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How To Make a Tie Dye Candle

If you are done making your usual candles, you need to use some advanced tricks to make the candle-making process interesting. The results should also be interesting enough to justify your time and efforts.

How To Make Tie Dye Candle

Today, we are going to learn how to make tie dye candles that are not only easy to make but give a spectacular look to your regular candles. Of course, it would help if you had solid candle dye blocks for making these candles.

Homemade DIY Tie Dye Candle

Tie Dye Candles look colorful and appealing due to their charming patterns and attractive colors. You can make them at home easily by using some ingredients and equipment. To learn how to make Tie Dye Candles at home, let's see the candle-making supplies first.

Candle Making Supplies:

  • Soy Wax Flakes - 100 Grams
  • Candle Dye Colors - 3 to 4 colors
  • Paper Cup/Glass Cup - 1
  • Clamshell Molds - Set of 6
  • Candle Wicks - 6
  • Fragrance Oil

Know About the Tie Dye Candle Making Supplies

Now that you know about the ingredients that are to be used to make Tie Dye Candles let’s learn something more about each of them. These details will make you realize the purpose of using these ingredients and the benefits they bring to the table.

  • Soy Wax Flakes: Soy Wax Flakes are used because of their low melting points. They don’t mess-up things by burning clearly without releasing any unwanted odor or smoke. Also, they are readily available in the market.
  • Candle Dye: You can use candle dye of any color as per your requirements. You may even use multiple candle dye colors if you want to add more color to your candles.
  • Paper Cup: Paper cup is to be used for pouring the molten wax into the clamshell molds. It is convenient as it allows you to pour the molten wax easily into the molds. In its absence, you may even use a glass cup.
  • Candle Wicks: It is recommended that you use cotton wicks that burn easily and sustain for a long time. As the candles are tiny, using wooden wicks will not make any sense.
  • Clamshell Molds: Clamshell molds are like an ice tray, only a little bigger. They are easily available at online stores and malls these days. In their absence, you can also use silicone molds.

How To Make Tie Dye Candles At Home - Step by step

Now that you are completely aware of the candle-making supplies and their uses, it is time to learn the candle-making process. You can make these candles at your home due to the simple process that is iterated below:

Step 1: Weigh & Melt Your Wax

Weigh your wax and start melting it in a double boiler.

Step 2: Add Fragrance To Your Candle

Pour the fragrance/essential oil into the blend to give a mesmerizing aroma to candles, and stir the mixture with a spatula. For that, you will need to let the wax cool down up to 185-degree Celsius.

Step 3: Add Candle Dye Colors

Insert the dye colors into a paper cup. Now, pour the molten wax into the cup. Stir the contents nicely so that everything gets blended perfectly. You should also set some of the molten wax aside without mixing it into the dye. It will help you to give the tie-dye effect later.

Step 4: Pour Wax Into the Mold

Now, let the wax cool down further up to 145 degrees Celsius. After that, you can pour it into the clamshell molds. Don’t pour everything directly into the molds. First, pour some dyed wax into the molds till it fills them partially. Now, top them up with the non-dyed wax to give the tie-dye effect to your candles.

Step 5: Let The Candles Cool

Allow the wax to cool and set for at least 5 hours. Your tie-dye candles are ready to be used now.

Tip: You need to pour the wax slowly so that the colors swirl and create a beautiful pattern. Before pouring wax into the mold, add the wicks and use a wicks holder.


You have seen how to make DIY tie dye candles in the above section. If you want to make your own tie dye candles today, go check out VedaOils for all candle making materials required. We provide high-quality waxes, candle wicks, holders, candle dye and more.

Also, be ready to see some more fun and interesting experiments while making candles, as will be rolling some more interesting DIY candle-making recipes soon. So stay glued and don’t miss them.

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