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DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe for Healthy Hair - Suitable for All Hair Colors

Dry shampoo is available in the form of powder and you don’t have to rinse your hair with water after its application. Dry shampoos are usually used to maintain shine and form of hair after getting a hair treatment. In India, commoners might not be aware of this term as they are used to shampooing the hair with the commercial shampoos that come in liquid gel-like form.

Diy Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are usually meant for refreshing your hair after using a hair dryer or undergoing a hair treatment. However, you can make a DIY dry shampoo recipe for healthy hair at home by using natural ingredients. This DIY recipe can be beneficial for your hair in more than one way. 

What does Dry Shampoo do for Hair?

You want your hair to smell amazing and feel fresh 24/7 but you cannot keep washing your hair multiple times a day. It is because multiple washes strip off the natural oils that are necessary to maintain the health and condition of your hair. Here is where dry shampoos come into play.

They make your hair feel fresh and add an amazing refreshing fragrance that sustains for a long time. These shampoos can even be used to cleanse your hair and remove the dirt, dust, and other toxins that are introduced due to exposure to pollutants and other environmental factors. 

DIY Dry Shampoo Benefits 

As we have mentioned above, trying a DIY dry shampoo recipe for healthy hair by yourself can be a good choice. It will not only make your hair look clean and healthy but will also prevent the stripping of essential oils that keep your hair nourished. Here are some noteworthy benefits of DIY dry shampoos:

DIY Dry Shampoo Benefits

  • Dry Shampoo for thin hair: Dry Shampoo contains many ingredients like cornstarch, kaolin clay, baking soda, etc. When sprayed on the hair, these ingredients tend to increase hair volume naturally. Though not a permanent solution, people with thin hair can spray dry shampoo before going out to the office or to meet friends. 
  • Dry Shampoo for greasy hair: Hair becomes greasy due to extra oil, dust, dirt, and other impurities. By spraying dry shampoo on hair, you can clean it without using any liquid or water. It also gives a fresh look to your hair without the use of any chemicals or gels. Therefore, it is a great option for those who have oily or greasy hair.
  • Dry Shampoo for hair loss: Hair loss is a result of unhealthy and dirty hair and scalp. Dry shampoo prevents the hair from falling by keeping dirt away from your hair and scalp. It also pulls out the other toxins that may be detrimental for your hair health. Therefore, it indirectly prevents hair loss or balding.
  • Dry Shampoo for dry hair: Dry shampoo gives a glossy finish to your tresses quickly. You don’t have to use a hair spray or gel to give a shine to your rough and dry hair as dry shampoo can easily add a wet look without making it look artificial.
  • Dry Shampoo for itchy scalp: Dry shampoos eliminate excess oil, dirt, and other impurities from your hair. They also help you to get rid of dandruff which might be the reason behind itchy scalp. Therefore, use a dry shampoo whenever your scalp becomes itchy or irritated due to dirt or dandruff. 

DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

You can experiment with different types of DIY dry shampoo recipes for healthy hair in your household. You will need a few ingredients like essential oil, cornstarch, baking soda, etc. for pulling out these recipes with ease. Also, it would be great if you have a spice sprinkler that is unused or no longer in use. The below recipes will give you more idea about the whole process of making DIY dry shampoo recipes.

Black or Dark Brown Hair: Mix with Activated Charcoal 

Adding activated charcoal to the DIY dry shampoo recipe can be a good idea as it goes with the natural dark hue of your hair strands. The following DIY dry shampoo recipe for healthy hair will help you to refresh and clean your hair without using water. 



  • Put all the ingredients by using the measuring cup and mix them together in a container. Use a fork to mix them well 
  • By using a funnel, pour the mixture in the shaker and put the lid on it. 

How to use it: Sprinkle the combined mixture on your hair. Use a comb so that the mixture reaches the hair roots properly. You can also use a hair brush so that it gets applied evenly on your hair strands. 

Red Hair: Mix with Cinnamon Powder 

Cinnamon Powder has a reddish brown tinge that goes perfectly with red or auburn hair. The spicy yet exotic aroma of Cinnamon keeps your hair smelling good throughout the day. For more details, stay glued on the below recipe! 



  • Mix all the ingredients by using a measuring cup and mix them thoroughly by using a fork.
  • Transfer the blend in a spice shaker and fasten the lid. 

How to use it: Spray the mixture on the hair strands nicely. Use a hair brush so that the DIY dry shampoo recipe for healthy hair gets through your hair nicely. Alternatively, you may even use a hair dryer. 

Silver or Grey Hair: Mix with Arrowroot 

Cornstarch or arrowroot gets invisible when applied on lighter shades of hair like grey, silver, or brown. It also adds volume to your hair and absorbs the excess oil readily. To learn how to make this DIY dry shampoo recipe for healthy hair, please follow the below recipe.



  • Mix all the ingredients with the help of a measuring cup. Mix them thoroughly by using a fork or whisk. 
  • Pour the mixture into a salt or spice shaker through a small funnel. 

How to use it: Spray the mixture on your hair roots. Use a hair dryer or hair brush so that the blend  gets applied evenly on your tresses. 

Brown Hair: Mix with Cacao Powder 

If your hair is medium brown to light brown in colour, you must use a Cacao Powder in your DIY dry shampoo recipe for healthy hair. The below recipe will give you more insights regarding the ingredients, recipe, and application process. 



Mix all the ingredients well using a measuring cup and add them to the salt shaker. Tighten the metal lid. 

How to use it: Spray the mixture on your hair and for spreading it, use a hair brush, comb, or hair dryer. 

Light Blonde Hair: with Arrowroot Powder

For light blonde hair, you must avoid using other ingredients like kaolin clay, bentonite clay, etc. It is because only arrowroot powder will be enough to make the DIY dry shampoo for healthy hair compatible for the hair of light blonde shade. 



  • Mix all the ingredients with the help of a measuring cup. Use a fork or whisk to blend them well. 
  • Transfer the content to a salt or spice shaker. Fasten the lid tightly. 

How to use it: Spray the mixture onto your hair and use a hair dryer so that it gets evenly spread through your hair strands. 


We have seen how easy it is to make a DIY shampoo recipe for healthy hair. However, ensure that the ingredients you use are pure, natural, and organic. Also, don’t overuse the DIY dry shampoo as they can make your hair dry and rough if you use them too frequently.

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