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Candle Mold Brands in India of 2024 | Candle Mold Buyers Guide

Most modern candle molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, while selecting them, we need to analyze their quality, convenience of use, and durability as well. Making stylish candles is possible by using these molds.

Candle Mold Brands

 We have gone through a wide range of candle molds to select the best brands that sell them. These brands have been selected on the basis of their popularity, quality, and overall convenience they provide to the candle makers.

Top 9 Candle Mold Manufacturing Brands 2024

Many businesses sell candle molds and other candle making supplies like wax, wicks, candle scents, etc. through offline and online means. These are the top 8 best candle mold brands of 2023 as per our experts!

1. VedaOils

If you need high-quality silicone molds in different shapes and sizes, VedaOils will be the most suitable brand for you. You will also find candle molds made from aluminum, acrylic plastic, and other materials on their portal.


It is possible to purchase candle molds in bulk at wholesale rates from their website. The candle molds of VedaOils are durable and stylish as well. Get reusable and premium-quality candle molds from their portal, make luxury candles, and redefine your candle making business!

2. Candle Mould (Niral Industries)

Candle Mould has a wide range of candle molds that allows you to make candles of various shapes and sizes. Niral Industries specializes in providing silicone candle molds.

Candle Mould (Niral Industries)

You can get candle molds in the shape of flowers, Christmas trees, and various other shapes from their portal. Some filters are provided on their portal so that you can find the candle molds of your choice easily.

3. Auradecor

Auradecor does not have a huge collection of candle molds but nonetheless, their collection is exquisite and perfect for making luxury candles.


You will find candle molds of glass, polycarbonate, and aluminum on their website. Tea light candle making molds are also available in bulk on their portal at discounted prices.

4. Global Sources

Global Sources has candle molds sourced from manufacturers of Chinese, Indian, Korean, and other origin. You can purchase candle molds in bulk at cost-effective rates from their site.

Global Sources

Also, candle molds of 3D shapes can be purchased from Global Sources. Most of the candle molds are made from silicone but some of them are also made from epoxy resin. It is easy to purchase candle molds from their user-friendly website that offers easy-to-use filters and search tools.

5. Matin Impex

Matin Impex provides premium-quality candle making supplies at reasonable rates. You can purchase silicone candle molds of different sizes, shapes, and figures from Matin Impex.

Matin Impex

Their candle molds are designed to allow you to make stylish and aesthetic candles. However, sadly, they don’t have a working website as of now. Therefore, you will have to get their candle molds from online shopping portals like Amazon or Flipkart.

6. Bitsky India

Bitsky India is another ecommerce site where you will find candle molds made by various manufacturers. Their 3D candle molds and rose-shaped candle molds are popular.

Bitsky India

They specialize in providing high-quality silicone candle molds of high-quality. These molds are easy-to-use and are of reusable quality. You will also find candle mold trays and creative candle molds on their website.

7. Devi Dayal & Company

Devi Dayal & Company offers high-quality candle molds and candle making machines in India. Their candle molds and machines are known for their dexterity, quality, and tensile strength.

Devi Dayal & Company

It has been in this business since 1949 and offers designer and premium-quality candle molds. They specialize in making aluminum candle molds due to which their pricing is slightly on the expensive side.

8. Candlewic

Candlewic has been providing durable and premium-grade candle molds since 1972. You will find candle molds made from polycarbonate and aluminum on their site.


Molds of various dimensions and shoes can be bought online from their portal. The portal is user-friendly and provides many filters and categories to streamline your searches.

9. Candle Science

Candle Science offers high-quality molds for votives, tarts, and candles. You will also find useful information on candle making process and ingredients on their site.

Candle Science

You may also buy other candle making supplies from their portal. However, they do not have a huge collection of candle molds as some of the other brands that we have mentioned in this article. Also, their pricing is slightly on the costlier side.


These were some of the top candle mold brands of 2023. However, visit the official site of VedaOils if you wish to find all the candle making supplies under one roof. Here, you will find tensile and durable candle molds at affordable rates.

Purchasing candle molds as per your requirements is also possible from their portal. Essential oils, fragrance oils, candle wax, wicks, wick holders, and other supplies are also offered by VedaOils at wholesale rate. Choose your supplies from their site, craft amazing candles, and make your candle making business a success!

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