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How To Prevent Candle Tunneling | Avoid & Fix Candle Tunneling Easily

You've almost certainly met a circumstance when your candle hasn't been able to burn from edge-to-edge, creating a circular 'tunnel' around the wick and down into the center of the candle. This highly common occurrence is referred to as 'tunneling'. No candle is immune to potential tunneling, whether its pricey or a cheap one.

How To Prevent Candle Tunneling

Candle tunneling looks aesthetically ugly and results in wasted and unburned waxes. Although tunneling is natural, it is preventable if you care about your candle properly. This blog will see how candle tunneling can be avoided and fixed.

What is Candle Tunneling?

Candle tunneling occurs when a candle burns down the center, leaving hard wax on the exterior. This squandered wax means your candle will not burn for its full burn period, which is a terrible loss if you enjoy scented candles as much as we do.

It can occur with any candle, regardless of quality or cost. Fortunately, you can do some things for your scented candles to be burned uniformly and efficiently, leaving the minimum wax possible.

What Causes Tunneling In Candles?

The following are some of the most typical reasons for candle tunneling:

  • Extinguishing a candle too soon may result in the development of a tunnel.
  • Tunneling is frequently caused by using a wick that is too tiny for the volume of wax or the width of your vessel.
  • The type of wax used in candle production is an often-overlooked factor as a cause of candle tunneling.

How to Fix Candle Tunneling?

There isn't an attractive or simple solution to candle tunneling. The methods outlined above are your best bet for prevention. However, here's how you may try to repair a tunneled candle:

Two Best Methods To Fix Candle Tunneling

There are basically two effective methods to fix candle tunneling, hair dryer method and aluminium foil method. Read below each method and follow step by step to avoid and fix occurrence of candle tunneling.

Method 1: Hair Dryer Method

Prevent Candle Tunneling Hair Dryer

Do not worry if your candle has already started a tunnel. It's possible that you can still save it. If the tunneling is little, you can use a hair dryer to cure the top of the candle. The heated air will melt and smooth the wax, resulting in a flatter surface. To fix tunneling, use the steps outlined below:

  • Remove any debris from the tunnel and trim the wick.
  • Heat the wax on the top surface of the candle with a heat gun (if you have one) or a hairdryer on the highest setting.
  • To assist the unmelted wax on the sides in melting faster, delicately poke it with a toothpick.
  • Continue heating until the whole top surface of the wax has melted and smoothed.
  • Relight your candle and let it burn for at least 30 minutes, or until there is no longer any tunneling visible.
  • Set your candle alone for a few days to let the wax set.
  • Depending on the type of wax used in your candle, it might take anywhere from two days (paraffin) to two weeks (soy, coconut).

Method 2: Aluminum Foil Method


A tunneled candle may be repaired by covering it in aluminum foil and just letting it burn. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Remove any debris from the tunnel and trim the wick.
  • Cover the candle's top with aluminium foil.
  • Cut a tiny (1-inch) hole in the center of the aluminium foil.
  • Remove the aluminium foil cover, fire the wick, and replace the foil cover.
  • Allow the candle to burn for many hours or until the top surface of the wax has fully melted and smoothed out.
  • Set your candle away for a few days to let the wax solidify to its maximum firmness (see above).

How to Prevent and Stop Candle Tunneling on First Burn

The first time you light and burn your new candle, it sets the tone for how well it will function during its life. Before snuffing the flame, ensure that the puddle of melted wax reaches the edges of your candle during the first burn. Before we set it out, we want the wax pool to be about 1 cm deep at the borders.


Your candle tunneling may be too extensive in some circumstances to save your candle. However, although it may be off-putting, it doesn't stop you from enjoying your candle. Even if your candle tunneling has progressed to the point that it is no longer possible to light the wick, a candle warmer will still heat the residual wax sufficiently to produce delicate aromas there are still ways to fix it.

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  • How To Make Candles To Sell From Home in Easy Steps

    Selling candles from home is not a big deal if you have got all the essential candle making supplies. To increase your candle sales from home, you can set up a website or mobile app. Selling candles online is not only much easier but also profitable. The best selling candles in the world are the scented ones that emit mesmerising scents on being lit.

    The cost of making candles depends upon the quantity of candles you are intending to make. However, if you select the price point smartly and employ some clever tactics to reduce the production cost, you can earn a decent income from selling candles. For example, you can use the empty glass jars of your kitchen as candle jars. Or else, you can melt the unused candles of your home to make alluring scented candles. In this article, we will study the types of candles that are the best for selling from home. We will also look at the candle making process in detail.

    What Type of Candles Sell The Best?

    Decorative, scented, unscented, and all other types of candles have their own market. Choosing the candle types can be tricky if you are a beginner. You should choose the ones that suit your candle making business. However, let’s first see the most relevant candle types in today’s times!

    1. Soy Wax Candles

    Soy wax is preferred for making candles because of its slow burning rate. Soy wax also burns without releasing any soot due to its clean burning ability. This makes it a perfect option for selling candles from home.

    2. Paraffin Wax Candles

    Paraffin wax is widely used for making candles as it is completely odourless and colourless. The flame emitted after burning paraffin candles are usually brighter than the flame emitted from other types of wax. However, they release more soot than soy wax candles.

    3. Unscented Candles

    Unscented candles are preferred by those who are not interested in using scented candles. The people who use candles as a source of light mostly used the unscented candles as they are cheaper and easily available at both offline and online markets.

    4. Decorative Candles

    Decorative candles are used to bring more aesthetic appeal to your decor. They are available in different types of designs, colours, shapes, and sizes. Special kind of decorative candles that are to be used for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other occasions are available in the market.

    5. Jar Candles

    Jar candles are the ones that are manufactured in glass, ceramic, or metal jars. The jar candles are preferred because they do not waste the wax. They also provide light without creating any smoke. Both scented and unscented jar candles can be found in the online and offline markets

    How To Make Candles At Home To Sell in Easy Steps?

    You must learn the art of candle making before starting candle sales from home. Gather all the candle making supplies like candle wicks, fragrance oils (for scented candles), candle jars, wax, wick centering devices, candle moulds (if not using jars), etc. first. All these supplies can be found on the official website of VedaOils at wholesale rates. After that, you can focus on the candle making process.

    Direction: Step-By-Step Process

    Follow the below steps to understand the candle making process:

    Step 1: Heat the wax in a double boiler or microwave oven. Around 16 oz of candle wax would be enough to make around 2 medium-sized jar candles. Select the quantity as per your requirements.

    Step 2: Let the wax cool down a little. Now, if you are interested in making scented candles, you can add some fragrance oil to the melted wax. You may also add some colour to the candles.

    Step 3: Before pouring the wax into the candle moulds or jars, you must align the candle wicks properly from the bottom. Use a wick centering device or chopsticks to keep the wicks aligned while pouring the melted wax.

    Step 4: After pouring the candles in the jar/mould, allow it to cool down and cure. You may use the candles after 2 or 3 days.


    We hope that you have understood how to make candles from home. Now, you can start making and selling candles from home. Please share your feedback after exploring the process. For buying all the candle making supplies at discounted rates, you can visit the official portal of VedaOils. You will find different types of fragrance oils, candle waxes, wicks, and other supplies easily on their website.

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    Bath and body works is a renowned brand when it comes to shower gels, handmade soaps, and candles that smell great. One of their precious offerings is scented candles that are refreshing enough to make your day. The aromatic properties of these candles prove to be stress-busting.

    The best bath and body works candles also come in different varieties. In this guide, we will look at the top 10 bath and body works candles that release mesmerising fragrance on being lit!

    Top 10 Bath and Body Works Candles - Scented Candles

    All the best bath and body works candles are worth trying. However, to choose the best, we had to go through hundreds of products. Apart from scent, we also emphasised on creativity, aesthetics, and other aspects of these candles. We also checked the customer reviews on their sites and knew which ones to try. Here are the top 10 bath and body work candles that you can get for your living spaces:

    1. Twisted Peppermint

    Twisted Peppermint is a premium offering of the brand and has a wonderful fragrance of peppermint and woodsy scent of Christmas trees. Therefore, it is an ideal scented candle that can be used on Christmas eve and other auspicious occasions.

    It is also one of the best bath and body works candles because it has received 4.5 stars from 101 reviews which is a mind boggling achievement for any product!

    2. Vanilla Bean Noel

    Sometimes, you just feel like indulging in sweet, creamy, and delicious scents to uplift your mood. The Vanilla Bean Noel has the pure scent of vanilla beans that remind you of the delicious cakes and vanilla ice creams you may have relished over the years.

    It smells exactly like Vanilla cookies but has a much deeper and intense scent that lingers on your mind. The icing on the cake is that it has got 4.6 stars from 126 reviews as of now!

    3. Frosted Cranberry

    When it comes to fruity scents, cranberry is surely among the top notes! The Frosted Cranberry scented candle from bath and body works contains an amazing combination of apple, iced cranberries, and woodsy aromas.

    They kindle a passionate and romantic scent in the surroundings that newly wedded couples would love to have in their bedrooms. It has received 4.7 stars from the 106 reviews which establishes the fact that it is one of the top bath and body works candles!

    4. Eucalyptus Spearmint

    Eucalyptus Spearmint contains the perfect balance of minty, fresh, and green notes that your mind needs when you feel stressed and low. It eases the thoughts and makes you feel at home instantly.

    Due to these reasons, this amazing bath and body works candles has received 4.8 stars from an unbelievable 427 reviews. It is surely one of the best bath and body works candles out there!

    5. Mahogany Teakwood

    People love the woodsy and elegant notes of Mahogany Teakwood. Though it has a powerful aroma that feels masculine, it is equally popular among men and women due to its deep enchanting notes. It is made of essential oils that spark an energetic environment when the candles are lit.

    Don’t miss to try it is one of the best 3 wick candles from bath and body works! The 229 reviewers have provided it a cumulative of 4.7 stars which itself is a tremendous acknowledgement for this product!

    6. Eucalyptus Tea

    Eucalyptus Tea is one of those rare scented candles that everyone in your house will prefer to have. Its sweet and classic fragrance has an universal appeal that eases your stress and makes you feel comfortable.

    The perfect floral, fruity, and calming scent of this scented candle can make you feel better after a tiring day at the office. Due to these attributes, it is surely one of the best bbw candles! Eucalyptus Tea has received 4.6 ratings from the 187 reviews as of now!

    7. Berry Waffle Cone

    Berry Waffle Cone is that perfect scent that gives you the pleasure of being at home on a pleasant summer evening! It has the sweet aroma of berries and the bright heart warming scent of waffle cone. Finally, it has the creamy vanilla delight to fulfil your sweet cravings

    It makes you feel as if you have entered an ice cream shop filled with delicious flavours. Berry Waffle Cone is one of the top bath and body works candles for foodies and ice-cream lovers! On the top of it, it has received 4.5 stars from the 93 reviews as of yet.

    8. Champagne Toast

    Toasting a champagne feels like you have won everything! The same enthusiasm can be felt while lighting the Champagne Toast scented candles from bath and body works. It has a fresh and romantic scent with a tinge of fruitiness.

    It oozes the scent of fresh strawberries that are sprinkled with quality Champagne. It could be the ideal scent to fill your rooms during New Year’s Eve or on birthdays and anniversaries! Moreover, it has also received a whopping 4.7 stars from 621 reviews!

    9. Lavender Cedarwood

    After all those fancy names, we finally have the blend that most scent lovers crave for. The balanced woodsy scent of cedarwood with a hint of spice and fresh floral aroma of lavender flowers makes it a special mention in this list of best bath and body works candles.

    It feels wonderful to have such a balanced and relaxing scent that also lits up the ambience with its alluring light! This amazing product has received a cumulative of 4.7 stars from 89 reviews.

    10. Frozen Lake

    The freshness of a frozen lake can just be imagined because not everyone has witnessed it in real life. However, the delicate blend of juniper berries, lavender leaves, and eucalyptus will make you feel like you are right there standing and gazing at the vast frozen lake!

    To make it more tempting, the candle jar has the exact shade to go with the name. It is not surprising to know that it has got a perfect 5.0 stars from the 2 reviewers who have used it!

    How to Make Bath And Body Work Candles at Home?

    You need to purchase scented candles from anywhere, if you are passionate about making DIY candles. To make scented candles you need candle wax, wicks, fragrance oils/essential oils, and candle moulds. You can find all these candle making supplies at discounted rates on the official website of Vedaoils. Now, let’s see the candle making process in detail!

    Ingredient list:

    Follow these steps to make scented candles at home:

    Step 1: Prepare the container : You can set your candles either in candle moulds or containers. It is convenient to set candles in containers because you don’t have to remove the candles after setting. Prepare the container by cleaning it nicely. We will use candle jars that can hold up to 16 oz wax here.

    Step 2: Start melting the wax : Measure out the contents of wax, fragrance oils, and other ingredients that you want to use in the scented candles. You can also add dried flower petals to give more aesthetic beauty to the candles. Now, add the wax in a double boiler setup and start melting it. Once the wax has melted completely, you may stop heating it further.

    Step 3: Add the fragrance oils : After cooling the wax a little, you can add the fragrance oils of your choice. You can also add an essential oil blend to get a stronger fragrance when the candles are lit.

    Step 4: Set the candles : Now, it is the time to pour the melted wax in the candle jars! However, before that, do not forget to attach the candle wicks. Use the wick centering device to ensure that the wicks do not move away while pouring the wax. Finally, pour the melted wax in the jars and allow them to set completely. Start using the scented candles after a couple of days!


    These were the 10 top bath and body works candles that you must try whilst in different settings and mood! You can also explore them when you are feeling low and moody. Share your own feedback if you have tried any of the bath and body works candles before!

    At VedaOils, we provide the best supplies for scented candles like candle wax, candle wicks, essential oils, and fragrance oils. If you are interested in making scented candles at home, you can purchase the candle making supplies from their portal at affordable prices!

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  • Make Your Own Scented Candles For Gifts - DIY Candle Recipes

    What person does not adore candles? These candle recipes will demonstrate how to make candles at home with all-natural ingredients. Scented candles infused with essential oils are the ultimate relaxation gift and the ideal use for old mason jars. All you need are wax, wicks, and essential oils.

    This tutorial shows you how to make candles at home using essential oils. These are easily customizable, allowing you to personalize your candle and make it less memorable for your loved ones. Let's look at some DIY recipes for making scented candles for gifts.

    DIY Candles That Make Great Gifts

    DIY candles make excellent gifts. They're also great for making for yourself. When making candles, you can experiment with different scents, herbs, and other ingredients. Let us go over some different types of candles and how to make them.

    1. Mason Jar Candles With Lavender

    Here's how to make a lavender-scented mason jar candle, which is ideal for spring. Enrich your life with the lovely aroma of lavender, which has therapeutic properties.

    Ingredients For Mason Jar Candles With Lavender

    • Mason Jar - 30 Ml
    • Dried Lavender Stems - 1
    • White Soy Wax - 2 Cups
    • Candle Wick - 1
    • Wood Skewer - 1
    • Lavender Essential Oil - 15 Drops

    Instructions For Mason Jar Candles With Lavender

    Step 1: Ensure your glass Mason jars are clean and dry before using.

    Step 2: Melt the candle wax slowly in a double boiler. The wax could burn if you overheat. Get rid of the heat.

    Step 3: Attach the wick's clip to the little mason jar's bottom center while you wait.

    Step 4: Put a skewer across the top of the jar and wrap the wick's long end around it. This will maintain the center of the wick in your jar.

    Step 5: Add 15 drops of lavender essential oil to the melted wax. For a more pungent smell, add more.

    Step 6: Pour the wax into the ready container gradually. Let the wax finish cooling and setting.

    Step 7: Cut the extra wick 14" from the top of the candle once the wax has hardened.

    Step 8: Put the smaller jar gently inside the giant jar.

    Step 9: Place the dried lavender in the gap between the two jars, one stems at a time. Work your way around the jar again until the desired result is attained.

    Step 10: If desired, tie some twine around the jar's neck and add a few lavenders stems.

    2. Eggnog Soy Wax Candle

    Eggnog soy wax candles make the ideal gift for friends and family. With these eggnog soy wax candles, you can make your home look beautiful and atheistic. Here's how to make your soy wax candle.

    Ingredients For Eggnog Soy Wax Candle

    Instructions For Eggnog Soy Wax Candle

    Step 1: To a microwaveable, add soy wax flakes.

    Step 2: Stir thoroughly between 45-second intervals of microwaving the flakes in the microwave until they are barely melted. Use pot holders since the bowl will boil when you take it out of the microwave.

    Step 3: To allow the fragrant oils to mix with the soy wax, add essential oils to the molten wax and swirl continually for a minute or two.

    Step 4: Put the metal wick holder with the wood wick inside, then place the wick in the center of the candle jar. You might add some glue to the bottom to ensure it stays fastened to the jar's bottom.

    Step 5: Pour the wax into the candle jar with caution. Rinse right away to stop the wax from setting and ruining your bowl.

    Step 6: Making a homemade wood wick candle.

    Step 7: Give the wax time to set (typically an hour) completely.

    Step 8: Trim the wick if needed, leaving it about 14" above the candle.

    Step 8: Before burning, let soy candles cure with the lid on for one to two weeks for the finest smell effects. This gives the oils and wax sufficient time to bind and produce the most incredible aroma. After that, enjoy burning your wood-wick candle!

    3. Dried Flower Candles

    This straightforward recipe yields a long-lasting, aromatic, decorative dried flower candle. Make your cozy space feel like heaven while also looking fantastic.

    Ingredients For Dried Flower Candles

    • Dried Flowers - 4-5 
    • Soy Wax Flakes - 1 Cup
    • Wooden Candle Wick Holder - 1 Holder
    • Cotton Candle Wick - 1 Wick
    • Glass Jar - 1 Jar

    Instructions For Dried Flower Candles

    Step 1: Place the soy wax flakes in a glass dish over a saucepan with roughly a third of the water to create a double boiler. While it warms up, mix it occasionally with a wooden spatula until the wax is pliable and pourable. Alternatively, you can microwave the wax for one minute at a time.

    Step 2: After your wax has fully melted, give it one or two minutes to cool. Add your chosen dried flowers to the wax that has been melted. To ensure that the essential oil is correctly combined, thoroughly combine it.

    Step 3: Fill the container with the wick. A small wax dot should be placed in the center of the container's base. Allowing enough wick at the top to hang over the end of the container, insert the wick until it touches the wax.

    Step 4: Keep the wick in position until the wax solidifies, then use a wick holder to pinch the top end of the wick and place it over the top of the container while keeping the wick upright and centered.

    Step 5: Over the top, pour the wax. Pour the wax into the container with caution after thoroughly stirring it. Make sure the wick in the candle jar is standing straight.

    Step 6: Overnight is plenty for the wax and dried flowers to solidify. Trim the extra wick the following day, and your soy candle is prepared.

    4. Coffee Candles

    Add a new cup of coffee to your candles. Fill your candles with the fresh aroma of coffee powder and beans. Make it yourself using the recipe provided below.

    Ingredients For Coffee Candles

    • Coffee Powder - 2 Tablespoons
    • Soy Wax - 1 Cup
    • Coffee Beans - 1 Tablespoon
    • Vanilla Essential Oil - 10 Drops
    • Wick - 1 Wick

    Instructions For Coffee Candles

    Step 1: Mix two tablespoons of coffee powder with around half a cup of water to make a coffee solution.

    Step 2: Place the beaker on a burner with a smooth surface and fill it with candle wax. Stirring frequently, heat until melted.

    Step 3: The candle wax should be mixed with a spoonful of coffee and a few drops of vanilla essential oil. Stir thoroughly to mix.

    Step 4: Put a candle wick in the coffee cup and secure it with a wick holder.

    Step 5: Put the heat-resistant glove on before filling the cup with the melted candle wax, leaving about an inch of space at the top.

    Step 6: Add entire coffee beans to the candle's top once the wax has cooled to a semisolid state.

    Step 7: If necessary, shorten the wick, then bow a string around the bottom of the mug.


    To summarise, candle-making is a fantastic hobby that can be profitable. This recipe makes beautiful candles while also relieving stress and anxiety. Time, practice, and good ingredients are required to make the perfect candle every time. We have premium quality candle-making supplies at reasonable prices. Visit

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  • Best Scented Candles For Summer - Candle Summer Scents

    If you ask someone to describe the scent of summer, you're bound to get various responses—some might say salty air or ocean breeze, while others might think of spring flowers or freshly picked herbs, or perhaps lemony citrus and lush greenery. The fragrance is personal, but no matter what bouquet you prefer, an elegant scented candle is a great way to bring the scent of summer into your home.

    A scented candle instantly changes the atmosphere; it's a quick and easy way to update your home for summer. Depending on your mood, you can also choose different aromatic candles; for example, you might want an uplifting, sunny scent during the day and then a soft woodsy, or amber-focused bougie for a dinner party or cozy evening at home. Let's look at the best scented candles for summer and learn how to make scented candles.

    Top 10 Best Scented Candles For Summer

    Scented candles are a fantastic way to fill your home with an enticing aroma and numerous therapeutic benefits. Let's take a look at the top ten scented candles for summer.

    1. Lavender-Scented Candles For Summer

    In candle making, the lavender essential oil has an alluring delicate, sweet scent that is floral, herbal, and evergreen woodsy all at the same time.

    These soft powdery, smokey aromas relax your mind and body. A lavender-scented candle is sure to evoke memories of summer vacations.

    2. Lemon-Scented Candles For Summer

    This lemon scented candle for summer is an ideal choice for a more subtle, natural scent. This candle has a distinctly clean, sharp, and citrus scent, and the fragrance has a smoother, creamier aroma that will make your candle smell fantastic.

    Lemon-scented candles boost your mood. This scented candle revitalizes and soothes your mind and nerves.

    3. Strawberry Cream Scented Candles For Summer

    Strawberry cream-scented candles have distinct fragrances that combine to create something truly magical. Strawberry oil candles have a sweet caramel scent. It has fruity-green and flowery-spicy undertones.

    Strawberry cream-scented candles have therapeutic properties that help you clear your mind and breathe better.

    4. Chocolate Fragrance Scented Candles For Summer

    With a chocolate fragrance-scented candle, your summer will never end. This candle has a pleasant scent that includes sweet and floral notes.

    The aroma of a chocolate-scented candle has been shown to increase heart rate, improve breathing, and calm the nervous system.

    5. Honey & Milk Scented Candles For Summer

    Invigorate your senses this summer with the sweet, fresh, flowery, powdery, musky, and sensual fragrance of honey and milk-scented candles.

    When you are anxious or stressed, this candle will lower your heart rate and blood pressure and relax you. Regular use provides a plethora of additional therapeutic benefits.

    6. Green Lush Scented Candles For Summer

    Not only does the green lush scented candle for summer have an enticing aroma of lush green, vetiver, and woody notes.

    This scented candle improves concentration, relieves stress, relaxes the mind, improves memory, and even boosts mood. Using green lush scented candles will refresh and remind you of your fun summer memories.

    7. Honeysuckle-Scented Candles For Summer

    Honeysuckle summer-scented candles are perfect for backyard barbecues and pool days.

    This summer, fill your home with the heady and nectarous aroma of this scented candle, a little like jasmine tinged with vanilla. A honeysuckle-scented candle improves mood and memory and reduces stress.

    8. Saffron Scented Candles For Summer

    Saffron-scented candles will transport you to a summer breeze. The scent of this scented candle is dark, leathery, and spicy, with tarred effects and a hint of honey.

    By activating the limbic neural network in the brain, which is willing to take responsibility for memory and learning, inhaling saffron-scented candles can help focus the mind.

    9. Cocoa Butter Scented Candles For Summer

    Nothing quite says summer like freshly made cocoa butter-scented candles. The aroma of scented cocoa butter is similar to that of chocolate. It also gives your candles a firm texture.

    Cocoa butter aroma improves breathing patterns, blood pressure regulation, anxiety reduction, and stress management.

    10. Mogra Scented Candles For Summer

    Summer lovers of luxury will appreciate mogra-scented candles. This scented candle's jar fills your home with sharp notes of fresh mogra, flowery yet effervescent and green.

    This scented candle was surrounded by a cream warmth that reminded you of hiking in the forest in the summer. Mogra-scented candles have been shown to alleviate stress and depression.

    How To Make Scented Candle For Summer In Easy Steps

    What person does not adore candles? These candle recipes will demonstrate how to make candles at home with all-natural ingredients. Scented candles infused with essential oils are the ultimate relaxation gift and the ideal use for old mason jars. All you need are wax, wicks, and essential oils.

    Ingredients To Make Scented Candle For Summer

    Instruction To Make Scented Candle For Summer

    Step 1: Melt soy wax in a pot over low to medium heat. These should melt quickly, but if it takes longer than a few minutes, raise the heat slightly. Use a wood stirring tool to stir.

    Step 2: Add 80–102 drops of your preferred essential oils once it has melted (We have mentioned our favorite above). The quantity depends on the kind and strength of the essential oils.

    Step 3: A small amount of wax is used to secure wicks to the bottom of Mason jars.

    Step 4: Affix the wick vertically to a horizontal pen or chopstick.

    Step 5: Repeat this process until all mason jars are filled with wax. Depending on the size of the mason jars, you might have some wax left over.

    Step 6: Until firm, let stand (about 1 hour)

    Step 7: To get the appropriate length, trim the wick.


    In conclusion, scented candles are an excellent way to refresh your mood this summer while reaping numerous health benefits from essential oils. Making candles is another amazing stress-relieving hobby. Make some of the best-smelling candles with VedaOils' best essential oils. Visit for the best candle-making supplies and essential oils at the best prices.

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    Candles are a lovely way to brighten space since they are easy to access and style with any theme. A candle has become a crucial ornamental component for many houses, making a room smell amazing. The candles may be incorporated into practically any aesthetic because of their various smells and designs.

    Candle Decoration Ideas At Home

    Their most intriguing aspect is also the softness and atmosphere they impart into any room. A wholly refreshed experience may be created by placing candles in every area of the house since new aromas are released as one enters each space. This blog will tell you about some candle-decorating ideas for your home.

    5 DIY Candle Decoration Ideas

    The softness and mood that candles impart to any place are what we find most fascinating about them. Every area in the house may benefit from having candles since different aromas can be enjoyed as one enters each space. Here are five ideas for using candles to adorn your home.

    Step 1: For The Dinner Table

    You should take additional care with décor when you gather at the dinner table for the most private chats or essential occasions. Using different ornamental candles on your tables for a nice supper with your friends or at special events may make a difference.

    handmade candles ideas

    Increase the number of candles you use to decorate your kitchen. The dining table looks beautiful when decorated with little candles. When cooking, placing ornamental candlelight on the table will transform the impact of a substantial meal.

    Step 2: For The Kitchen

    Coordinating your candle decorations with your kitchen's color design is usually a good idea. We encourage you to use neutral-colored candles since they will mix well with your decor.

    diy candle decoration ideas

    Additionally, be sure to choose smaller candles that you can disperse throughout the kitchen. Lemon, orange, or any citrus-based scent that keeps the upbeat energy works best in the kitchen.

    Step 3: For Tranquility

    A collection of floating candles may help you achieve more than just a tropical theme because they have an immediate relaxing impact that contributes to creating a spa-like ambiance in any bathroom or guest room.

    handmade candle decoration

    With this easy-to-make candle decoration, you'll need three tall, thin hurricane glass candle holders. Fill them with about 1-2 cm of crushed seashells to add a little depth, and then fill them about 3/4 of the way with water. Then, before lighting the candles, carefully place one in each vase.

    Step 4: For Elegance

    It is a proven truth that candlelight enhances the ambiance of any space and elevates our spirits. Additionally, candles have a calming effect that cannot be disregarded. Placing floating candles in a jar of water as a living room decoration will mix the water's calming effects with the candle's reassuring energy.

    candle diys

    By utilizing candles of various sizes and positioning them on the coffee table or console, you may create an air of refined elegance. Cylindrical, prismatic, or spherical candle shapes may provide dynamic design.

    Step 5: For The Living Room

    Decorating your living room with multiple small or big candles is a great way to bring in contrasting colors and fill your space with scents pleasing to the senses.

    diy candle decorations

    They make for a stunning decoration element and are infused with ever-so-beautiful fragrances. You can also set them up on a coffee table with flowers and a stack of your favorite books or magazines.

    Know About Candle Decoration Ideas At Home

    You can make your relaxation even more pleasurable by using creative candle decoration ideas. Using lavender-scented candles in the bedroom's decor will help promote restful slumber all night long. For instance, a Lavender Patchouli Candle could be the best option.

    Additionally, you may treat yourself by using candle decorations in your bathroom. The low light and the water effect from the candles you place on the tub or shower walls will help you eliminate all the negativity. Here's how you can use them:

    How To Decorate Your Home With Candles - Step-By-Step

    Decorating candles makes them unique and makes them more appealing. Let's see how to decorate your home with candles, a step-by-step guide.

    How To Decorate Your Home With Candles

    Directions: Step-By-Step

    Step 1: It may be worthwhile for a classy finish to put in more work and get inventive. Place two pillar candles of various sizes on the candle holders for this do-it-yourself candle arrangement. Then, tie a neutral-colored ribbon around each candle, particularly one made of jute or flax, for a harmonious balance of textures.

    Step 2: To emphasize the mismatched effect, add extra candles to the huge ones. Then, cut two branches off a coral tree, one somewhat larger than the other, and hot glue them to separate pieces of ribbon. To complete, hot glue a seashell to each branch (we spray-painted the seashells white to enhance the effect). Now you have a sweet table centerpiece!


    Last but not least, avoid the risks by utilizing a protected candle holder in the locations where you will start using candles before bed. Before leaving the room or going to bed, extinguish any lighted candles. We have provided you with some candle decoration ideas in this post. With candles of various smells, sizes, and features, you may begin setting a posh mood in your house. You can get all the required supplies right here at VedaOils!

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  • 6 Essential Candle Care Tips: Keep Your Candles Burning Safely and Beautifully

    Candles need to be dealt with with proper care and caution. Failing to do so may either result in an accident or affect the candle's burning ability. Issues like tunneling can be avoided by following some candle care tips.

    Candle Care Tips

    Taking care of the candles properly will ensure that they burn without creating any mess. In this candle care guide, we will discuss some of the best instructions that will help you while burning candles!

    How To Take Care Of Your Candles?

    Some simple candle care tips can prove to be of great help. We will be providing some tips on increasing the burning ability and scent-throwing capacity of your candles now!

    1. Let Them Burn Evenly.

    Do not put off the candles immediately after lighting them. It may result in them burning unevenly.

    candle care

    The rim created around the candles due to uneven burning may result in tunneling, eventually wasting the wax and rendering the candles useless.

    2. Maintain The Hygiene

    If you light the candles in a container, you must keep the container clean. The debris of candles and soot collected inside the container can affect the burning ability of the candles.

    proper candle care

    Sometimes, the melted wax can catch fire, creating an unnecessary nuisance inside the candle jars or containers. You can use tweezers to remove the debris effectively. The soot can be cleaned with a dry towel. Avoid using a wet towel because it may disturb the burning capacity of the wax.

    3. Trim The Wicks Regularly.

    Regular trimming of wicks will ensure that the burnt wick does not cause issues while lighting the candles.

    wick dipper and trimmer

    However, trimming the wicks too short may prevent them from burning. The wicks must be at least a quarter of an inch long to burn without causing any issues.

    4. Don't Put Off The Candles In Haste.

    Sometimes, we put off the candles in haste. It creates a mess and may result in wasting the wax. For example, if you blow the candle too hard, some of the wax may come out.

    candle care kit

    You will have to clean the wax and let go of some of the molten wax that would have been useful while lighting the candles in the future. Therefore, one of the essential wax melt care tips is gently putting out the candles using a snuffer.

    5. Don't Use The Candles Entirely.

    Burning the candles till the last inch of wax may heat the container and damage it. It will also create issues while cleaning up the containers.

    candle care tips

    Therefore, it is recommended that you stop using the candles when only half an inch of the layer remains.

    6. Follow Proper Storage Instructions.

    The candle care tips include storing the candles safely and properly. Use a dark place that is cool enough to store the candles. Also, you must use the candles within a year, especially if they are scented.

    soy candle care

    Also, keep candles away from air currents and draughts to prevent wax drip page and uneven burning. Candles should always be stored upright to avoid bending or warping.

    Do's And Don'ts Of Candle Care

    While it is essential to know what you should do, it is also important to be aware of what should be avoided while following candle care instructions. Some of the keys do's and don'ts that you should follow while using candles have been highlighted below:


    • Take proper care of the candles while burning. Avoid burning them during power outages, as they may result in unwanted accidents.
    • If the candle flame gets too high or flickers consistently, put it out immediately. Re-ignite the candle again after a few minutes because it will allow the molten wax to cool down.
    • Keep the candles in a place that cannot be accessed by your pets and children.
    • Buy a candle snuffer to put out the candles safely.


    • Avoid using water to put out the candles.
    • Do not move the candles immediately after putting them off. The melted wax may fall on your skin and cause injuries.
    • Don't burn the candles while sleeping. Do not leave the room or house before candles are put out.
    • Do not burn multiple candles close to each other. At least place them three to four inches away from each other.

    Candle Care & Safety Tips - Step-By-Step

    Some additional candle care and safety tips are discussed in this section. It will cover the steps that should be followed while and after lighting the candles. Let us now check the stepwise process to understand candle care completely!

    Candle Care & Safety Tips

    Step 1: Do not light the candles in a draughty or windy space. It will cause the flame to flicker and burn inconsistently.

    Step 2: Once you light the candles, ensure they burn for at least an hour or so. It will ensure that the wax burns evenly.

    Step 3: Ensure that the room in which the candles are lit has enough ventilation so that the soot does not remain inside.

    Step 4: Clean the glass container regularly to avoid any mess. Trim the candle wicks if necessary.

    Step 5: Put off the candles before the entire wax is used.


    These are some candle care tips that you should be using while using candles. We hope that you have liked and understood them. You can also make your own candles by using some candle-making supplies. If you want to make candles at home, you can get all the supplies on the VedaOils website. Organic candle waxes, fragrance oils, essential oils, candle wicks, molds, and colors are available at wholesale rates on their website. You can also visit their website for natural ingredients and skin care products!

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