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How To Start Candle Making Business In India | Guide For Beginners

Do you wish to start a candle-making business independently or at a small-scale manufacturing level? Then, you are at the right place. People lighten candles for various purposes. Apart from traditional candles, people often go for decorative stuff.

How To Start Candle Making Business In India

India has a huge potential market for scented and decorative candles. Some candle making supplies are needed to manufacture candles, such as waxes, candle wicks, dyes, production machines, molds, boilers, stearic acid, and packaging. Let us know more about the ways to teach Candle making business.

Business Plan For Starting Candle Making in India - Step-by-Step

A business plan is very much needed to start any business. If you are planning to start a candle-making business then there are a few steps that you should consider following. First, always go for a profitable business plan to help you achieve more in your business venture.

How To Start Candle Making Business In India Business Plan

1. Do Market Research

Doing good market research is necessary to begin your candle making business plan. Well-detailed research of market statistics helps immensely in knowing about the target audience and their needs.

2. Getting Knowledge of Making Candles

A lot of people, themselves hold the expertise to create candles whereas, others wish to hire experts or craftsmen to make different types of candles.

Hiring Experts/candle Craftsman: You may hire experts or candle craftsmen who would be well-experienced in knowledge about all the nuances of candle-making. This helps ease out the manufacturing process of qualitative candles.

3. Creating Candle Making Business Plan

Create a full-fledged candle-making business plan to help people know where your expertise lies. There should be a proper business name and a description of the services. This fetches more buyers and sellers to buy your services.

  • Business Name: A business name should be catchy and completely describe your business/product.
  • Define Your Product and Services: While creating a business plan defining the products and services is necessary so that buyers get the clarity and opt for more.

4. Funding: Investment Needed to Start Candle Making Business

Funding is one of the prime important things to start a business. A good amount of money is needed to start the venture. Proper funding or investment help in growing business and reaching new levels. Also if you have low budget you can start candle making business from home and purchase small candle making equipments (for small quantity) then increase your production later.

For example: home based or small candle making business would take an investment of around 25,000/- to 2.5 Lac and that will be enough. For large scale business you need an investment of at least 10 Lac which is going to be more profitable.

5. Paper Work: Legal License & Registrations for Candle Making Business

Make sure you do everything legit. Proper paperwork should be required, such as legal trade license, business registrations, GST registration for starting a candle-making business in India. This provides authenticity.

6. Raw Materials For Candle Making: Sourcing Best Candle Supplies

Raw material required for candle making should be of very good quality. Quantity of the raw material helps in creating bulk. Always make sure to source the raw material from authentic and greatly qualitative candle suppliers.

  • List of Raw Materials: At first, create a list of all the necessary raw materials required to create candles you wish to sell. Raw materials that you need for making candles are high grade waxes, candle colors, candle wick, candle wick holders, molds, essential and fragrance oils and other candle making vessels and tools.
  • Sourcing of Raw Materials: Source the raw material from good suppliers who are well-experienced and sell good quality material.

7. Machinery Required For Candle Making

To start a candle business machinery required makes a huge difference. Good proper machinery would execute finely made material.

  • Fully-Automatic Candle Making Machines: You may buy a fully-automatic candle-making machine to fast your work. This would also require less labor and give you more efficiency in a day than expected.
  • Semi-Automatic Candle Making Machines: Semi-automatic candle-making machines are good enough to carry orders with limited requirements. The machines would not be much time-consuming and initiate good results in the end.
  • Manual Candle Making Machines: If you have started a small-scale business, then manual machines would help complete small orders on time. A bit laborious but would give a handmade touch to the candles.

8. Evaluating Profit Margins of Candle making Business

From time to time, evaluate the profits you are making with your business. Profit margins should be high so that the business could be at a pace of good growth. You can start candle making business with less amount of investment.

As the demand for aromatic scented candles are continuosly to grow and the cost for raw materials and equipment needed is also small, then you can now calculate the profitability or profit margins in this candle making business (its quite high).

9. Marketing & Selling Candle Making Business

In a business plan, marketing and selling strategies play a key role in setting a place for your business in the market. In addition, marketing strategies should be attractive to the target audience to fetch more leads.

  • Target Audience/Consumers: The business should be made to reach the target audience or consumers directly. The audience would be interested in the product only to satisfy their needs. The target market to whom you can sell your candles are places such as churches, mosques, as well as temples, antique stores, hotels, directly consumers (D2C) who wanted to scent their home with candles.
  • Online Marketing: These days, digital marketing of products is becoming a boom. Website, Social Media, Email, Digital promotions are required to advertise your brand and product amongst a larger audience online.
  • Offline Marketing: Do not forget to make the most of offline marketing platforms such as pamphlets, flyers, billboards that would be useful in advertising the products to a different set of audiences.

10. Safety Guidelines For Candle Making Business

Some guidelines should be considered while doing the candle-making business. Never melt wax if it does not have some form of temperature control, as it may burst into flames without warning. The wax flashpoint should vary between 290-380 degrees celsius. Always undertake precautionary measures when you make candles.

Is Candle Making Business Profitable In India?

The candle-making business is profitable in India. It is one of the most popular businesses for beginners. There are some reasons why you should get into candle making business, firstly the investment required to start this business is less.

How To Start Candle Making Business In India Profitable

Secondly, the process involved in manufacturing the items is very simple, and all you need is wax and wick to start the business. The demand for candles is there throughout the year, and this business has chances to grow more and more each year.

How Vedaoils Helps in Your Candle Making Business?

Vedaoils is abundant with candle-making supplies such as wax, candle molds, candle jars, candle color dyes, candle wicks, candle wick holder, candle making kit. We sell these products under the candle-making umbrella. Vedaoils is a one-stop destination for all the candle-making needs and required ingredients. You can buy candle-making raw materials at affordable prices and try making your DIYs or build candle making business from scratch today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you’ve read so much about building candle making business, we are sure that you are ready to be the next best candle maker or business person. To help you know a little more, read the FAQ’s given below:

Q: Is Candle-making a Good Business?

A: Yes, candle-making is a very good business to start with. Candles are in demand throughout the year. It is a growing business to invest in.

Q: Can I start a Candle-making Business with a little amount?

A: Yes, you surely can. It is a business where you don't need a lot of funding or investment. With simple equipment and process, you can grow big in this business.

Q: How do I Start a Candle-making Business from home?

A: All you need to do is create a business plan that would involve all the necessary steps. If you have the expertise and marketing strategies, then the candle-making business can easily be done from home.


Candle-making business is highly profitable and a good way to start as a beginner in the market. Candles are in demand throughout the year, and you will grow a lot in this venture. People always like decorative and scented candles. Create a strategic business plan to initiate profit in the market. Then, you can easily start a business of candle-making in India.

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