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Peppermint Oil For Lips - Benefits & Homemade Lip Care Recipes

Every woman dreams of having a plump pout. Even the legendary Marilyn Monroe, whose lips were famously blazing red, used gloss, contouring, and several red lipstick tints to give her pout a full, juicy appearance. It goes without saying that those with thin lips, since not all of us born with big, plump lips, could require a boost in volume to seem soft and kissable. We offer you a quick DIY trick to have your pucker plumped and ready to slay, enter Peppermint Oil for Lips - Nature's very own lip plumper.

Benefits of using Peppermint Oil for Lips

There are several known therapeutic effects in peppermint oil. The top five of these advantageous qualities are listed below. Learn more about the advantages of using peppermint essential oil for chapped lips by reading on.  

1. Anti-inflammatory

As you may have probably guessed, peppermint oil works wonders for chapped lip symptoms. However, this essential oil's potent therapeutic abilities go beyond symptomatic relief to target the true roots of your lip issues. First off, peppermint is renowned for its ability to reduce inflammation. This significantly reduces the irritation brought on by chapped lips.

2. Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral

Peppermint is anti-viral and anti-bacterial by nature. That means it prevents an infection from spreading to your lip cracks when you use peppermint oil for lips. There is proof that daily peppermint oil use will lessen the frequency of herpes outbreaks. Additionally, peppermint oil used topically might prevent your skin from creating too much skin oil. This aids in avoiding breakouts and congested pores on the area surrounding your lips.

3. Highly Soothing

Highly Soothing

That's not all, either. While it treats, peppermint oil also acts as a topical analgesic. Everyone is aware of peppermint oil's calming, cooling effects on the skin. Nothing could possibly feel better on your irritated, chapped, and dry lips. Additionally, it also tastes wonderful!

4. Plumps up Lips

The capacity of peppermint oil to enhance blood circulation is another well-known benefit. This can make lips seem somewhat swollen and bigger. Also, well-circulated lips have a radiant, colorful glow. In order to get full-colored, full-bodied lips that accentuate your natural attractiveness, use peppermint oil for chapped lips.

5. Relieves Sinuses

Clearing nasal and respiratory passage edema and congestion using peppermint oil. For people with asthma, sinus issues, or seasonal allergies, this impact is very beneficial. One simple, routine approach to receive these advantages each day is to apply peppermint oil to your lips. Due to its proximity to your nose, peppermint has easy access to your sinuses and respiratory system.

DIY Recipes of Peppermint Oil for Soft & Smooth Lips

Here are some of the best recipes of peppermint oil for lips. You can perform different DIY recipes at home with some natural ingredients.

1. DIY Shea Butter & Peppermint Lip Cream For Plumpier Lips

Shea Butter & Peppermint Lip Cream for Plumpier Lips


Recipe, How to use & Benefit

  1. Shea butter and olive oil should be double boiled or microwaved until completely melted.
  2. Add the essential oil and stir.
  3. Pour the mix into metal tin cans and let it settle. It can also be chilled to hasten the solidification process.
  4. Tada! Your DIY peppermint lip balm is now ready. It is completely natural, vegan, and devoid of preservatives.
  5. Slather some onto your lips whenever they feel dry and chapped

Your lips are softer thanks to shea butter after daily use. Chapped lips can be avoided owing to the therapeutic qualities of organic shea butter. Olive oil assists in keeping the lips moisturized and stops them from drying out.

2. DIY Peppermint Oil For Lip Gloss

Peppermint Oil for Lip Gloss


Recipe, How to use & Benefit

  1. Put tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and coconut oil in a bowl. Mix thoroughly.
  2. Add mint leaves to the mixture and refrigerate for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Remove any residual mint leaves from the lip gloss by straining it.
  4. Put the gloss in a roll-on applicator using a funnel.
  5. Keep in a cold or room-temperature environment.
  6. You can apply this lip gloss every time before going out to give your lips a natural plump.

One of our favorite essential oils is tea tree oil. Due to its potent antifungal effects, it is a common active component in many cosmetic and home products. It is a natural treatment for fungus and acne. In this recipe, coconut oil serves as a carrier oil and gives your lips luster and hydration.

3. DIY Peppermint & Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Peppermint & Coconut Oil Lip Balm


 Recipe, How to use & Benefit

  1. Melt the coconut oil first over a low heat. Add in the Vaseline. Mix thoroughly and remove from the heat.
  2. Next, add the essential oils and jojoba oil, and thoroughly combine everything.
  3. Fill a little glass or metal container with the mixture. The bottle of your lip balm should be totally clean to increase shelf life; in fact, it would be preferable to cleanse the interior and lid with alcohol. Let it settle.
  4. Your lip balm is now ready for use.

Your lips will stay moisturized by using coconut oil.  Additionally, it calms and nourishes the skin and even aids in the repair of broken skin. Jojoba oil is basically a liquid wax that our skin adores rather than an actual oil. Although it is thin, it is highly nutritious, restorative, and relaxing. Also, it produces a shield that shields the lips from the harsh environment.


Lips that are chapped and cracked can be effectively treated with peppermint essential oil's analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Additionally, the menthol in the oil calms the lips, leaving them moisturized and full.

Using Peppermint Oil for Lips can be very useful as it not only heals your chapped lips but also provide complete nourishment and make them plumper. All these recipes mentioned here can do some amazing winders for your lips. If you are wondering where to buy the required ingredients then look no further than Veda Oils. We have got you covered with nothing but the finest quality of essential oils.

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