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Carnauba Wax for Cars and Its Benefits - How to Apply

You might be keen on washing your car daily but have you ever considered waxing it? No, we don’t mean the waxing that you do to scrape unwanted hair from your arms and legs. Car waxes are available easily in the market and are used to polish them. Apart from lending a new shine and shimmer to your car paint, a car wax also protects it from rough weather, heat, bird poop, and many other contaminants that might affect the overall look and appeal of your beloved car.

Carnauba Wax for Cars

One of the most used and popular products when it comes to car waxes is Carnauba Wax. When you apply organic Carnauba Wax on the exterior of your car, it tends to give it a smooth and even finish that even high-quality paint cannot offer. The smooth texture and composition of this wax enable it to enter into the minor cracks on the surface of your car paint that are not visible to your eyes and covers them effectively.

Apart from that, a premium grade and natural Carnauba Wax can protect your car from minor scratches and cuts that can appear on your car paint due to rubbing car keys accidentally or any other reason. Also, Carnauba Wax negates the need of washing your car regularly because it does not allow dirt, dust, and other impurities to stick on your car's surface.

A mere splash of water will allow all your impurities to flow out which improves the longevity of your car paint. However, washing a car regularly after waxing is not recommended as the water forces the wax to leave the car paint faster than it would normally do.

Carnauba Wax Benefits For Car

  • Car Cleaning Product: Pure Carnauba Wax is an effective for car cleaning product because it can force even the stickiest of dirt particles like grease and oil to come out of the car paint. Therefore, it is more effective than a water or soap mixture and helps you to keep your car neat and clean.
  • Car Polish Items: Organic Carnauba Wax is one of the cheapest car polish items you will find in the market. It gives a smooth glossy finish to your car and enables it to shine like a mirror. As it is sourced from a plant that is found in South American countries, it is perfectly safe and chemical-free polish.
  • Carnauba Wax for Car Paint: Carnauba Wax for black cars will enhance the durability of the paint as it does not allow dirt, dust, and impurities to stick on the surface of your paint. By creating a protective shield over your car paint, it enables you to maintain the new condition of your car for ages.
  • Easy to Use: Carnauba Wax is easy to use due to its smooth texture and low melting point. It blends readily with emulsions and allows you to create a much better car paint or polish. Adding carnauba wax to car emulsions makes them thicker, smoother, and long-lasting.
  • Low Cost: One can easily purchase Carnauba Wax in bulk from any online shopping portal. It is much more affordable than commercial car polishes and is even more effective than synthetic car polish and cleaning products. As a result, garages, car showroom owners, and even personal car users can easily afford it.
  • Smoothness: Carnauba wax is one of the smoothest natural wax that you will find for polishing a car. It gives a mirror-like finish to the car paint and can be added to emulsions as well to make long-lasting car surface paints.

How to Apply Carnauba Wax on a Car?

Apply Carnauba Wax on Car

To Use Carnauba Wax for Car wash and polishing purposes, please follow the steps properly:

  • Clean & Dry Car: Before applying Carnauba Wax to car, you will have to ensure that it is clean and dry. You can wash your car with normal water and soap a few hours before waxing it and then let it dry completely.
  • Melt Carnauba Wax: Now, you can melt the carnauba wax or powder it into fine particles before waxing your car with it. It is better to melt it and let it cool down just enough to enable you to apply it without burning your hand.
  • Use Microfibre to Apply Wax: It is better to use a foam applicator or cloth made of microfibre to apply the wax nicely on the car’s exterior rather than using bare hands.
  • Apply Thin Layer of Wax: It is recommended that you apply a thin layer of wax on the car so that it spreads evenly on the car paint. Some people also like to add molten Carnauba Wax into the car paint before painting or repainting their car.
  • Apply Carnauba Wax Uniformly: Once you apply the wax neatly all over the car in circular motions, you can use the cloth to wipe away the uneven particles. You can also add a couple more coats of wax on the surface to provide extra protection to your car paint.

Buy Best Carnauba Wax for Cars Best Price

If you are planning to purchase pure Carnauba Wax for car, jeep, or any vehicle, VedaOils will be the perfect place to get it. This is because it offers high-quality and organic Carnauba Wax that offers a smooth, thick, and gliding finish to your car paint. Also, VedaOils allows you to purchase Carnauba Wax in bulk quantities of 500 grams, 1 kilogram, 5 kilograms, and 10 kilograms.

You can get it as per your requirements. The reasonable price of Carnauba Wax makes it affordable for everyone. Apart from personal and professional car waxing, it can also be used by manufacturers of makeup products like eyeliners, mascaras, foundations, and much more.


Polishing cars is an art and without Carnauba Wax you cannot master it. Exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, dust particles, mud, and other contaminants reduces the durability of your paint. By using Carnauba Wax to polish cars, you will protect them from these external factors.

It also masks the minor scratches and cuts that your car might have. As it does not dissolve in water, it does not allow dirt to settle down on the surface of your car. With just a splash of water, all dirt and contaminants will come running down and your car will be clean and perfect for a ride!

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