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DIY Turmeric Lip Scrub Recipe You Need To Try

mertime has arrived, causing dryness, tanning, and irritation in the skin. It's not a hassle to protect the skin from sun tan compared with the lips. Whenever we apply sunscreen, we end up neglecting the lips, which causes tanning and makes them appear darker as they gradually change from their natural color.

DIY Turmeric Lip Scrub Recipe

We came to your rescue with several turmeric lip scrubs that won’t only help with tan removal but also help with hydration, restoring natural color, and exfoliation. Turmeric lip scrub is suitable for all skin types, making it a remarkable ingredient to add to lip scrubs.

Benefits of Turmeric Lip Scrub

Turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making it an all-rounder ingredient for all types of issues, being it associated with skin, lips, infection, or bacteria. Turmeric is always going to be there to save your day.

  • Exfoliate Your Lips: Brown sugar or granulated sugar is present in turmeric lip scrub, which exfoliates lips and moisturizes them. Sugar removes dead skin cells, helping to bring a new layer that is healthy, hydrated, moisturized, and lighter in shade.
  • Fades Pigmentation: Turmeric powder mixed with avocado helps bring a brighter and more natural color to the lip. When turmeric powder is mixed with aloe vera, it protects against sun damage while removing tan.
  • Lightens Lips: A gentle act of massaging lips with the lip scrub increases the circulation of blood while removing the darker and dead skin, keeping it moisturized.

Homemade Turmeric Lip Scrub Recipe

Different types of DIY turmeric lip scrub recipes will suit every skin type while working on your areas of concern and providing hydration, moisturization, and lightening them in the process.

Recipe 1 - DIY Turmeric Lip Scrub Recipe for Sensitive and Dry Lips

This recipe is specially curated for dry and sensitive lips to provide nourishment and calm irritation. It also provides nourishment throughout the day.


Directions - Step-by-Step

Steps: 1 In a small bowl, mix turmeric powder and thyme.

Steps: 2 Add goat milk until the consistency is of a paste.

Steps: 3 Rub the paste gently on your lips and around your mouth, rinse it off with room temperature water, and pat dry.

Recipe 2 - Turmeric Sugar Scrub

Packed with coarse brown sugar it gently exfoliates the dead skin cells and makes your lips plump and soft.


Directions - Step-by-Step

Steps: 1 Mix turmeric powder and brown sugar in a bowl.

Steps: 2 Mix it until it forms a thick paste.

Steps: 3 Add raw honey, argan oil, or coconut oil along with the essential oil you picked.

Recipe 3 - Turmeric Lip Scrub for Sun-Damaged and Dull Lips

This scrub helps in restoring the original color of the lips and reverses the damage done by the sun such as dryness and loss of moisture.


  • Turmeric Powder - 1 Teaspoon
  • Aloe Vera - 1 Teaspoon
  • Vitamin E Oil - 1 Teaspoon

Directions - Step-by-Step

Steps: 1 Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.

Steps: 2 Make a thick paste for easy application.

Steps: 3 Apply it on your lips to remove sun tan and to lock in moisture while brightening the lips.

Recipe 4 - Turmeric Lip Scrub for Maximum Hydration

As this turmeric lip scrub contains jojoba and avocado oil which provides lasting nourishment and hydration to the lips with their nutritional properties.


  • Turmeric Powder - 1 Teaspoon
  • Basil Powder - 1 Teaspoon
  • Avocado Oil - 1 Teaspoon
  • Golden Jojoba Oil - 1 Teaspoon

Directions - Step-by-Step

Steps: 1 Mix basil powder and turmeric powder in a small bowl.

Steps: 2 Add smashed avocado and jojoba oil and mix until everything is evenly distributed and combined.

Steps: 3 Gently massage it on your lips and let your skin absorb all the moisture. Rinse it off with cold water and pat dry.

Recipe 5 - Turmeric Lip Scrub for Brighter and Plumper Lips

Lips tend to lose their color when they are exposed to sun, dryness, and smoking. To restore the natural color one can use this scrub to restore the natural color of lips.


  • Turmeric Powder - 1 Teaspoon
  • Ginger Powder - 1 Teaspoon
  • Cocoa Butter - 1 Teaspoon

Directions - Step-by-Step

Steps: 1 As always, mix everything in a small bowl to form a thick paste.

Steps: 2 Damp your lips and apply the scrub on your lips, not around the mouth, as it contains lemon juice that can irritate your skin.

Steps: 3 Wash it off with warm water twice, and pat dry with a towel. This recipe will lighten your lips to a notable color while making them a bit plumper.


Turmeric lip scrub offers a natural approach to achieving beautiful, healthy lips. It provides a natural color to the lips through exfoliation. However, be sure about the sensitivity it can cause, as well as staining due to exfoliation.

After you are done scrubbing and exfoliating your lips, apply lip balm or gloss to seal them in moisture. It is always recommended to do a patch test of the product before usage to check the skin's sensitivity to a product.

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