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How To Make Eucalyptus & Thyme Scented Soy Candle

You can make your own eucalyptus and thyme-scented candles using soy wax and essential oils they are quite simple to make. Natural candle wax, like soy wax candles, smells wonderful, and they also burn clean and last longer.

Eucalyptus Thyme Scented Soy Candle

The advantages of eucalyptus and thyme-scented candles range from improved air quality to relaxation and mental focus. This candle-making recipe for natural DIY aromatherapy candles makes for lovely home decor and thoughtful gifts.

Homemade Eucalyptus & Thyme Scented Candle

The process of making candles without herbs is easy and fun to do, we need to add thyme and eucalyptus essential oil to soy wax flakes for a unique experience.

Thyme and eucalyptus candle not only pleasant to smell but also has health advantages. Read on to find out the candle-making supplies you require to make this super simple DIY eucalyptus and thyme-scented soy candle.

Homemade Eucalyptus & Thyme Scented Candle
Eucalyptus & Thyme Candle Supplies:

Know About Eucalyptus & Thyme Scented Candle Supplies

Eucalyptus & thyme candles provide a soothing scent and a variety of health advantages. It is beneficial for the respiratory system and alleviates breathing problems, clogged airways, and headaches.

Know About Eucalyptus & Thyme Scented Candle Supplies

This makes eucalyptus & thyme a wonderful natural aroma to have in your house, and a soy candle is an awesome way to distribute it. Read on to learn more about all the ingredients that go into this candle.

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus essential oil is a purifying and cleansing oil that can help to enhance air quality. Using a eucalyptus candle will do a great job of freshening and purifying the air. The oil is also known to help with breathing issues, congested airways, and headaches by alleviating the respiratory system.
  • Thyme Essential Oil: The stimulating components of thyme essential oil help to increase blood circulation. When using this oil in candles, it makes the ambiance refreshing and increases air quality. The scent of thyme candles also calms your body and soul, managing blood pressure and relieving your muscle tension.
  • Glass Candle Jars: Glass candle jars used as candle holders bring a touch of fun to your living space. They're simple, recyclable, and pretty to look at. You can even show your creativity by coloring the transparent glass or embellishing it with sequins, ribbons, and heat-resistant paint.
Natural Soy Wax Flakes
  • Natural Soy Wax Flakes: Soy wax flakes are a sustainable natural resource. Soy wax is biodegradable and can be cleaned with just water and soap. In addition, soy candles burn slower or longer than paraffin candles because soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax.
  • Pre Waxed Candle Wick: Wax Coated Candle Wicks may be used to manufacture a number of different types of candles. These pre waxed candle wicks are pre-waxed and emit very little smoke, making them excellent for indoor use. They're also constructed in such a way that they burn for longer, don't curl, and don't leave cotton ashes behind.
  • Candle Wick Glue Dots: Glue Candle Dots are ready-to-use and wax friendly for producing handmade candles. To make candles easier to produce at home, use candle dots to fix wick tabs to the bottom of containers before pouring in wax.

DIY Eucalyptus & Thyme Scented Candle Recipe - Step By Step

Candles are useful because they can provide light during an electricity breakdown, promote health and well-being, or just make a space smell lovely and cozy. In addition, they are a great handmade present for family and friends.

Furthermore, candles are an excellent value-added item to sell at artisanal boutique stores. Read on to get the stepwise instructions for creating your own eucalyptus and thyme-scented soy candle.

Step 1: Melt The Wax

melting wax

In a heat-resistant dish, combine 3 cups of natural soy wax flakes. Melt the wax in a double boiler until it is totally melted into a liquid.

Step 2: Placement of Wick

inserting wick

Begin by putting one dot of glue on the metal tab on the candle wick, then placing it in the bottom center of a glass candle jar.

Step 3: Add Essential Oils

adding essential oils

Add 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the melted wax and 15 drops of thyme essential oil. You can use as much oil as you like, it depends upon how much fragrance you want.

Step 4: Pour The Wax

pour the wax

Fill the prepared jars with the fragrant melted candle wax.

Step 5: Cure The Wax

cure the wax

Allow candle wax to cool and solidify for at least 24-48 hours before using. When the candle wax curing process has set completely, it will turn white as soy wax flakes are white in color.

Step 6: Trim The Wick

After curing and solidifying of candles, Trim the extra length of the wick with a pair of scissors to shorten it.


Soy candles with eucalyptus and thyme fragrance are simple to produce and have the capacity to change a room's aroma and ambiance. Friends, coworkers, neighbors, coaches, and teachers would appreciate hand-poured candles as a kind gift.

In addition, handmade soy candles with essential oils are far less expensive than professionally produced candles, especially if you use a recycled glass candle jar.

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