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How to Make Cereal Candle - Crafting Cereal Bowl Candles

Make it fun and fool your friends and family with a realistic candle looking cereal bowl. Amaze them with this out-of-the-box DIY. Cereal candles catch the attention of children as well as adults. You can prank your children in the morning while they sit to have breakfast. Place this cereal bowl candle in front of them until they try to take a bite out of it and realize that it's not a real bowl of breakfast, in fact, is a realistic looking candle.

cereal candles

You can also pull a magic trick by placing a real cereal bowl in front of them and letting them take a bite out of it. After they have taken a bite tell them you can light cereal on fire. Take the bowl and swap it with the candle cereal bowl and light it in front of the kids. Their expression would be noteworthy. In this DIY article, we'll look at how to make your own cereal bowl candle, allowing you to customize the aroma and appearance to your liking.

Features of Cereal Candles

Cereal candles are the same as regular scented candles. They have a longer burn time and are in the shape of a cereal bowl. They add a decorative flare to a space.

Benefits of Choosing Cereal Candles

Scented Cereal Candles are gaining popularity because they remind us of lazy weekend mornings and warm breakfasts. Cereal candles, whether scented with the sweet perfume of Froot Loops or the warm aroma of cinnamon from a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, elicit feelings of comfort and pleasure.

How to make cereal candle

Materials Needed for Cereal Candle

  • 1.5 lb feather palm wax
  • Container wax
  • Liquid candle dyes in various colors
  • Neon green diamond dye
  • Fruit loops fragrance oil

Essential Equipment for DIY Cereal Candles

  • Double boiler
  • Scale
  • Large pouring pitcher
  • Small pouring pitcher
  • Silicon cereal molds
  • Mold release spray
  • Stirring spoon
  • Pre tabbed wicks
  • Wick tape
  • Glass bowl

Step by Step Guide to Make Cereal Candle

Let’s Make Fruit Loops First

  1. At 200 degrees F heat 1.5 lb of feather palm wax so each mold would be holding 3.75 oz. of wax.
  2. Take cereal molds and spray some mold release spray.
  3. Add 0.3 oz. of fruit loops fragrance oil in a small pouring pitcher along with the colors of your choice.
  4. The colors we choose are red, purple, yellow, blue, orange, and green. All colors would be mixed with wax in a designated pitcher for a single color. 1 drop would be sufficient for 0.3 oz. of wax.
  5. Take the cereal molds and fill them up with the colored wax. Let them sit for 2 hours to harden.
DIY cereal candles


How to Make Cereal Candle

  1. Take the container wax and melt it at 180 degrees F.
  2. Add fragrance oil to the container wax.
  3. Take the glass bowl you are going to use the wax and stick the wick to the bottom of the glass bowl with the help of wick tape.
  4. Pour some wax on top of the wick to smoothen the surface and let it get hard. It will help the wick to stay at a particular place.
  5. After the surface wax is hard pour the rest of the melted container wax. Leave the bowl alone for the wax to get semi-hard.
  6. Add the fruit loops on top of the wax in the glass bowl in such a manner it will resemble a real cereal bowl.
  7. Now let the glass bowl sit for 24 hours to completely harden the wax. Trim the wick at an appropriate height.


DIY cereal candles are a delightful way to add a touch of whimsy to your home decor while indulging in the sweet nostalgia of your favorite childhood breakfast. At first glance, you might be intimidated by this DIY and find it a bit tricky. This only looks tricky in reality but is a simple cereal candle bowl recipe. Give it a try and enjoy it with everyone around.

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