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How to Make Your Own Deodorant at Home - DIY Deodorant Recipe

As the temperature leaps beyond 40 degree Celsius, our body temperature also gets affected which leads to perspiration. Perspiration turns into bad odor which is a huge turn-off for everyone. We often spend a lot of money on deodorants which are filled with more gas than fragrance itself. The result? The deodorant we spend huge bucks on evaporates before it completes a month. Doesn’t that irritate you?

how to make your own natural deodorant at home

Calm down because we have brought a natural, safer and healthier version of deodorant for you. No chemicals, no paraben, no harsh additives. It is a homemade DIY Deodorant which fills your body with an alluring fragrance.

Now, you must be curious to find out how it’s made and how to use it. Brace yourselves for the creative fun we’re about to have together. Here’s the recipe video of How to Make DIY Natural Homemade Deodorant.

Types of Deodorant?

Various deodorants are available in the market with different formulates and chemicals. Spray Deodorant, Roll-On Deodorant, Antiperspirant Deodorant, Gel Deodorant, Invisible Solid Deodorant, and Solid Deodorant. But have you ever thought about natural and organic deodorant, which can be made quickly with few ingredients at home?

How to Make Natural Deodorant at Home?

To make your own deodorant, first of all, you need to find an ingredients list from your nearby grocery store or online for following the process of anti-bacterial natural deodorant recipe. You do not need to worry about these ingredients' pricing, as these items come under pocket-friendly prices. Let's start the homemade deodorant recipe; it does't offer the same scent as deodorant offered in the market, but as it holds natural products, you don't get any skin redness irritation issue.

This homemade deodorant really works, giving a slow natural fragrance and temp down your body odor and moisture. This homemade deodorant can be used by both men and women, suitable for all skin types.

ingredients list of homemade deodorant

Ingredients List of Homemade Deodorant Recipe

    You only need a few essential oils, some kitchen items, Shea butter to make your deodorant. Just check your kitchen. You probably find half of the things; even the baking soda is a commonly used food item, the only new items is Arrowroot starch or flour. Let's check out the quantity of these ingredients you need to complete this DIY of homemade deodorant recipe.

    Benefits of Using Natural Ingredients in Homemade Deodorant

    1. Shea Butter Benefits in Deodorant:This natural butter gives a creamy texture to your organic homemade deodorant and while adding with coconut oil helps offers a good moisturization effect. It also holds antibacterial elements suitable for deodorant.
    2. Arrowroot Starch or Flour Skin benefits:This magical powder helps in absorbing moisture and gives a thickness to your organic homemade deodorant. It makes skin more smooth, softer and anti-bacterial properties good for deodorant.
    3. Coconut Oil : Common oil is used in lots of skin products as it holds anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Use coconut oil in your homemade deodorant recipe to kill odor-causing bacteria.
    4. Baking Soda: The main reason for using baking soda in this DIY recipe of organic deodorant is to absorb body odors, making it popular among body deodorants.
    5. Lavender Essential Oil:Popular essential oil and used in various skin care products. Its soothing, relaxation properties with antibacterial, antiseptic nature make an excellent ingredient for a natural deodorant. Even this oil easily blends with other used in homemade deodorant.
    6. Tea Tree Essential Oil(optional): The reason why Tea Tree Essential Oil is marked as optional in this homemade DIY of deodorant because some people can be sensitive to this oil. Hence, they’re advised to do a small patch test on the skin with a drop before putting it into the mixture. Tea Tree Oil is considered anti-bacterial, which helps kill the bacteria in your underarms, which causes the foul smell. So, you can consider adding it to the DIY recipe if it suits your skin.
    7. Grapefruit Essential Oil: Best essential oil for deodorant as it keeps your body odor at bay and acts as a natural detoxifier and anti-bacterial.

    Homemade Deodorant Recipe With Arrowroot & Coconut Oil - Step by Step

    Step 1: Add Shea Butter & Oil: Add Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in a glass bowl and put the bowl in a medium –sized saucepan.

    natural deodorant

    Step 2: Use Saucepan to Melt: Pour some water in the saucepan which is sufficient enough to surround the glass bowl without overflowing. Boil this water.

    use saucepan to melt shea butter

    Step 3: Boil & Stir-: While the water is gradually boiling, start stirring Shea Butter and Coconut Oil till it melts.

    add shea butter and coconut oil in deodorant mix

    Step 4: Mix Ingredients:  After it has melted, mix ingredient quantity listed above of baking soda, arrowroot starch and essential oils.

    add baking soda, arrowroot starch and essential oils


    Step 5: Move Deodorant  Mixture to Glass Jar: Funnel the mixture in a 3 oz jar, let it cool down either at room temperature or in the fridge until it solidifies. Place the lid over the jar until use.

    move deodorant mixture to glass jar


    How to Use Natural Homemade Deodorant

    Now that you know how to make the natural deodorant, it is time to learn the directions. First, you need to dampen your underarms slightly, which helps in even applying this DIY deodorant recipe. Secondly, scoop out a coin-sized quantity and gently rub through your fingers before direct applications to underarms.

    Nextly, for any normal day, one application should suffice. In case the weather heats up further, and you’re sweatier than usual, you can reapply this natural deodorant frequently as per your requirement and comfort.

    While following this under armed deodorant recipe, obvious some questions arise in your mind, such as storing, does it work, and how to use last longer. Let clear your doubt, read out some basic question reading this DIY of Homemade deodorant.

    How to Store Natural Homemade Deodorant?

    A common question arises in people's minds while making natural antiperspirants and stopping this handmade deodorant for longer use. Keep deodorant in a cold, dark, and dry place that can last up to 4 to 6 months. And, it barely takes your 10 minutes to prepare the natural deodorant.

    How to make the homemade deodorant smell last longer?

    Since we use natural essential oil and ingredients that give a pleasing fragrance, you can use this homemade deodorant for up to 3-4 months if you store in a proper tight container.

    But if you any changes in the texture or smell of deodorant, please do not use it then and make a new batch by following the same DIY recipes of Homemade deodorant, and now you can change essential oil to get a fresh natural fragrance.

    Can I Add other Essential Oil to My Homemade Deodorant?

    Yes, It up-to entirely your choice. If you have any allergy to the above essential oil, then you can replace it. You can make homemade deodorant without coconut oil, arrowroot. Instead of it, you can use almond oil as an alternative.

    I hope you love this above video and recipes learned the secret of how to make DIY natural homemade deodorant for men and  women. Don't forget to share this recipe with your friends and family, also you can check out our new recipe of Lip Balm at Home with Essential Oils. Leave a comment to beloved if you have any questions.

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    • I make this deodorant and works great, thanks for sharing.

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