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How to Make Dry Flower Jewellery at Home?

Making anything from scratch is lovely. You can accomplish a lot at home if you have creativity and time. You can create something in your free time without wasting any time. However, flowers are a wonderful symbol of serenity and purity as well as a great source of delight.

Do you know that you can create beautiful and expensive jewelry from dried flowers? These eye-catching jewelry pieces can also be created by hand. Due to their natural touch, these jewelry products are in high demand in the market. Additionally, you can sell them in the market for a fair price. Let's see how.

Dry Flowers Jewellery

Things You Need to Prepare Pressed Flower Jewelry

Making jewelry is calming and gives you a distinctive appearance. However, how may dry flower jewellery be made at home, and what materials are required to manufacture pressed flower jewelry? Let's explore.

Material Required

  • Measuring Cups
  • Jewelry Resin
  • Jewelry Molds
  • Dried And Pressed Flowers You Want To Use
  • Pendant Bails
  • Gloves For Protecting Your Hands
  • Toothpicks, Paper Towels

Step By Step Guide to Make Dry Flower Jewellery

Step By Step Guide to Make Dry Flower Jewellery
  • Choose your dried flower based on the size of your mold because different blooms have varied sizes. If not, flowers could cover the mold. Use any resin you choose to fill the molds with, depending on your budget and hardener. Mix the same quantity of resin and hardener in a single measuring cup, then stir thoroughly for at least three minutes.
  • Put on anything but protective gloves to protect yourself. For the proper combination, the mixture needs one more minute. To get the desired mixture, you must continuously whisk while doing so. Pour the mixture into the second cup at this time. For making dry flower jewellery, you should keep patience.
  • Insert a stick into the mixture. Pour the resin mixture into the jewelry molds at this time. In this case, you need to watch out that the resin doesn't spill over the molds. Instead, don't completely fill the molds. Keep half of it, then neatly arrange your flowers on the resin mixture. Place the dried flowers using toothpicks in the desired locations.
  • Pour to fill the molds once you have arranged the dried flowers on the resin mixture. Give yourself enough time to look for bubbles. Make sure to use the toothpicks to remove any resin bubbles that you notice.
  • You must now give it some time, perhaps a half-hour, to settle in this step. Cover the molds with something in the interim to prevent dusting. You must determine if there are bubbles on the resin mixture's surface after 30 minutes. If you have any, move them using toothpicks.
  • After another ten minutes, you can inspect it one more. If there are no bubbles, you must let it cure for a night while covering it with something. Wait till the specified time has passed before viewing the lovely pendant jewelry. Your dry flower jewellery is prepared to wear or give as a present to someone special.

5 Most Common Dried Flower Jewelleries

5 Most Common Dried Flower Jewelleries

Many crafts use dried flowers, and they do so beautifully. Here are some of the most popular dried flower jewellery designs that you may make at home right now.

  • Dried Flower Bangles

Dried flowers can be used to create beautiful, colorful, simple-to-make bracelets. They are enduring and make fantastic presents.

  • Dried Flower Pendant

A pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry for someone looking for elegant yet contemporary jewelry. A pendant made of dried flowers is simple to make at home.

  • Dried Flower Bracelets

The only thing stopping you from creating any type of dry flower jewellery is your imagination, so why not give someone special a pair of custom-made dried flower bracelets?

  • Dried Flower Earrings

Making dried flower earrings is quite simple and they look stunning. These earrings are sure to impress.

  • Dried Flower Necklace

Try numerous techniques to create a cold necklace to rock your appearance. You may use dried flowers in a variety of ways to create a full necklace of one hue or a combination of many.


In short, can you use dried flowers to make amazing jewelry at home? Yes. Dried flowers not only enhance your health but also your attractiveness and individuality. There are endless ways to decorate with dried flowers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about How to Make Dry Flower Jewellery at Home:

Q. How Long Do Dried Flowers Last?

A. Dried flowers typically last a year if they are taken care of properly. However, if flowers are bleached and colored, they could stay longer.

Q. How Do You Dry Flowers Beautifully?

A. The blossoms should be cleared of any excess foliage. After the stem has been chopped to the proper length, at least 6 inches should remain. Twine or a rubber band can be used to connect the stems. Hang them upside down in a room that is dark, dry, and well-ventilated. The drying procedure will take two to three weeks to complete.

Q. How Do You Preserve Flowers For Jewelry?

A. Flowers should be hung upside down. To keep them from decomposing and lessen the chance that the flowers may fade, it is better to hang them in a cool, dry place. I frequently hang the flowers on an's' hook, board, or coat hanger using an open paper clip.

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