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Epsom Salt For Battery | Reconditioning Car Battery

Epsom salt is a common compound in households as an essential home remedy. Yet, this salt has a variety of additional qualities that make it valuable for other uses. It is quite popular for battery reconditioning. Yes, you read that right. The salt you have only heard of as a sore throat remedy or in baths is far more beneficial.

Epsom Salt for Battery

It is often used to prolong the life of batteries. Battery failure is caused by sulfation, which happens due to the lead plates on the battery. Epsom Salt is used because it contains the major components of magnesium, oxygen, and sulfur. It is more of a precautionary approach to keep batteries for a long period.

Can Epsom Salt Replace Battery Acid?

Mix 12 teaspoons full of Epsom salt in the water and stir it well till all salt is dissolved. Pour this warm mixture into the dry cells or dead cells of your battery with a normal flow. After this charge your battery overnight. You will see the results.

Benefits Of Epsom Salt For Battery

Epsom salt has several advantages, including the ability to recharge your batteries and repair dead cells, allowing it to perform more effectively. To learn more, consider the following:

  • The battery’s functionalities are not impacted and remain unaffected.
Benefits Of Epsom Salt For Battery
  • Lead battery reconditioning aids in the rejuvenation of your battery.
  • Rising prices have always had an impact on commodities, including batteries. This method Saves you the cost. The instant solution at an affordable price.
  • Assists in the recycling procedure, resulting in an environmentally responsible trade. Dead batteries are recharged, reducing waste.

How To Use Epsom Salt For Battery Restoration?

The technique for recharging your old battery must be followed consistently for the best results. The components necessary to keep your battery cells alive are listed below.

Materials and Tools:

The availability of the materials is quite easy and affordable.

How To Use Epsom Salt For Battery Restoration?
  • Epsom Salt
  • Bucket
  • Baking soda
  • Distilled Water
  • Gloves
  • Googles
  • Funnel
  • Apron
  • Sandpaper or steel wool
  • Toothbrush
  • Voltmeter
  • Battery load tester
  • Flathead screwdriver

The availability of the materials is quite easy and affordable.

How To Use

A simple guide for you to follow:

How To Use
1.Verify the reconditioning operation:

Measure the reading of the terminals by using a voltmeter. If the reading is above 10 volts then you may proceed with the process; otherwise, it will not operate.

2.Workplace and safety precautions:

A space is required to carry out the process properly. To safeguard your body, put on your gloves, apron, and goggles before you begin.

3.Battery cleansing:

To clean the battery use the toothbrush and toothpaste combination on the corroded parts of the battery. Steel wool is preferred for extremely corroded batteries. Wipe properly the parts afterward.

4.The cleaning solution:

Take 5 ounces of Epsom salt and a half-quart of distilled water heated. Now pour the solution into a plastic basket and mix carefully.

The cleaning solution
5.Empty cells:

To fill a better version you need to empty the previous solution. Add baking soda to the cells which will neutralize the battery acid.

6.Clean the cells:

Pour at least one gallon of distilled water into the baking soda. Mix them thoroughly and pour the mixture into the cells using a plastic funnel. Now gently shake the battery side to side. After a few minutes of this procedure open the lids, and you are ready for the reconditioning of the battery.

7.Reconditioning the battery:

This stage has an Epsom salt solution replacing battery cells and serving new electrolytes. Take the plastic funnel and pour the solution into each cell. Epsom salt increases the voltage and output current of the battery cells.


This is a very crucial stage. Remove the caps to prevent overheating or overflowing. Pressure build-up should be avoided too. Make sure the charger is far away and now charges the battery for the next 40 hours.


You need to check the battery using a voltmeter, and make sure that the reading comes above 13V. If not charge the battery again for the next 12 hours.

Epsom Salt Battery Myth

Any experiment conducted has a lot of myths which is spread along with the process. The less information about the subject or misconception is the reason behind it. To avoid these myths a complete detailed study should be done before conducting any experiment and one should know the pros and cons properly.

One of the most popular ones is whether Epsom salt works well for reconditioning the batteries? The answer is yes it does. A replacement reaction takes place between lead sulfate and magnesium sulfate.

As lead is a less reactive metal this magnesium could be formed on the plates. Remember magnesium sulfate is soluble in water, thus lead surrounding the area is removed carefully.

Safety Precautions You Need to Consider?

Reconditioning is unquestionably advantageous in terms of cost savings, but it isn't without hazards.

  • The first thing to be noticed is that the battery’s electrolyte has sulfuric acid along with lead metal. The acid produces a lot of fumes due to its corrosive nature and thus should be avoided inhaling.
  • To make sure you are not injured, equipment should be used like aprons, gloves, etc to keep you safe during the process.
  • The solution is quite dangerous to health and the environment and thus should be handled carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Epsom Salt For Battery!

Is Epsom Salt Good For Batteries?

Q1.Is Epsom Salt Good For Batteries?

Ans.Yes, indeed. Epsom salt is effective in battery reconditioning extending the battery life for three to five years by repeating the process again and again.

Q2.Can Epsom Salt Revive A Car Battery?

Ans.Dead batteries are revived using the process, carefully process to be followed.

Q3.How Much Epsom Salt Do You Use In A Battery?

Ans.To get good results one should use warm water to make an Epsom salt solution and quantity should be 4 ounces in 4 cups of water.


The guide above will not only help you revive your battery but will also provide the correct method to follow Keep the safety measures in mind and you can extend the life of your car battery over a long period. Make sure to be safe while experimenting to avoid any injuries.

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