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Propylene Glycol in Skin Care - Uses and Benefits

Propylene Glycol may be spotted in the ingredient list of skincare and cosmetic products. It is available in the form of viscous liquid and is mainly added to cosmetics to maintain its hydration level. It also improves the delivery of active ingredients present in skin care products to make them more effective. However, what exactly is Propylene Glycol is a mystery for many individuals.

Propylene Glycol

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene oxide is prepared from the petroleum oxide that is obtained from petroleum. propylene glycol is subjected to a process called hydration, and the glycols obtained from the reaction are further separated through distillation. It is an alcoholic liquid typically used as a solvent in the food, perfume, and cosmetic industry. In addition, it works as a penetrating agent and humectant, making it a useful ingredient in several Cosmetic Raw Materials and skin care applications.

Chemical Formula

Propylene glycol liquid is also known for other names like :

  • 1,2-propanediol
  • 1,2-dihydroxy propane
  • Methyl ethyl glycol
  • Trimethyl glycol

The chemical or molecular formula of propylene glycol liquid is CH3CH(OH)CH2OH or C3H8O2, which Clearly shows two alcohol groups known and a diol. And the IUPAC name of this glycol is 1,2-propanediol.

Note: Propylene glycol is being confused with ethylene glycol because they both are used for antifreeze and both belong to the same alcohol groups. But the matter of fact is that they are not the same substance. Ethylene glycol is hazardous (highly toxic) to humans and is not used in food products. It is only used to manufacture polyester fiber and antifreeze.

Propylene Glycol Benefits in Skin Care

  • Maintains Hydration: Propylene Glycol maintains the smoothness and hydration levels of your skin. By doing so, propylene glycol maintains the skin texture and prevents it from becoming dry or flaky. Therefore, it proves to be excellent for people who suffer from rough and dry skin.
  • Protects Skin Barrier: By working as a humectant, i.e., drawing moisture onto the skin's surface, propylene glycol protects the outer skin barrier. By doing so, propylene glycol prevents your skin from becoming damaged. It also restores the skin barrier that is damaged due to external climatic conditions.
Propylene Glycol Benefits
  • Makes Skin Beautiful: Propylene Glycol helps to maintain the health and visual appearance of your skin naturally. It does so by enhancing the strength of skin barrier cells. Therefore, your skin looks fresh, younger, smooth, and glowing after applying the products that contain it as an active ingredient.
  • Acts As Preservative: You may add propylene glycol as a preservative in makeup, skincare, and cosmetic ingredients. It also improves the effectiveness of the products by enhancing their penetrating ability inside your skin cells. Therefore, manufacturers of skincare and cosmetic ingredients usually prefer it in their products.
  • Addresses Ageing Symptoms: The lack of moisture makes ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines, etc., visible on our skin. To address these issues, you may incorporate propylene glycol in your regular skincare regime. It helps to maintain the youthfulness of your skin by increasing its moistness naturally.

Propylene Glycol Uses in Skincare Products

  • Glycolic Cleanser: As propylene glycol breaks down, it gets converted into glycolic acid that exfoliates the skin gently. The cleansing properties of glycolic acid make propylene glycol an important constituent for glycolic skin cleansers. Glycolic cleansers are ideal for a light and spotless complexion.
  • Bath Soaps: The alpha-hydroxy acids present in propylene glycol enhance the radiance of your skin. It also contains powerful antioxidants that maintain the health and hygiene of your skin. These properties, along with its exfoliating ability, make it ideal for bath soaps and face washes.
Propylene Glycol in Skin Care Products
  • Moisturizers: The ability of propylene glycol to lock moisture in your skin cells for a long time makes it an ideal component of moisturizers and body lotions. It makes your skin soft and gives you a happy and cheerful face. These moisturizers and body lotions are especially helpful during winter.
  • Humectant: Propylene Glycol can soak moisture from the surroundings to preserve the hydration level of your skin cells. Propylene Glycol prevents dryness and damage due to external factors by restoring hydration onto the skin's outer layer. Therefore, it is highly preferred as a humectant in skin care products.
  • Face Cleansers: When used in the right concentration, propylene glycol can work as a gentle cleanser for your face. Its exfoliating properties eliminate the dirt, dead skin cells, and debris of makeup and dust from your pores. As a result, your face looks clean, fresh, and flawless after applying it.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe For Skin? 

Since propylene glycol is derived from petroleum, many people speculate about it being toxic for the skin. However, propylene glycol is cosmetic-grade petrolatum. Therefore, it is not carcinogenic or toxic for your skin. Therefore, include propylene glycol as a safe ingredient in creams and lotions meant for topical application.

It is observed that when used in the right concentration propylene glycol does not have any side effects. However, some people might be allergic to it. For instance, if you feel any irritation or skin becomes red after its application, contact a dermatologist or stop using it.

How To Use Propylene Glycol in Skin Care?

How To Use Propylene Glycol

You may benefit from propylene glycol by using it via face cleansers, moisturizers, body lotions, skin cleansers, or other products. As it contains alpha-hydroxy acids, you must refrain from applying/using these products daily. Using them once or twice a week would be suggested if you have not utilized propylene glycol before. Then, gradually, use it after every 2-3 days through these products.


For propylene glycol, the bottom line is that it is safe when added to skincare and cosmetic applications. However, incorporate only cosmetic-grade propylene glycol in products meant for external application.

Get propylene glycol from authentic sources known for providing pure and unadulterated products. VedaOils is one such platform where you will find pure and cosmetic-grade propylene glycol. Order propylene glycol in bulk from our site as it is available at wholesale rates.

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