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Dried Flowers Decoration - Top 7 Ideas For Your Home

Fresh flowers are beautiful and capable of completely changing a space, but they do require some maintenance to keep them at their best. However, dried flowers last a lifetime and fill your home with beauty and aroma!  They appear to be a sustainable way to decorate your home all year long with the splendor of nature. Follow Dried Plant Decor Ideas for your home, it is most organic and natural way of decoration.

Dried Plant Decor

Top 7 Dried Flowers & Leaves Decoration Ideas 

You can display dried flowers in your house in a variety of ways. Here are 7 dry flowers decoration ideas to inspire you to learn how to do it yourself at home.

  • Make Dried Flowers Potpourri

Dried flowers for potpourri

Along with having a wonderful fragrance, potpourri also gives your home a splash of color and a subtle scent. Put whole flower heads or individual flowers such as roses, lavender and marigold petals on a baking sheet covered with wax paper along with cinnamon sticks, citrus fruits and cloves.

Add 15 drops of essential oil of your choice along with one tablespoon of water and pop the tray into the oven at lowest temperature for 2 hours. Once done add these dried flowers in a glass bowl or a mason jar and spritz some more essential oil. And you are ready for dry flowers decoration with Potpourri.

  • Make Your Own Dried Flowers Bouquet

 Dried flowers for Bouquet

While fresh flower arrangements have a certain allure, dried flower bouquets are also undoubtedly stunning. They are far more durable than new flowers, and they don't morph or alter in size or shape. You can air dry the blossoms as it is if you wish to transform a fresh flower arrangement you received into a dried floral arrangement.

The ideal approach is to dry the flowers and preserve them in the vase if there is a bouquet that you just can't part with. To create a wild and rustic look in bigger displays, tiny, brightly colored dried flowers are frequently placed among dried pampas grass. Bouquets are one of the best modern day dry flowers decoration trend.

  • Make Dried Flower Wreaths

Dried flowers for Wreath

Every season would be beautiful for dried flower wreaths. It would look amazing to make spring wreaths out of dried lavender or roses or autumn wreaths out of strawflowers and sunflowers. The best part is that you can keep using these wreaths for years to come. You'll need a rattan wreath or any hoop to serve as the base.

Start by attaching your dried flowers to the rattan wreath's bottom half using glue. Layering various textures and colors together, slowly work your way upward and outward. Use dried eucalyptus leaves, ruscus, and bunny tails to add further intricacy.

  • Use Dried Flowers in Candles

Dried flowers for Candles

Dried flower candles are stunning and give your home a nice, personal touch. A candle that contains tiny, dried flower petals will have a vibrant color splash. Making candles is really popular right now, and you can make it even better by adding dried flowers. Pressing your flowers to dry can help you recycle them in a pleasant and fascinating way.

Then, you can make your own dried flower candle. The dried flowers look best when they are arranged around the sides of a glass candle jar. Once you are done arranging, pour in the wax and let it settle, you may also sprinkle some dry flowers decoration on top of the candle to provide a lovely ornamental layer.

  • Create Dried Flowers Artwork

Dried flowers for artwork

You only need your favorite dried and pressed flowers for this project, along with a white canvas or paper backing. Place them where you'd like, use glue to secure them, then, frame and display your artwork. Customizing the size and design to your preferences is the best part.

You can also make a shadow box out of your dried flowers. As a result, you'll be able to preserve the shape of your flowers as they won't need to be pressed down before being attached. You just need to dry them with silica gel or by air drying them, then arrange them on the background and glue them down wherever you like. Dried plant decor is a kind of decorative art that is very close to nature.

  • Keep Pressed Flowers for Resin

Dried Flowers for Resin Art

When framed and displayed in your home for all to see, dried and pressed flowers look amazing. The resin art creations that incorporate the dried flowers once belonged to a memorable moment can have a very nostalgic meaning. They'll unquestionably look fantastic forever.

A wonderful, considerate gift for someone you care about would be dried flowers incorporated into resin sculpture. From jewelry to coasters to trinket trays, resin may be used to make a wide variety of decorative items. You can make stunning, one of a kind creations and preserve your pressed flowers for all time by casting them in resin. You can use dry flowers decoration with resin to see the most stunning and creative art form.

  • Use Dried Flowers in Paper Art

Dried Flowers for Paper Art

Paper cutouts are adhered to things using glue in the paper art technique known as decoupage. Using the same technique, but substituting pressed and dried flowers for the paper, produces an artwork that is just as stunning. Using pressed flowers, you may decoupage phone cases, canvasses, gift boxes, bookmarks, picture frames, and more.

All you need to do is to flatten and dry your flowers by pressing them with a thick book. Place the dried and compressed flowers in the desired arrangement on the surface you want, then coat the back of each bloom with a decoupage medium, and press it onto the surface. Let it dry for 24 hours and here you go. You can design gracefully your paper art with dry flowers decoration. 


Astonished by the variety of decorations you may make with dried flowers? Try out these fantastic dried flower decorating ideas; we can assure you that it will be worthwhile. If you are considering giving your hands into dried plant decor diy artworks you can order your materials from vedaoils. Check out their website for more details.

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