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How To Make Cedarwood Scented Candle

You must have come across numerous decorative and scented candles in the marketplace. But have you tried making them on your own? Things become more beautiful when we create them with our own hands and efforts. As a result, DIY recipes are becoming quite popular today.

How to make cedarwood scented candles

People love creating their own natural products at home that are complete as per their requirements. For example, cedarwood scented candles are amazing candles for aromatherapy and have a lot of benefits. Let us know more about them below.

Benefits of Cedarwood Scented Candles

Cedarwood scented candles help create a relaxing environment that provides mental clarity and combat flu symptoms. In addition, the candles are useful to inhale the essence of self-confidence yourself.

The candles also serve as an all-natural antiseptic. The cedarwood scented candles combat bacterial and fungal infections too. The candles are best to be used during aromatherapy.

Know About Cedarwood Scented Candle Supplies

While creating your own cedarwood scented candle at home, it becomes important to know about the supplies you would require to make candles. The process involves supplies, and they have some significance in the whole process of creating candles. Let us know more about each candle-making material below.

Know About Cedarwood Scented Candle Supplies
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil: Cedarwood essential oil is a fantastic oil that helps to relax the mind and body. The oil provides mental clarity and builds self-confidence within oneself. In addition, the oil is used in candles to create a positive aura all around.
  • Soy Wax Flakes: Soy wax flakes are natural biodegradable resource. The wax has a lower melting point and is used in candles. Soy candles burn slower with zero petro soot. In addition, the wax makes candles sustainable for a long time.
  • Cotton Candlewick: A cotton candlewick is used to fit in the container with a little extra length for the candle set.
  • Glass Container: For unique edge and shape, use a glass jar or container that could be old ceramic teacups as well.
  • Wooden Candle Wick Holder: A wooden wick holder is a thin wood popsicle stick with 3 mm hole in it that is used to hold the candle wick in the center.

DIY Cedarwood Scented Candle Recipe - Step By Step

DIY Cedarwood Scented Candle Recipe - Step By Step

Ingredients and steps are very important in every recipe. The DIY recipe for creating your own cedarwood scented candles includes natural ingredients, and the instructions are very simple to follow. Let us know more about the process below.

Cedarwood Candle Supplies:

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil - 22 Drops
  • Soy Wax Flakes - 1 Cup
  • Glass Container
  • Pre Waxed Candle Wick
  • Wooden Candle Wick Holder
  • Double Boiler


Step 1: Melt The Wax

melting wax

In a heat-resistant dish, combine 1 cups of natural soy wax flakes. Melt the wax in a double boiler until it is totally melted into a liquid.

Step 2: Prepare Candle Jar of Wick

prepare candle jar

Begin by pouring one drop of candle wax on the candle wick tabs to attach it with candle jars, then place the candle wick in the center of the container and use a candle wick holder to hold the wick in place.

Step 3: Add Essential Oils

add essential oil

Add 22 drops of cedarwood essential oil to it. Mix them both and pour them over the top of the candle so that it thoroughly coats it with an amazing aroma of the cedarwood. You can use as much oil as you like, it depends upon how much fragrance you want.

Step 4: Pour The Wax

pour the wax

Fill the prepared jars with the fragrant melted candle wax.

Step 5: Cure The Wax

wax curing

Allow candle wax to cool and solidify for at least 24-48 hours before using. When the candle wax curing process has set completely, it will turn white as soy wax flakes are white in color.

Step 6: Trim The Wick

After curing and solidifying of candles, Trim the extra length of the wick with a pair of scissors to shorten it.

Variations of Cedarwood Scented Candles

Cedarwood scented candles are available in different varieties. You can try on the below variations as well. The natural scented candles are amazing to decorate your premises with. The cedarwood in itself is very beneficial in a lot of ways. Let us know more about the varieties below.

  • Cedarwood Vanilla Candle: Cedarwood vanilla candle has a warm vanilla sugar scent to it. It has a very fresh aroma, and the scent slowly faded to a woodsy scent with having an essence of vanilla in it. These candles are great for decoration and are very relaxing. The candles reduce anxiety and bring happiness.
Lavender Cedarwood Candle
  • Lavender Cedarwood Candle: Lavender cedarwood candle is a very popular candle used in aromatherapy. The candle helps in reducing nervousness, anxiety, and depressive thoughts. The candle helps in maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule and boosts the immune system as well. It has a sweet flowery scent, which instantly relaxes both mind and body.
  • Vetiver Cedarwood Candle: Vetiver cedarwood candle scent infuses the premises with a blend of vetiver and cedar scents that help in creating an amazing relaxing ambiance. This candle promotes a healthy sleep cycle and has subtle sedative effects. The candle balances the sleep cycle and refreshes the overall air around.


Cedarwood scented candles are easy to make at home with just a few simple steps. All you require is some essential candle supplies that help make beautiful decorative cedarwood scented candles.

The candles are beneficial for skin and health too. The candles have an amazing aroma to them and are available in different variations as well. If you haven't already, then try these natural candles today.

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