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Best Diwali Gifts Ideas For Employees | VedaOils

Diwali is the best season to give and receive gifts. While gifts are mostly exchanged between friends and relatives, many employers prefer to buy diwali gifts for employees. Gifting flasks, water filters, crockery sets, and similar diwali gift items for employees is an outdated trend nowadays. Instead, the employers must find the best diwali gifts ideas for employees that are also thought-provoking and health-oriented.

diwali gift for employees

We have come up with some great diwali gifts options and ideas that will make your employees feel special this Diwali. Go through these gift ideas as they are not only unique but also prove to be budget diwali gifts for employees!

Corporate Diwali Gifts For Employees

Corporates usually give utility gifts like thermos, food storage boxes, cooking pots, and similar gifts that their employees can use in their home. However, most people already have these accessories at home. Also, giving dry fruits, sweets, and chocolates as diwali gifts ideas for employees is quite an outdated concept. Instead, the corporate organisations must try giving natural products that add more value and joy in their lives.

At VedaOils, we offer essential oil kits, beauty care kits, soap making kits, body wellness kits, and other types of kits that can prove to be thoughtful and great as best diwali gifts for employees or office staffs.

diwali gift for employess

You can also place bulk orders at wholesale rates from our website. Also, exciting discounts and offers are available in this festive season. Explore these products today and get the best diwali gifts for your employees!

Top Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees Under - Rs. 2500

It is understood that employers who need to purchase gifts for hundreds or dozens of employees need to take care of the budget. However, startups and small companies can think of buying slightly more expensive gifts for their employees. Check the below list of diwali gifts ideas if you are looking for budget diwali gifts for employees under Rs. 2500:

1. Body Wellness Kit - Gift Box

This Body Wellness Kit contains some of the best diwali gifts products that can fit in the skin care and face care regime of your employees or office staffs. The kit contains 6 wonderful items that your employees will cherish forever!

This gift box contains:

  1. Hair Nutrition Blend
  2. Organic Coconut Oil
  3. Organic Face Moisturizer
  4. Organic Almond Oil
  5. Multipurpose Rose Oil Blend
  6. Cocoa Butter Body Oil.

Body Wellness gift kit

Uses & Benefits

  • A glowing face: Organic almond oil will nourish your skin and provide a healthy glow to your face. The organic face moisturiser will ensure that your skin becomes soft and luscious.
  • Nourishes hair: Hair nutrition blend contains the goodness of coconut, curry leaves, rosemary, almond, and castor oils that nourish your hair shafts deeply and give it a healthy shine.
  • Pain-relieving: Organic coconut oil included in this gift box is an excellent alternative for enjoying rejuvenating oil massages. It also fades stretch marks magically and can also be used as a hair oil.
  • For even skin tone: Cocoa body butter oil is perfect to heal cracks and maintain an even skin tone. It also makes your skin soft and restores its healthy glow naturally.

2. Organic Lip Balm Kit

You can give Organic Lip Balm Kit to the female employees who often have to deal with chapped and dry lips. It is an ideal diwali gift for female employees because of the harsh winter season that has already begun in many parts of the country.

This gift box contains:

  1. Beeswax
  2. Turmeric & Cocoa Powder
  3. Cocoa butter
  4. Flavour Oils
  5. Jojoba & Castor Oil
  6. Storage Jar & Lip Balm Set

Organic Lip Balm Kit

Uses & Benefits:

  • Moisturises lips: Beeswax and cocoa butter are ideal for moisturising the lips in dry and cold conditions. These ingredients can also be used to make a DIY lip balm that makes your lips baby soft.
  • Lighten your lips: Turmeric and cocoa powder contain powerful antioxidants that lighten the lips naturally. They eliminate the dead skin cells and help to rejuvenate the lip skin.
  • Luxury storage jars: This DIY lip balm making kit contains luxury storage jars where your employees can store the lip balms after making them.
  • Smooth and soft lips: Flavour oils and carrier oils present in this gift set are ideal for keeping the lips soft and smooth in rough weather conditions.

3. Essential Oil Gift Pack - Box of 3 Oils (Customisable)

Essential oils can be used for skin care, massages, hair care, and other purposes. These oils contain powerful healing properties and you can also customize this gift set to add any essential oil of your choice which makes your best corporate diwali gifts for employees.

The options provided for customization are:

Essential Oil Gift Pack - Box of 3 Oils (Customisable)

Uses & Benefits

  • Multipurpose Oils: Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy. They can also be used as room fresheners and deodorisers because of their amazing and refreshing scent.
  • Skin care: The antimicrobial properties of essential oil keep the skin healthy. These oils also contain powerful antioxidants that prevent damage caused due to free radicals.
  • Rejuvenate skin: Our essential oils relax the mind and rejuvenate the body. Your employees can use them in bath oil blends or use them for highly satisfying massages during their diwali holidays.
  • Boosts mood: These essential oils are powerful enough to boost the mood and enhance concentration and memory. All these uses and benefits make it one of the best diwali gift ideas for office staffs and employees.

4. Beauty Care Kit (Set of Skin Glow Blend, Skin Firming Blend & Spot Correction Blend )

Our Beauty Care Kit contains a set of three herbal extract blends that are specially formulated to correct dark spots and provide an even skin tone which help you to make best diwali gifts for employees. They come in a beautiful gift box as well.

This gift box contains:

  1. Skin Glow Herbal Extract Blend
  2. Skin Firming Herbal Extract Blend
  3. Spot Correction Herbal Extract Blend

Beauty care kit

Uses & Benefits:

  • Soothes skin irritation: Skin Glow Herbal Extract Blend contains herbal extracts that contain powerful inflammatory properties. It also makes the skin glow as it is rich in Vitamin C and folic acid.
  • Makes skin firm: Loose skin is a sign of ageing. Skin Firming Herbal Extract Blend contains the ingredients that revitalise your skin and enhance its firmness naturally. It makes skin youthful by restoring its elasticity.
  • Correct dark spots: Spot Correction Herbal Extract Blend is formulated to fade dark spots and it is also effective against hyperpigmentation. It corrects the skin tone by decreasing the melanin deposits from the skin.

5. Skin Care Kit - Set of Anti Acne, Anti Stretch Marks & Anti- Aging Herbal Blend

Skin Care Kit from VedaOils provides everything that is required to enhance the youthfulness of skin and face. Each of these kit contains some specially curated diwali gift products for your employees or office staffs!

Our Skin Care Kit contains

  1. Anti Acne Herbal Extract Blend
  2. Anti-aging Herbal Extract Blend
  3. Anti Stretch Marks Herbal Extract Blend

Skin Care kit

Uses & Benefits:

  • Eliminate acne: Anti Acne Herbal Extract Blend protects the skin from environmental factors and bacteria that are responsible for acne formation.
  • Be Youthful: Anti-aging Herbal Extract Blend promotes collagen formation and rejuvenates the face to give a spotless complexion. It is also effective against fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and other ageing symptoms.
  • Improves skin elasticity: Anti Stretch Marks Herbal Extract Blend enhances the elasticity of skin and fades the stretch marks naturally. It is an ideal diwali gift for employees who have stretch marks due to pregnancy or other reasons.

Why Choose VedaOils Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees?

You must choose VedaOils corporate gifting ideas on Diwali because these are thoughtful budget diwali gifts for employees that improve the overall health and wellness. Moreover, each of these products are reasonably priced and can prove to be unique and surprising diwali gift options for your employees or office staffs. These are ideal gifts for Diwali because of these reasons:

  • Bulk Order: You can place bulk orders for these gift sets. It means that you can order them in any quantity as per your requirements.
  • Wholesale Price: We are offering these gift sets at wholesale rates on Diwali. You can avail additional discounts and offers by placing bulk orders.
  • Premium Quality: All our gift sets contain premium quality skin care, hair care, lip care, and body care items. These products are sourced from natural ingredients and are 100% chemical-free.
  • Quick Delivery: Our strong logistics network enables us to deliver all the products on time. Place your order today and get them delivered before Diwali!
  • Specially curated gift sets: These are specially curated gift sets that are already packaged in beautiful gift boxes. Therefore, you don’t have to spend additionally on packaging these gifts!

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