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Kaolin Clay For Skin Care - Benefits & DIY Recipes

White Kaolin Clay is also referred to as China Clay and contains Kaolinite as its primary constituent. Though found naturally in open cast mines, it is refined to remove harsh abrasives and unwanted chemicals.

Kaolin Clay For Skin

The face masks made from Kaolin Clay for skin used because of their ability to cleanse your skin without being too harsh. More about this miracle skin care ingredient has been described in the below sections. 

How Does Kaolin Clay Work For Skin?

White Kaolin Clay absorbs the toxins and dirt from your skin. It also absorbs excess oil and resolves the issue of pore clogging. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that heals skin from redness and irritation.

Due to all these reasons, your skin gets deeply cleansed and issues like acne, dryness, etc. are resolved. Using Kaolin Clay for skin care recipes reduces issues like blackheads, dark spots, etc. It also curbs acne by killing the bacteria that are responsible for its formation. 

Benefits of Kaolin Clay For Skin

The natural exfoliating properties of Kaolin Clay benefits makes it ideal for maintaining skin health. Its soothing effects on skin helps you to cure skin irritation as well.

Benefits of Kaolin Clay For Skin

Moreover, its natural conditioning and softening properties enables us to incorporate it in various skin care recipes. Some of the key benefits of Kaolin Clay for skin are discussed below:

1. Hydrates Skin

The natural vitamins and minerals present in White Kaolin Clay nourishes skin. Moreover, its hydrating properties keep face soft and supple.

It balances oil production and also does not make your skin dry as it absorbs very little amount of water from the skin. Therefore, it does not cause skin dryness as compared to other types of natural clay.

2. Skin Whitening

White Kaolin Clay for skin has whitening properties. It also contributes towards your complexion by getting rid of toxins and dirt.

By absorbing excess oil from the skin pores, it ensures that your skin remains fresh and oil-free. All these properties lead to maintenance of skin tone and texture. Kaolin Clay rejuvenates skin and prevents it from becoming rough.

3. Reduces Redness & Comforts Irritation

The anti-inflammatory properties of Kaolin for skin allow you to use it against skin irritation and redness.

Reduces Redness & Comforts Irritation

It also heals discomfort or swelling that may be formed due to skin irritation. You can also apply Kaolin Clay on the parts that are swollen or inflamed due to insect bites. Its healing properties proves to be effective against.

4. Anti-Ageing & Skin-Tightening Properties

White Kaolin Clay use improves skin texture and it possesses anti-aging properties. It has ability to make wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

Regular use of kaolin ingredient in skin care recipes makes it tight and wrinkle-free. As a result, skin looks clean and healthy and you look younger than ever.

5. Detoxifies Skin

Kaolin Clay for skin absorbs unwanted oils from face without causing any sensitivity or irritation.

It is known for its mild cleansing properties due to which it is often added in face scrubs, body scrubs, face washes, and similar products. It can be included in the detoxification of sensitive and irritated skin as it is extremely gentle for your skin.

6. Acne Prevention

By controlling oil formation and deposits, it indirectly helps to control acne breakouts. It prevents skin pores from clogging and removes unwanted toxins and dirt from them.

Acne Prevention

As a result, the contaminants that are responsible for acne formation are eliminated from your skin pores. Kaolin Clay also makes skin healthy and helps to get rid of the acne marks.

7. Maintains pH Level of Skin

Kaolin Clay for skin helps to maintain the pH balance of your skin. This prevents from drying and skin remains hydrated.

However, you need to add moisturizing agents like aloe vera gel while incorporating it in skin care recipes. It is because sometimes it can have a drying effect on your skin especially when you are using it as a cleanser.

DIY Recipes of Kaolin Clay for Skin 

Though Kaolin Clay works as an excellent skin cleanser and blemish-remover, you can maximize its potential by blending it with other natural ingredients. Given below are some useful Kaolin Clay DIY skin care recipes with which you can understand the ways of using it:

Kaolin Clay & Aloe Vera for Healing Allergies

When Kaolin Clay and Aloe Vera are mixed together along with some other ingredients like turmeric and neem juice, it helps to heal irritated and itchy skin. You can also use this recipe to heal skin allergies.

Kaolin Clay & Aloe Vera for Healing Allergies



  • Mix all the ingredients mentioned above in a glass bowl. Apply the mask on those parts of your skin that are itching or burning. 
  • Leave the mask on your skin for a couple of hours before washing it. For best results, use it daily. 

Kaolin Clay & Honey Face Mask

For clean, healthy, and glowing skin, you can mix Kaolin Clay and Honey together along with ingredients like rosewater, witch hazel extract, and distilled water.

Kaolin Clay & Honey Face Mask

These ingredients restore the moisture of your face and the cleansing effects of Kaolin Clay ensures that your face becomes clean and healthy. Honey works on skin texture and also gives it a beautiful glow! 



  • Take a medium sized glass or ceramic bowl and mix all these ingredients together. Ensure that the mixture doesn’t get too runny or thick. Use water accordingly.
  • Once the blend becomes homogeneous, use it as a face mask and apply it gently all over your face. 
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water after that. For best results, use this face mask daily. 

Kaolin Clay & Lemon Face Brightening Pack

    Kaolin Clay works well with lemon to improve the natural radiance of your skin. The gentle cleansing effects of Kaolin clay ensures that your skin does not have any impurities. The skin lightening properties of fresh lemon juice gives your face a bright and clean appearance.

    Kaolin Clay & Lemon Face Brightening Pack


    • Kaolin Clay - 2 tbsp. 
    • Fresh Lemon Juice - 1 tbsp. 


    • Mix both the ingredients in a glass bowl. If the mixture becomes too thick, add a little bit of water. 
    • Apply the face pack on your face gently. Keep it on for 20 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water afterwards. Use it twice a week as daily application can make your face dry as lemon juice has some strong acids in it. 

    Kaolin Clay & Turmeric Face Pack

      Turmeric has skin brightening effects and it also heals your skin. Kaolin Clay soothes irritated skin and also has skin purifying effects.

      Kaolin Clay & Turmeric Face Pack

      Together, they work wonderfully well for skin blemishes and scars. This face pack corrects skin tone and also gives a healthy texture to your skin. 


      • Kaolin Clay - 1 tbsp. 
      • Turmeric Powder - ½ tbsp. 
      • Distilled Water - as required


      • Mix Kaolin Clay with Turmeric Powder nicely and add a little water to turn the mixture into a smooth paste.
      • Apply this paste on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse your face with water afterwards. Use this recipe after every 2 days to obtain a clear and healthy skin tone. 

      Kaolin Clay and Charcoal Face Cleanser

        Charcoal possesses excellent exfoliating properties. It keeps dirt, dust, oil, dead skin cells, and other toxins away from your skin.

        Kaolin Clay and Charcoal Face Cleanser

        Kaolin clay for skin used as mild cleaner and it also soothes your skin. Also, it tames down the drying effects that a face cleanser might have by balancing the pH level of your skin. 


        • Charcoal Powder - 1 tsp. 
        • Kaolin Clay - 1 tbsp. 
        • Rosewater - ½ tbsp. 


        • Blend all these ingredients in a glass bowl. We have added rosewater to ensure that the face cleanser does not make your skin dry. 
        • Apply the mixture on your face and massage it gently. Wash it with lukewarm water and obtain a clean and healthy looking face. For intended results, use this recipe thrice a week. 


        We saw how wonderful white Kaolin Clay for skin. The DIY recipes that we have shared above also give best results when used and applied in the right way. You should always order Kaolin Clay and other ingredients from authentic platforms to avoid getting low quality and impure products. Also, avoid experimenting too much with your skin and use only natural ingredients to heal and healthify it! 

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