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How to Make Lip Balm at Home with Essential Oils

Who doesn’t want soft and attractive lips! And in our effort to get those lips, we spend a lot of money on chemically laden products available in the market. These lip scrubs and lip glosses do more harm than good.So, today I’m here to tell you that how to make your own natural lip balm at home using essential oils.  Winter is coming and lots of people start facing chapped and dry lip issue. This homemade essential oils lip balm recipe is organic, natural and your can easily make with few constituent which you easily find in your grocery stores.

What is Lip Balm?

Lip balm is a wax-like substance used to moisturize and also alleviate pain brought on by dry or Oily lips. Because of thin skin, lips are more vulnerable and commonly display signals of dryness before additional regions of your skin area. Lip balm acts as shield and protect lips from the dry atmosphere, wind, and cold temperatures. Seems easy enough, correct? So let's start DIY of essential oils lip balm recipe at home.

homemade lip balm recipe

Benefit of Homemade Essential Oil Lip Balm

Check out some promising benefits of making lip balm with essential oil withing pocket friendly budget:

  • Good for chapped and dry lips, give hydration and heal fast.
  • Give glossy effect with natural care.
  • Lip Balms may offer sun protection as well.

Different Essential Oil Lip Balm Flavors

You can make hundreds of flavor of your lip balm your own by just changing few drops of essential oil and every time get a new lip balm with different therapeutic benefits. As each essential oil hold different properties and benefits. In this DIY of essential oil lip balm, we are using Lavender oil, which popular due to benefits on the skin. As it reduces skin irritation, redness and inflammation, also helpful in a dark spot and skin pigmentation.

You can also add all favorite coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lemon and peppermint essential oils, tea tree oil. Get the essence of vanilla by adding a few drops of vanilla essential oil. Check out list different essential oils, and you can choose you to like to add in your DIY of homemade essential oil lip balm.

Homemade Lip Balm Ingredients List

Homemade Essential Oil Lip Balm Recipes - Step by Step

Always try to know the reason behind of using ingredients in homemade recipes without proper knowledge of ingredients can cause side effect or allergies, so let discuss some benefits of ingredients we are using in our homemade lip balm

  • Beetroot Juice: Now turn your lip soft and pinkish by adding beetroot juice in lip balm recipe. It will give nourishment, and natural bleaching properties help in reducing pigmentation.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Common oil, used in various skin and hair care products, as it holds a good amount of fatty acids which give homemade lip balm a good texture.
  • Beeswax: You can add beeswax with essential oil to get moisturizing effect in your lip balm. Acts as natural emulsifiers and good for dry, damaged lips.
  • Vitamin E Oil: All skincare product good amount of Vitamin E Oil, as it promotes regeneration skin which is good for chapped lips. It offers hydration, elasticity, thickness to your homemade lip balm.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: In this DIY of essential oil lip balm recipe, out the main constituent is lavender oil, as it offers a soothing effect to your dry, chapped lip skin. You can also add a few drops of jojoba and argan oil.

Homemade Essential Oil Lip Balm Recipes - Step by Step

  • Use Beetroot: Take a clean container and 2 tablespoons of beetroot juice in it. You will need to grate the beetroot for that and extract the juice out of it. Beetroot will help by giving a naturally pink tint to your lips.


use beetroot in lip balm recipe to get soft and pinkish lip
  • Add Almond Oil: After that, take a half tablespoon of Almond Oil. It contains natural SPF that will protect from suntan. Almond oil contains fatty acids which help in moisturizing lips and avoiding cracks. 
add sweet almond oil
  • Add Beeswax In Mixture: Next up, we need to have is one tablespoon of beeswax. It will nourish your lips. 
add beeswax in lip balm mix
  • Add Vitamin E Oil: Now, I’m adding a half teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil. Vitamin E is perfect for treating skin related issues. It also keeps lips soft and smooth. 
add half table spoon vitamin e oil in lip balm mixture
  • Add Lavender Essential Oil: Next is my favorite ingredient which is an essential oil. I really like my lip balm to be fragrant. So, I am adding my personal favorite Lavender Essential Oil in it. There is a vast variety of essential oils available on Veda Oils Website. You should go there and check out the collection and select your favorite.


add lavender essential in homemade lip balm
  • Mix & Shake: Mix all these ingredients and your lip balm is ready to be applied. Apply this naturally made lip balm using natural oils on regular basis and you will see that your lips are becoming pink and soft.

So, guys, that was all for today. I’ll be back with another recipe. Subscribe to our Blog for more such DIY recipes. Don’t forget to share your experience of using this naturally made lip balm.  

How to Use Homemade Chapstick?

You can use your index finger to apply essential oil lip balm, first start with the center of the bottom lip and then move toward the corner of the lip. Try to apply evenly on the lip to get maximum moisturization.

Common Question Asked on Homemade Essential Oil Lip Balm

After following DIY of essential oil lip balm recipe, some question regarding the products always arise, which we discuss in below section if you have some question or doubt regarding the lip balm DIY, you can write in the comment section:

How long you can use homemade essential oil lip balm?

It completely depends on how much quantity of essential oils and other natural ingredients you are using in this DIY lip balm recipes. You can use this lip balm up-to two months, however, if you feel any changes in texture, smell, then please don't use it make a new batch of lip balm by changing essential oil to get the new exciting flavour.

What ingredients to avoid in a homemade lip balm?

Since this diy we are focusing on natural and organic ingredients which are easily available. You can avoid alcohol, camphor, and phenol, as they offer instant cooling effects to your lips after that can cause irritation and redness.

Is it OK to add food flavour with essential oil while making lip balm?

Yes, you can add flavour you love in lip balm, watermelon, or spearmint are popular food flavour among people.

Can I make lip balm recipe without Shea butter?

Yes, You can follow the above recipe, as you can see we are also not using Shea butter to make out homemade lip balm of essential oil.

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  • I don’t think water based beetroot juice and oil based ingredients like bbeswax and oils will mix up. It gets spoiled after sometime. To tint you need to add a chunk of lipstick.

  • Yes beet root juices will not dissolve in oils, waxes and butters. U can use organic beet root powder to tint ur lip balm.

  • I have tried this but beetroot juice and oils dint get mix up well. Both stays seperate

    Pavithra Eswaran
  • Wont they get spoiled without any preservative?


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