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Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend

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Products Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend

Experience the revolutionary Anti-Aging Extract Blend from Veda Oils that gives you a new lease of fresh life. Say goodbye to sagging, and dull skin as this unique blend of natural herbs and extracts boosts collagen production in your skin cells, revitalizing the skin and nourishing your face. It battles wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet and other signs of ageing like hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

The lightweight anti-aging extract blend is easily absorbed by your face giving you a new and bright look that is hard to go unnoticed. Make it a part of your daily skincare routine and notice visible changes that reduce ageing symptoms and control premature aging. Penetrating deep into your skin tightens skin pores and increases skin firmness and elasticity. Add a touch of glow and vitality to your skin without the risk of harsh chemicals with this 100% natural blend from Veda Oils.

Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend Ingredients



High in cooling properties and rich in antioxidants and hydrating elements, it helps combat premature aging and calms the mind and skin. It acts as an antiseptic and detoxifying agent that soothes the skin.


Improves skin tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to generate new skin cells and controls the appearance of stretch marks and scarred skin. In addition, it tightens mature skin and prevents sagging.


Smoothens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It tightens the skin with its multiple antioxidants and brightens the skin tone. Fights signs of skin aging and rejuvenates dull and tired skin.


Acts as a natural astringent, allowing skin tissues to tighten and contract. Its natural antioxidants slow down the aging process, adding natural glow and firmness to the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in skin healing and repair.


Natural antioxidants of sandalwood extracts help in fighting the damage caused by free radicals, thereby preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. The naturally occurring emollients in it act as a herbal moisturizer keeping the oils of the skin balanced.


Activates fibroblasts-the protein responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, which are hugely responsible for tightening the skin. It reduces skin dryness, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots, thereby imparting a natural glow to the skin.

Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend Benefits

Promotes Skin Firmness

Promotes Skin Firmness

With age, the skin becomes loose and sagging because of decreased collagen production levels. The natural ingredients of the anti-aging extract blend contain natural retinoid and antioxidants that make the skin look firm and perky.
Natural Barrier

Natural Barrier

Overexposure to the sun can make the skin look older than its age. The anti-aging extract blend acts as a natural barrier to external pollutants and the sun's harmful UV rays.
Controls Hyperpigmentation

Controls Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is caused due to the over-secretion of melanin, the colouring agent of ours skin. The anti-aging extract blend controls pigmentation, thereby promoting healthy and flawless skin and diminishing dark spots and patches.
Tightens Pores

Tightens Pores

Loose skin is characterized by open pores that make the skin sagging and lifeless. The anti-ageing extract blend tightens skin pores, giving the skin a smooth finish and reducing whiteheads and blackheads
Regain Radiance

Regain Radiance

Dull and aging skin robs the natural glow and radiance from your beauty. However, the natural nutrients and vitamins of the anti-aging extract blend help replenish the skin with what is lost with age.
Chemicals Free

Chemicals Free

Nonsticky and lightweight anti-aging extract blend contain herbal extracts that are holistically healthy and free from silicones, parabens, toxic chemicals, and artificial colors.

Product Specifications

Product Name: Anti-Aging Extract Blend
Country of Origin: India
Form: Liquid
Odor: Characteristic
Packaging Type: As Per Requirement
Major Constituents: Vetiver, Geranium, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Pomegranate, Neroli, Avocado & Rosehip
Storage: Keep in Dry & Cool Place
Shelf Life: 2 years
COA: COA of Anti-Aging Extract Blend
MSDS: MSDS of Anti-Aging Extract Blend

CAUTION: No herb-drug interactions are known but caution should be observed with external applications. The application in their prescribed doses may be considered safe.

Packaging Sizes

Buy Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend at Low Price

Veda Oils is one of the largest manufacturers of Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend and Herbal Extracts with a promise to instill health and freshness in your everyday life through its wide range of products. We aim at delivering quality goods to our customers so that they get the goodness of nature and purity of natural ingredients that are a treasure house of health and wellness. Shop from our wide range of Extract Blends that pamper your skin with the goodness of herbal and fruit extracts adding a natural glow and bringing out your true beauty.

Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend manufactured after passing rigorous quality checks to ensure that we bring nothing but the best to you. They are 100% natural, free from harsh and toxic chemicals ensuring goodness with safety. When it comes to your health and beauty, we cannot compromise with quality and adopt highest quality standards both in extraction and in packaging so that that the ultimate product delivered to you is of premium quality and standards.

Buy Pure Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend from Vedaoils online from the comfort of your home at the most affordable prices and using absolutely safe payment methods. Our Anti Ageing Herbal Extract Blend not only helps you reduce your dark circles but also combats everyday problems like puffiness of eyes and soothes tired, dull eyes. Check out bulk prices of our products and avail some attractive discounts on your huge purchases.

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