

Popular Variants of Soap Pigment Powder

The most popular variants when it comes to soap making colors are bath bomb dyes and colors that are used in DIY soap making projects. However, our natural soap colorants collection is so versatile that you can use them for both purposes without any inconvenience. They are lab-tested to be stable, and several quality checks have been conducted to verify their purity and safety. Therefore, you need not be cautious before using them for making soaps of any type.

We have a wide collection of natural powder colorants for cold process soap that come in vibrant, shiny, subdued, and pastel shades. Some of them add a sparkling shine whereas some of them add a decent subdued shade to your soaps. Apart from using soaps, you can even use them for making DIY cosmetics like lotions, body scrubs, shower gels, etc. as they are organic and safe to use. Therefore, they are truly diverse and prove to be a great addition to your box of cosmetic and soap making ingredients.

Why Choose VedaOils for Soap Making Colors

These soap making colors have been manufactured by following the highest purity, quality, and safety standards. Moreover, international packaging standards and redundant quality checks ensure that only the best quality soap colours are supplied to our customers.

Only organic ingredients are used and these soap colorants are manufactured in labs to ensure highest precision and flexibility. These colors do not bleed from soaps after adding as they get completely absorbed in the solution. We can also offer them at inexpensive rates as we are offering them in bulk quantities without compromising on quality.

Our best soap making colors are highly concentrated. Therefore, a small quantity can be used to color a large batch of soaps easily. Being one of the largest producers of soap colorants in India, we ensure that our soap colors do not fade away in the long term even when the soaps are being used. This is because they are formulated to resist fading and always provide consistent results even when used in large batches. Choose your favourite colors and start making stylish, eye pleasing, and tempting soaps for your friends and loved ones. We are offering them in bulk quantities so that you can also use our soap making colors for commercial soap making purposes.

Shop Natural Soap Colorants on VedaOils at Wholesale Prices

VedaOils is a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural soap colors, mica powder and liquid colorants. We are known for providing cost-effective natural products as we are manufacturing them in large quantities and supplying them all over India and some other countries such as UK, Canada, South Africa, etc . Our website is designed to accept and process orders quickly and we have taken special efforts to make it user-friendly and hassle-free to use. You can purchase them in bulk at low prices in quantities of 0.5 and 1 kilograms. Order them now and experience a smooth soap making process.