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Bentonite Clay

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Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder

Bentonite Clay, also referred to as Montmorillonite clay powder, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. Bentonite can be used externally as a clay poultice, mud pack, or in the bath and, in skin care recipes. A good quality Bentonite Clay Powder should be a grey/cream color and anything bordering “pure white” is suspect. It has a very fine, velveteen feel and is odorless and non-staining. The type of bentonite clay offered by Mountain Rose herbs is Sodium Bentonite.

Natural Bentonite Clay is composed of aged volcanic ash. The name comes from the largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay located in Fort Benton, Wyoming. Pure Bentonite Clay is a common ingredient in detox and cleansing products. It has an alkalizing effect on the body and when taken correctly, it can help balance gut bacteria.

Bentonite Clay Powder is a unique clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. Natural Bentonite Clay Powder is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals.

Organic Bentonite Clay Powder carries a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins. When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release its minerals for the body to use. Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.

Calcium Bentonite Clay Benefits

  • Bentonite Clay for Teeth: Bentonite Clay possesses antibacterial properties that can kill harmful bacteria that reside between teeth and gums. Like charcoal, Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay is also abrasive and can be used to remove plaque but without hurting the enamel of your teeth.
  • Bentonite Clay for the Scalp: Bentonite Clay can be used for making a hair mask that removes all the dead skin cells, excess oils, dirt, and other toxins from your scalp and hair. Therefore, raw bentonite clay promotes a clean and healthy scalp.
  • Bentonite Clay for Feet: You can Make DIY recipes with calcium bentonite powder that can detoxify the skin of your feet and provide deep relaxation and relief from pain, You can also use Lavender Essential Oil with ACV and Bentonite clay to treat feet problems such as fungus, bad odor, and swollen tissues.
  • Bentonite Clay for Hair: Natural calcium bentonite can be used as a hair mask that can make your hair strong, clean, and healthy by adding water, ACV, and cast almonds, and sweet almond oil. it will also give a nice aroma to your hair strands.
  • Good for Skin Rashes: Use Pure Bentonite Clay Powder to soothe diaper rash and other types of skin rashes. Even Use of Bentonite Clay Powder helpful in minor burns, bug bites, and Poison Ivy Rash. White bentonite clay absorbent and healing properties soothe the irritation associated with skin rashes.
  • For Muscle Pain: Use Organic Calcium Bentonite Clay to get quick relief from muscle spasms, sprain, and muscle pain. Make a Mixture of natural calcium bentonite clay with Wintergreen and Peppermint Oil, Epsom Salt, with baking soda, which is helpful in faster relief of sore muscles and weakness problems.

How to Use Bentonite Clay?

  • For Skin: Use a paste of bentonite clay and water on any skin irritation like blemishes, insect bites, cuts, skin itching, or burns. Leave it on until it dries and washes off. Give calming effect to skin itching from eczema, psoriasis, chickenpox, etc.
  • Skin Poultice for Bites/Burns/Cuts/Stings: For more severe issues, create a poultice by putting a thick layer of clay on the skin and applying a wet gauze or cloth over it. Wrap the area and leave the poultice on, changing every 2 hours.
  • Face Mask: For smooth and healthy skin, Make a paste of bentonite and water and apply it to my face as a mask (a similar mask is used in many spas). Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. Typically do this once or twice a week.
  • Detox Bath: Add about 1/4 cup of Bentonite Clay to a bath for a relaxing detox bath that softens skin.
  • Oral Rinse to whiten and Remineralize Teeth: Besides the use in my tooth powder, Use Bentonite powder mixed with water as an alkalizing and toxin removing mouth rinse. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of bentonite clay supplement clay in 1/4 cup water in a small jar with a plastic lid and shake well. Then, rinse with the water for 1-2 minutes and repeat until I’ve used it all.
  • For Mastitis: Create a poultice or mask of Bentonite Clay and water and applied externally to the area. I repeat as needed every hour until the infection is gone. Also, take internally during infection along with Vitamin C and fermented cod liver oil.
  • For Baby Powder: Plain Bentonite Clay makes a very soothing baby powder for use when there is infection or redness. It can also be made into a clay “mask” to help speed recovery in this area.

Product Specifications

INCI Name: Bentonite
CAS No: 1302-78-9
Form: Powder
Alternative Name: Montmorillonite clay
Packaging Type: As Per Requirement
Color: N/A
Purity (%) 98
Shelf Life: 2 years
COA: COA of Bentonite Clay Powder
MSDS: MSDS of Pure Bentonite Clay Powder

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes.

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