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Dry Rose Petal Tea - Benefits And Recipes

Roses have been used for thousands of years for cultural and medicinal purposes. There are over 130 species of roses and thousands of cultivars. Check out how to use dried rose petals for tea and how to make the most healthy and delicious rose petal tea.

dried rose petals for tea

Rose tea benefits will make you want to drink a cup or two. It's a hot drink made from dried rose petals and buds. Rose tea is popular due to its medicinal properties. Rose tea is high in phytochemicals and has numerous health benefits. Rose tea may help manage diabetes, relieve menstrual pain, improve digestion, and ease anxiety.

What Is Dry Rose Petal Tea?

Rose petals and buds are used to make rose tea, an aromatic herbal beverage. It is said to have numerous health benefits. Rose tea is naturally caffeine-free, making it an excellent substitute for common hot caffeinated beverages.

Benefits Of Dry Rose Petal Tea

The antioxidant capacity of rose tea has been widely recognized. It is thought to improve menstrual health and reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Here are a few of the benefits that it offers you:

1. Dry Rose Petal Tea For Hair Growth

Rose petals, particularly those of white and pink roses, are high in antioxidants and anti-allergens. Rose phytochemicals can inhibit sebum secretion. Low sebum levels can help to prevent itching and oily scalp. When added to hair products such as shampoos, Rose extracts can also help reduce scalp inflammation.

dried rose petals tea benefits hair growth

Rose petals contain ellagitannin and epigallocatechin gallate, which can help prevent hair loss and conditions like seborrheic dermatitis. As a result, drinking rose tea or applying its extracts topically to the scalp may help treat scalp inflammation and hair loss.

2. Dry Rose Petal Tea Relieving Anxiety And Pain

Rose tea can help alleviate stress and anxiety. The tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that may be beneficial in this regard. Rosa damascena is also known to have analgesic properties as a species.

dried rose petals tea benefits - pain

Rose aromatherapy has also been shown to boost mood and sleep quality. A study revealed that Rose extract could alleviate sleep deprivation by inhibiting the action of specific receptors. It can potentially alleviate depression, grief, tension, and pain.

3. Dry Rose Petal Tea Managing Diabetes

In studies, an alcohol extract of Rosa damascena was found to have an anti-diabetic effect. It can aid in the reduction of blood glucose levels. This rose is thought to be a powerful inhibitor of alpha-glucosidase, a glucose-metabolizing enzyme.

dried rose petals tea benefits - diabetes

Rose extracts inhibit small intestine carbohydrate absorption. They help control diabetes by lowering postprandial glucose levels. Rose tea is also high in polyphenols, which have been linked to a lower risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

4. Dry Rose Petal Tea For Weight Loss

Several studies have found a link between high inflammation and weight gain. Rose tea has been shown to reduce inflammation. As a result, tea can aid in weight loss. Rose petal infusion is caffeine-free and does not contain any tea blends.

dried rose petals tea benefits weigh loss

As a result, rose tea can be a great alternative to your caffeinated beverages. Rose tea may aid in the removal of toxins from the body. Though research is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests that drinking 4 to 5 cups of tea can aid in weight loss.

5. Dry Rose Petal Tea For Improving digestion

Rose petals have traditionally been used in traditional medicine to treat digestive issues. They were frequently consumed to alleviate stomach discomfort. Rose-flavored beverages are popular among Syrian, Lebanese, Assyrian, and rural Middle Eastern populations. These drinks contain rosebuds, flowers, or extract drops.

dried rose petals tea benefits Digestion

Zhourat is one such drink. This herbal tea with various rose elements is said to treat digestive issues. The antioxidant potential of these drinks is increased by adding Rosa damascena petals, buds, or oil. As a result, drinking rose tea may be beneficial to digestive health.

How To Make Dry Rose Petal Tea?

Rose tea begins with actual roses and their petals. Most roses are edible, and the petals have been used as a delicate flavouring agent for centuries. Rose tea is caffeine-free and an excellent hot beverage option for those who want or need to avoid caffeine.

Top 3 Dry Rose Petal Tea Recipes

Roses are appropriate for all occasions, including afternoon tea. This light and delicately flavored tea will transport you to a rose garden. Here are a few ways you can brew it to include in your daily routine:

1. Fresh Rose Petal Tea

Rose petal tea can be made with only fresh rose petals. Make sure to select organic petals. Once you have gathered enough fresh rose petals, go and follow the below-given steps and indulge in an aromatic refreshment:

Fresh Rose Petal Tea


  • Fresh Rose Petals - 1- 2 Cups
  • Water - 3 Cups
  • Honey - 1 Tablespoon

How To Make - Step By Step

Step 1: Take 2 cups of rose petals and wash them off underwater.

Step 2: Add the rose petals and 3 cups of water to a saucepan.

Step 3: Boil it for 5 minutes. Strain the rose tea in cups.

Step 4: Add honey according to your taste and stir the tea.

Step 5: Your tea is ready to drink.

2. Green Rose Petal Tea

You can make your rose petal tea even more beneficial and aromatic by infusing dried rose petals with green tea. The herbal blend comes with added benefits for your body inside out.

Green Rose Petal Tea


  • Dried Rose Petals - 2 Tablespoons
  • Green Tea - 2 Tablespoons
  • Water - 3 Cups
  • Honey - 1 Tablespoon

How To Make - Step By Step

Step 1: Take a saucepan and add 3 cups of water.

Step 2: Place it on a gas stove on medium flame.

Step 3: Add dried rose petals and green tea to it and bring it to a boil for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Strain the tea in cups. Add honey to it and mix it up.

Step 5: Your green rose petal tea is ready to drink.

3. Rose-Scented Tea

To enjoy an aromatic blend of tea and roses, mix your regular tea with dried rose petals that throw in their aroma. This scented tea will kick your morning, driving you into a garden of roses.

Rose-Scented Tea


  • Black Tea - 2 Tablespoons
  • Dried Rose Flower - 2 Tablespoons
  • Water - 3 Cups
  • Honey - 1 Tablespoon

How To Make - Step By Step

Step 1: Add black tea and dried rose flower petals to a bowl.

Step 2: Mix it up and transfer it to an airtight container.

Step 3: Allow a few days for the rose petals to impart flavor. Most of the flavor will come out with hot water when making the tea, so there's no need to wait too long.

Step 4: Add 3 cups of water to a saucepan and place it on a gas stove.

Step 5: Add 2 tbsp of rose-infused tea and bring the water to a boil for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Your rose-scented tea is ready; now strain and pour it into cups.

Step 7: Add honey and stir, and you can drink your rose-scented tea.

How To Dry Rose Petals For Tea?

Harvest rose petals directly from a newly opened flower bloom for the best scent, rather than waiting for them to fall off naturally. Pick the petals in the Middle of the morning, after the dew has evaporated but before the hot midday sun appears. Cut off a flower in full bloom or about to open with pruners.

How To Dry Rose Petals For Tea

Gently pluck off petals one at a time with your fingers. Arrange the petals on absorbent paper, so they don't touch, then carefully sandwich them with a second screen. The rose petals should be dried in the shade because direct sunlight will fade the petal color quickly. Once dried, store your roses like any other dried herb once dried, not exposing the petals to light.


In summary, using dried rose petals for tea is an excellent way to get a healthy body. It's naturally caffeine-free, hydrating, high in antioxidants, and may help relieve menstrual cramps. It's a tasty, light, and refreshing drink that can be included in a healthy diet. If you need help finding fresh, untreated petals in your backyard or elsewhere, VedaOils sells rose petal tea online. Get your hands on them now.

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