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Lavender Oil Benefits and Uses for Skin- How to Use?

Lavender Oil is a natural oil obtained from buds or flowers of Lavandula Angustifolia which is known as Lavender plant in common language. It is highly beneficial oil when it comes to skin. It improves complexion and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, it also soothes dry and irritated skin. Due to its medicinal properties, it is incorporated into several skincare recipes. If you are struggling with acne, Lavender Oil can be your go-to remedy for skincare.

What is Lavender Oil?

As we have seen, Lavender Oil is made from the flowering tops of buds of the Lavender plant. A process called steam distillation is used to extract the oil from the flowers. The floral and deep scent of this oil makes it soothing for your senses. It also comforts your skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender Oil for Skin

The skin regenerative quality of this oil makes it effective for damaged skin. Also, it suits all skin types and works best for acne and other skin issues. Moreover, it also comprises antibacterial and antifungal properties. As a result, it heals fungal and bacterial infections with ease. Due to these benefits, it is often incorporated in cosmetic and skin care applications.

How does Lavender Oil works on Skin?

Lavender Oil moisturizes your skin pores without making them oily or greasy, Its non-comedogenic nature makes it suitable for individuals who have oily skin. It prevents skin from breaking or cracking by nourishing it with nutrients. It is rich in Vitamin E which is known for maintaining the elasticity of your skin.

Incorporating Lavender Oil in your skincare regime benefits in promoting collagen formation. Collagen keeps skin youthful and avoids issues like wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, you may include this oil in your face care routine as well. By rejuvenating your skin deeply and improving blood flow in the skin cells, it gives a healthy glow to your skin and face.

Lavender Oil Benefits for Skin

The therapeutic benefits of Lavender Oil make it useful against a wide array of skin issues. However, for gaining these benefits, use chemical-free, natural, and pure Lavender Oil. The benefits of Lavender Oil can be maximized by blending it with natural oils like coconut, olive, jojoba, etc.

lavender oil benefits for skin

  1. Lavender Oil for Skin Infection: Antimicrobial properties of Lavender Oil make it benefits against different types of skin infections. It also possesses antifungal properties. Lavender oil can be used for healing fungal infections. Due to this property it has ability to repair damaged skin, heal wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

  2. Lavender Oil for Skin Pigmentation - Lavender Oil helps to balances skin tone by healing dark and uneven patches of skin. It improves blood flow to skin cells and improves skin tone. Therefore, it is effective against skin pigmentation and unevenness of skin texture. Moreover, it works for all skin types perfectly.

  3. Lavender Oil for Skin Brightening - By eliminating dark spots and dark patches from skin, Lavender Oil ensures that complexion remains clear. It is used as a skin-lightening agent in skincare and cosmetic products. You will experience a youthful glow on face by applying Lavender Oil regularly. 

  4. Lavender Oil for Skin Fungus - Fungal infections makes skin red and can spread on a large area. They may contribute to formation of bumps and rashes on body. To treat skin fungus, include Lavender Oil in your skincare routine. It destroys fungal cells and prevents them from spreading further. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation effectively.

  5. Lavender Oil for Skin Irritation: Anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender Oil make it effective against skin redness, rashes, and all types of skin irritation. It proves to be effective against scalp irritation. It soothes and heals cracked and scaly skin by nourishing it deeply. Moreover, it also prevents further development of cracks by moisturizing skin.

  6. Lavender Oil for Sunburns: Exposure to sunlight might result in sunburns or your skin may get tanned. Apply diluted lavender oil to affected area will provide instant relief from sunburns. Also, incorporating Lavender Oil in your skincare recipes will detan your skin and provide you a brighter and even complexion.

  7. Lavender Oil for Skin Tightening: Astringent properties of Lavender Oil minimize size of skin pores. It results in tightening of skin which eventually gives a smooth and even texture to your skin. By eliminating sagginess from skin, it makes you appear younger and beautiful. Due to these properties, it is often added to anti-aging products.

  8. Lavender Oil for Damaged Skin Cells: Ability of Lavender Oil to repair skin can be used to heal broken, cracked, or damaged skin. The cracks on your heels can also be effectively reduced by including them in foot soaks and foot scrub lotions. The antiseptic properties of this oil also aid in accelerating the healing process.

  9. Lavender Oil for Glowing Skin: Experience a youthful glow on face and skin by including Lavender Oil in face masks, face scrubs, face cleansers, and other DIY skincare solutions. It exfoliates the skin and clears acne, blemishes, and other marks to give you a spotless complexion. Also, it proves to be beneficial for skin that appears dull and lackluster.

  10. Lavender Oil for Dry Skin: Skin often becomes dry, rough, and scaly during winter. You may also see cracks and flakiness on your skin due to excessive dryness. To prevent this from happening, nourish it with Lavender Oil. Also, the skin that has already become dry and rough can be treated with lavender oil. It makes your skin smooth and soft by infusing all the essential nutrients in it.

  11. Lavender Oil for Acne: By eliminating bacteria responsible for acne breakouts, Lavender Oil keeps skin protected from acne. Apply it on affected area after diluting it with coconut or jojoba oil. The non-comedogenic nature of this oil prevents collection of oil in skin pores that also leads to the formation of pimples and acne.

  12. Lavender Oil for Dark Circles: Lavender Oil reduces dark circles and eye bags. Massage under eyes with mixture of coconut oil and Lavender Oil. Leave mixture overnight and wash in the morning with lukewarm water. You will instantly experience fading of dark circles after couple of uses.

6 Lavender Oil Uses For Skin

Lavender Oil also works against acne and consists of anti-aging properties. You can add a few drops of Lavender Oil in your body lotion or moisturizer to keep your skin bright, healthy, and smooth. Lavender Oil can be used in the following ways for your skin:

lavender oil uses

  1. Lavender Oil Face Scrub: You can add it to a face scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, and other toxins from your skin. Mix it with vitamin E, coconut oil, and finely granulated sugar and massage it on the face gently to get instant results. Face scrubs infused with Lavender Oil heal the skin and soothe aggravated and inflamed skin.

  2. Lavender Oil Skin Moisturizer: Lavender Oil used as a  skin moisturizer, the antioxidants present in it fight against the free radicals. By moisturizing your skin deeply, Mixing it with coconut or sweet almond oil is enough to make a soothing moisturizing oil blend. Lavender Oil heals skin dryness and prevents the issues that harm your skin.

  3. Lavender Oil Face Toner: You can make Lavender Oil face toner by blending it with Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and apple cider vinegar. Don’t forget to dilute this mixture with vitamin E before applying. It will give a firm texture to your skin by tightening skin pores. You may even use this mixture as a makeup remover.

  4. Lavender Oil Acne Remover: Acne breakouts result in scars making your skin ugly and uneven. Blend Lavender Oil with jojoba oil and apply it all over your face after washing it thoroughly. It will remove acne marks and heal the skin. After that, you can use a DIY face toner made from witch hazel extract and Lavender Oil to give a smooth and firm look to your face.

  5. Lavender Oil Lip balm: Blend shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and Lavender Oil. Store the mixture in a container and apply it on your lips after it cools down. This lip balm will prevent lips from becoming dry and it will also heal cracks and cleanse dead skin to give your pink and attractive lips.

  6. Lavender Oil Body Lotion: Melt organic Beeswax along with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Add some drops of Lavender Oil in the mixture and apply on your skin as a body lotion once it cools down. This DIY body lotion will make your skin smooth, soft, and fluffy. It will also avoid cracking and skin dryness.

Precautions of Lavender Oil for skin

The following precautions can be taken while using Lavender Oil for skin care purposes:

Precaution 1: Don’t apply Lavender Oil on the skin directly. Always dilute it first with a moisturizer, body lotion, or carrier oil.

Precaution 2: Cleanse your face and skin thoroughly with a body or face wash before application of any skincare recipe containing Lavender Oil. Impurities on the skin may react with Lavender Oil and cause some issues or complications. 

Precaution 3: Don’t apply Lavender Oil if your skin is allergic to natural substances. Perform a patch test on your knees or elbow to check whether it suits your skin or not.


Lavender Oil can work wonders and make your skin perfect if used appropriately. However, the results may vary according to your skin tone and skin type. To get the best results, always use pure Lavender Oil that does not contain any chemicals and artificial ingredients. Follow all the precautions listed above.

Also, check whether you are buying the ingredients from authentic sources while making the DIY skincare recipes. Organic and natural Lavender Oil and other natural ingredients are available on the official website of VedaOils. You can also order Lavender Oil in bulk from this portal for commercial use. 

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