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Fullers Earth Face Pack For Oily Skin - Multani Mitti for Oil Clear Skin

If you are someone who values your skin's health and appearance, it's likely that you've previously heard about Multani mitti face packs. A natural clay powder mask called Multani mitti or Fuller's Earth can help you obtain soft, smooth, and supple skin. It not only helps to nourish and cleanse your skin, but it also lessens pigmentation and black spots.

Multani Mitti Face Pack For Oily Skin

You emerge with skin that is smooth, radiant, and spotless. It also helps even out the tone of your skin and erase tan. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best Multani mitti face pack for oily skin that are beneficial for your skin.

Benefits of Multani Mitti Face Pack For Oily Skin

Multani mitti tightens and improves circulation beneath the skin while being gentle on your face and effectively removing dead skin cells from the upper layers of your skin. Read on to know more.

  • Fights Acne: Multani mitti has the ability to clear pores from the inside, which further helps to prevent acne and pimples. It does this by removing excess oil, dirt, perspiration, sebum, and pollutants from the skin. The clay has the ability to absorb extra oil and pull out blackheads in those with extremely oily skin.
  • Tan Remover: It has cooling effects that help soothe sunburn, bug bites, rashes, and skin inflammations since it is high in magnesium chloride. This feature also applies to dark marks on the skin, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. Multani mitti is able to gently exfoliate your skin to remove a terrible tan if you've been in the sun too long.
  • Tightens Skin: Multani mitti is an excellent topical for dark circles because of the tightening impact it has on the face, which improves the microcirculation beneath the skin. The clay is able to boost the flow of oxygen via the capillaries in the region since dark circles are caused by a lack of oxygen under the thin skin around the eyes.
  • Antiseptic: Particles of multani mitti stick to bacteria and other germs and destroy them. Multani mitti is hence a powerful antibacterial. It has been applied as a bandage for wounds for a very long time to stop them from becoming infected. Native Americans used multani mitti to heal both internal and exterior wounds.
  • Balances Oil: The mattifying qualities of multani mitti balance the oils on the skin and clear away impurities. It helps unclog blocked pores and removes extra sebum from the skin, making it especially helpful for oily skin. Multani mitti purges filth and absorbs surplus oil, claims one research.

Uses of Multani Mitti Face Pack for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, Multani Mitti must be a part of your skin-care regimen because of its ability to minimise oil production in the skin. Read on to find out how you can create your very own multani mitti face packs.

1. Multami Mitti and Sandalwood Powder Face Pack for Oily Skin

Sandalwood is renowned for nourishing skin and balancing skin tone. Additionally, it has the ability to lessen the visibility of scars. This face pack also contains cold milk besan, in addition to sandalwood.

Cold milk is a great moisturiser for your skin, and flour helps remove a layer of dead skin cells by acting as a natural exfoliant. This homemade face mask is ideal for getting glowing skin.


  1. Multani Mitti - 1 Tablespoon
  2. Sandalwood Powder - 1 Teaspoon
  3. Besan - 1 Teaspoon
  4. Cold Milk - 2 Tablespoons

How to Make Step By Step

  • In a bowl, combine all the ingredients and stir them well.
  • Apply it on your neck and entire face sing a brush or your fingers.
  • For optimal results, let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes so that it may naturally dry and solidify.
  • Use cold water to wash it off.

2. Multani Mitti, Tomato and Lemon Face Pack for Oily Skin

The face can be made clearer using tomato juice which cures acne, sunburns, and tightens pores. Additionally, it protects the skin from the sun naturally, has anti-aging benefits, and imparts a youthful glow. Also, this pack is excellent for fading your vacation tan.

Multani Mitti, Tomato and Lemon Face Pack for Oily Skin

Lemon juice is also used in this face pack because of its astringent properties, which help reduce inflammation and skin oiliness. Use this face pack once a week for radiant, young-looking skin.


  1. Multani Mitti - 2 Tablespoons
  2. Ripe Tomato Pulp - ½ Tablespoon
  3. Lemon Juice - 1 Teaspoon

How to Make Step By Step

  • In a clean dish, thoroughly whisk the ingredients together until a paste-like consistency is reached.
  • Apply the face pack evenly to your face and neck using a clean brush.
  • Allow the pack to naturally dry on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Use warm water to wash it off.
  • Apply moisturiser if necessary.

3. Multani Mitti, Curd and Aloe Vera Face Pack for Oily Skin

Vitamin A and C are also abundant in curd, which is also teeming with germs that enhance skin radiance.

Multani Mitti, Curd and Aloe Vera Face Pack for Oily Skin

It also evens out skin tone, tightens pores, delays ageing, and lightens dark spots in addition to acting as a fantastic moisturiser. Aloe vera is an excellent natural toner. Apply this face pack twice a week to get clear, radiant skin



  1. Multani Mitti - 2 Tablespoons
  2. Blended Curd - 2 Teaspoons
  3. Aloe Vera Gel - ½ Tablespoon

How To Make Step By Step

  • The components listed above should be added to a clean basin and well mixed to create a smooth paste.
  • Apply the face pack evenly to your face and neck using a clean brush.
  • Allow the pack to naturally dry on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once the face pack has dried, rinse it off with warm water.


Fuller's earth, also known as multani mitti, is a versatile substance that has been utilised for millennia in a variety of domestic and cosmetic applications. People with acne and skin that is prone to oiliness can benefit from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. If you are looking for a trustred source to buy multani mitti from a genuine seller then look no further than VedaOils. We have got you covered with 100% organic and authentic organic beauty supplies. Check us out now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which multani mitti is best for oily skin?

Ans. 100% organic and authentic multani mitti is the best for oily skin.

Q.2 Can we use multani mitti in winter for oily skin?

Ans. Oily skin tends to lose moisture and nourishment during the harsh winter months. Using it during winter can help protect your skin.

Q.3 Multani mitti face pack cream for oily skin?

Ans. Any of the face packs mentioned in our post can be easily used for oily skin.

Q.4 Does multani mitti remove oily skin?

Ans. Multani mitti can balance out oily skin and reduce excess sebum production. This reduces acne significantly.

Q.5 Is multani mitti face pack good for oily skin?

Ans. Yes multani mitti is extremely beneficial for oily skin.

Q.6 Can we use multani mitti daily for oily skin?

Ans. Multani mitti face packs are recommended to be used twice a week for the best results.

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