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Dried Flowers for Resin Art and Craft - DIY Resin Flower Art

Nothing is more cheerful and lovely than looking at stunning dried flowers and using your creativity to utilize the Dried Flowers in Crafts and Handicrafts. Gorgeously colored blooms like lavender and rose have a beautiful flare of colors when they are properly conserved. Flowers can be easily dried to maintain their color, shape, and attractiveness for use in décor and creative projects. Hang drying flowers, microwaving flowers, drying flowers in the oven, and pressing flowers are all some of the ways to dry or preserve the flowers.

preserving flowers in resin

Dried flowers are stunning and can be utilized for a variety of purposes. There are numerous artisans out there that dry flowers and encase them in resin to make art! Flowers are fragile and attractive, and they are ideal for embedding in resin to preserve their beauty. In this article, we will go through the Best Dried Flowers for Resin Art.

Uses of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have a wide range of colors and textures. These preserved flowers provide us with a whole new world of creative options that fresh blossoms simply cannot match. They make a lovely souvenir, especially if crafted for a special event such as a wedding or birthday. You can also use Dried Flowers for Resin Art. Let's look at some unique and creative ways to use your dried flowers:

DIY Artifacts

resin art with dried flowers

Get in touch with your artistic and creative side by making unique DIY artifacts out of any dead flowers you have lying around. You can showcase the preserved bloomers in a frame or on a painting. You can even use them to make flower petal beads and stained glass. Arranging the flowers to form a painting or a landscape or constructing a collage will also make a beautiful DIY craft. The possibilities are limitless; all you need to do is unscrew your imagination!

Soap & Candle Making

The vivid and lovely dried flowers provide intriguing colors and effects to your homemade soap batches. They are toxin-free and fully organic, making them ideal for soap decoration. These soaps also have a luxurious feel to them.

Candles provide a sense of beauty and comfort to any area since they bring warmth and coziness. Put some dried flowers in your candle wax to add a little more pleasure to your candles. They won't add aroma, but they'll definitely give a lovely appearance to your DIY candles.

Reduces Dandruff

Air Dried Organic flowers are rich in antioxidants and nutrients which make them good for skin, hair, and overall health. Hibiscus flower, to be particular, is suitable for reducing dandruff and soothing the irritated and itchy scalp. Dried Hibiscus naturally strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth while reducing hair loss. Using this dehydrated flower in your DIY hair care regime can prove to be a good remedy for dry and itchy scalp.

Resin Flower Art

pressed flowers for resin art

Preserving flowers in resin is an excellent method to savor a flower's beauty for several years. The transparent resin is used to protect and exhibit the flower in many forms of Resin Flower Art. You may use your imagination to create resin jewelry, coasters, tabletops, or counters, simple resin flower decorations, and even resin lights. Using Dried Flowers for Resin Art provide a colorful and lovely touch to your home's décor.


You make some DIY potpourri with your dried flowers for an easy and affordable craft. It's ideal to choose flowers that keep their form and color after dehydrating, such as roses, lavender, and hibiscus, but if you want, you can use other flowers too.

To make your own Potpourri, you simply need to dry your flowers for a few days, combine them with 3-5 drops of essential oils, and bake your combination for a few hours. This will make your house fresh and pleasant smelling.

Top 5 Dried Flowers for Resin Art - DIY Recipes

Resin art not only protects and preserves the natural beauty of flowers but also adds a beautiful and polished finish to your DIY craft goods. Using Preserving Flowers in Resin Art takes creativity to the next level. Here are some DIY Recipes for of Dried Flowers for Resin Art.

Dried Hibiscus Flower for Resin Art

preserving flowers in resin

The dried hibiscus flower has a brilliant hue that can be used to brighten up your place. DIY coasters may be made using pressed hibiscus flowers. These handcrafted coasters will bring style to your tabletop while protecting your table surfaces from unwanted spillage and stains. You can use dried Hibiscus flower for resin art coaster making. Here's how to make a DIY dried Hibiscus flower coaster:


  1. Silicone molds
  2. Dried Hibiscus Flowers
  3. Plastic cups
  4. Clear epoxy resin and hardener
  5. Woodcraft sticks
  6. A small pin or needle

Preparation for DIY Hibiscus Flower Resin Coaster

  • Pour equal parts resin and hardener into two separate clean plastic cups. Stir it with a wooden craft stick until well combined.
  • Fill a silicone mold with a thin coating of the resin mixture.
  • Pour a second coat of resin over your arrangement after adding dried hibiscus flowers to the mold.
  • Pop any huge air bubbles that have developed using a pin or needle.
  • Set the coasters aside for at least 24 hours to settle.
  • When the resin has hardened, carefully remove the coaster from the mold.

Dried Rose Flower for Resin Art

Resin artifacts make such cool and interesting decor pieces. They are also fun to make for personal use as well as for gifting to friends and families. So, if you are looking for ideas to play around with resin, start with DIY resin and dried rose paperweight. These resin Paperweights can become a great conversation piece in any room. Let’s have a look at the recipe of DIY resin and Dried rose paperweight.


  1. Clear Polyester Casting Resin
  2. Hardener
  3. Deep Casting Poly Molds
  4. Dried Rose Flower

Preparation of Rose Paper Weight out of Resin

resin flower art
  • Mix the equal amount of resin and hardener in two clean bowls. Stir it all together with a wooden craft stick.
  • Add an even layer of the resin mixture to a silicone mold.
  • After adding dried rose flowers to the mold, add a second and then third layer of resin to the arrangement.
  • Using a pin or needle, pop any large air bubbles that have formed.
  • Allow the paperweight to settle for at least 24 hours.
  • Remove the paperweight from the mold gently once the resin has cured.

Dried Lavender Flower for Resin Art

dried flowers resin art

Christmas is almost here, and we've all begun to decorate our homes and offices. But instead of buying Christmas ornaments, let's make our beautiful decorative pieces. So, let's craft some incredibly fun, easy, and extremely pretty Christmas snowflakes out of resin and dried lavender flowers. Make your own beautiful snowflakes using lavender preserving flowers in resin. You can use this DIY resin and dried lavender snowflake to decorate your Christmas tree or the entrance of your home.


  1. Hardener and Clear Cast Resin
  2. Dried Lavender Flower
  3. Snowflake Silicone Mold
  4. Wooden Stick

Preparation to make resin and dried lavender flowers Christmas snowflakes

  • Take the equal amount of resin and hardener in two clean plastic glasses. Stir it all together with a wooden craft stick.
  • Add an even layer of the resin mixture to a snowflake silicone mold.
  • After adding dried lavender flowers to the mold, add a second layer of resin to the arrangement.
  • Using a pin or needle, pop any large air bubbles that have formed.
  • Allow the snowflake to settle for at least 24 hours.
  • Remove the snowflake from the mold gently once the resin has cured.

Dried Lotus Flower for Resin Art

resin art dried flowers

Resin is a lot of fun to work with, especially when you add dried flowers to it and begin to experiment with different patterns and designs. You can use your creativity to the fullest to make your space innovative using dried flowers for resin art. Let's look at how you can make a photo frame out of resin and dried lotus flowers to adorn your plain and monotonous walls.


  1. Empty Picture Frames
  2. Clear Glue
  3. Dried Lotus Flowers
  4. Crafting Resin

Preparation to make resin and dried lotus flowers frame

  • Take a photo frame and remove the paper and back.
  • Using any transparent glue that will dry clear, carefully glue your dried lotus flowers on the glass. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.
  • Pour the resin evenly over the dried flowers, just enough to cover them.
  • Using a pin, pop any bubbles.
  • Allow drying overnight.

Dried Rose Petals for Resin Art

resin art dried flowers

Dried Flowers Resin Jewelry is a new trend nowadays. Pendants and earrings are the most popular forms of resin jewelry. When materials such as dried rose petals solidify within the resin, they leave a wonderful color behind, making jewelry seem appealing and exquisite. Let's have a look at the Dried Rose Resin Jewelry DIY recipe.


  1. Jewelry bezels, molds, or casing
  2. Resin and Hardener
  3. Wooden Stick
  4. Dried Rose Petals
  5. Hook for earrings
  6. Clasp for pendant

Preparation for DIY Dried Rose petals Resin Jewelry

  • Take a measuring cup and add an equal amount of hardener and resin. Mix well but avoid the formation of bubbles.
  • Add the first layer of resin evenly to the jewelry mold.
  • Add dried rose petals in the mold and cover it with second and third layers of resin.
  • After the resin has hardened, remove the resin from the mold.
  • If you are making earnings add hooks and if you are making pendant add the clasps


Dried flowers have their own beauty, so have been admired by everyone. The versatile and all-seasonal dried flowers are perfect for decorating your home. Bundles of dried flowers make for some effortlessly chic decor pieces as they have naturally beautiful hue and texture! If you’re stumped about what to do with dried flowers, craft one of these resin DIY ideas to keep enjoying the beauty of your home. You can follow above recipes of Dried Flowers for Resin Art and bring your imagination to real world. If you don’t have dried flowers right now, you can always get your hands on VedaOils dried flowers, which are air-dried, toxin-free and beautiful in appearance. Just remember that naturally dried flowers are beautiful and can be repurposed using these DIY recipes!

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