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Coconut Wax For Candle Making - Benefits & How to Use

Coconut wax is retrieved from pure coconut oil. It is hardened and colour to improve its longevity and aesthetics of candles. The scent throw and aroma retention capacity of coconut wax makes it one of the best waxes for candle making.

Coconut Wax For Candle Making

Coco soy wax is another form of coconut wax that also contains soy wax. It is more hard than regular coconut wax and is also preferred by candle makers. In this article, we will study how to make coconut wax for candle making. We will also look at the benefits of coconut wax and related concepts in detail.

What is Coconut Wax?

Coconut wax is prepared by hydrogenating coconut oil to enhance its melting point. It burns cleaner and slowly as compared to other waxes. It also combines seamlessly with essential oils and fragrance oils and exhibits a better scent throwing capacity.

What kind of Oil Should I Use For Candles?

Coconut oil is used along with candle making wax to improve the burning stability and longevity of candles. Therefore, you can use coconut oil even with coconut wax. The essential oils or fragrance oils used in the candles gives them a peculiar fragrance. Usually, oils that have a stronger scent are preferred over those that have a faint scent.

Benefits of Coconut Wax in Candles

Using coconut wax for candle making is a good idea as it provides numerous benefits over other waxes. It is also one of the most natural forms of waxes and does not contain any toxic chemicals like synthetic waxes. Some of the key benefits of pure coconut wax for candle making are listed below:

  • High Melting Point : Coconut wax and coco soy wax have a high melting point. Coco wax is especially preferred because of its hardness and melting point that is up to 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Its melting point is also ideal for loading scent and is especially recommended for making candles with strong fragrances.
  • Convenient To Use : Coconut wax and coco wax blend seamlessly with a wide range of essential oils. You can use lemon, lavender, jasmine, and other essential oils to create candles with magical scents. Also, the pouring temperature of coco wax is up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it ideal to make smooth candles without any issues like clouding.
  • Natural : Coconut wax does not contain parabens and other forms of toxic chemicals. Therefore, the candles made from it do not release any toxic gases that may harm your health. Also, the candles burn slowly and do not release soot that may blacken the corridors or ceilings where you burn the candles regularly.
  • Long lasting : Coconut wax burns slowly. Therefore, the candles made from coco wax tend to last longer than other types of waxes. Coconut wax is softer and needs to be mixed with other wax to improve the longevity of the candles. It is mostly blended with soy wax to produce coco wax that is much harder.
  • Better Fragrance Retention : Both coco soy wax and coconut wax have better fragrance retention than other forms of wax. It is basically because coconut wax is odourless and can blend with a wide range of fragrance oils. Also, the higher fragrance load temperature of coconut wax ensures that the fragrance remains strong even after blending it with the wax.

How to Make Candles With Coconut Oil?

Pure coconut wax is made from coconut oil. It is easily available at offline and online stores. However, you can also make coconut wax at home using a few ingredients and candle making supplies. Let’s see the ingredients and candle making process in detail now!



Step 1: Attach the wicks into jars Attach the wooden wicks to the bottom of the candle jars with the help of hot glue. Use a pencil or skewer to keep the wicks in place while pouring the molten wax.

Step 2: Heat coconut oil and soy wax Heat both the ingredients on low flame. You should use approximately 3 parts of soy wax and 1 part of coconut oil for making 1 candle. Usually, around 4 cups of molten wax can be used for making 2 candles using small jars.

Step 3: Mix fragrances Add the essential oils or fragrance oils that you want to use for your scented candles. Add the oils just before you turn off the heat. Mix the oils nicely with the wax and turn off the heat.

Step 4: Pour the molten wax Now it is time to pour the molten wax in the candle jars. Fill the glass jars with wax but fill the wax at least ½ inch lower than the glass jars.

Step 5: Let them cure At least a quarter inch of the wicks should be above the wax. Allow the candles to cool and cure them for at least 48 hours before using them. You may decorate your candle jars till then.


We hope that you have understood how to make beeswax candles at home. You can explore the use of different fragrances and ingredients like floral petals to add more fragrance and charm to your scented candles. Also, whether to make scented or unscented candles is completely up to you. Ensure that you use only pure and natural ingredients. At VedaOils, you will find all the candle making supplies at wholesale rates. Also, their products are sourced only from organic ingredients and do not contain any chemicals. Share your feedback about the candle making process with us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is coconut wax good for candle making?

Ans. Yes, coconut wax is ideal for candle making because of its scent throwing and slow burning properties. It is also a natural wax that does not release any toxic gases while burning.

Q. Is coconut wax or beeswax better for candles?

Ans. Both beeswax and coconut wax are natural waxes that burn clean and do not emit poisonous gases. Their soot-free and smoke-free properties make them suitable for candle making. Therefore, both of them are recommended for candle making. You can also blend both these waxes while making candles. Adding beeswax hardens the naturally softer coconut wax and makes the candles last longer.

Q. Do coconut wax candles smell like coconut?

Ans. No, coconut wax is basically odourless. Therefore, the candles won’t release the scent of coconuts while burning. You can add the essential oils or fragrance oils of your choice to add specific scent to your candles.

Q. Can you make candles with 100% coconut wax?

Ans. Yes, 100% pure coconut wax can be used for making candles. However, as the coconut wax is soft, you may want to mix it with soy wax or other natural wax to increase the longevity of candles.

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