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Top Dried Flower Brands in India - Best Preserved Flower Brands

It goes without saying that a lovely flower can improve the mood in any space. And it's not only freshly cut flowers; the same is true of the greatest dried flower bouquets as well. A well kept bouquet can breathe new life into almost any environment.

Finding the finest dried flowers requires placing an emphasis on quality. Some dead flowers don't exactly exude sophistication. However, by compiling our favourite, top dried flower brands below, we've simplified the process of choosing the ideal product to add to your house easier.

Top Dried Flower Brands in India

Top Dried Flower Brands in India

1.) VedaOils

VedaOil's flowers were meticulously hand-selected to ensure their naturalness. Additionally, they have a special manner of packing them so they remain colourful and fresh. Their specialised crew does the entire process, including removing the stems and drying them, manually.

This supports rural residents' means of subsistence. VedaOil's dried flowers are the ideal choice for your vase. This lovely floral arrangement, whether it is a bouquet or a single flower, will be the centre of attention in any house. Their gorgeous dried flowers are the ideal present for a friend, member of your family, or even for yourself.

2.) IRIS Potpourri

This colourful present is ready to bloom in a potpourri glass bowl. Any event or recipient would appreciate this gift. It is a lovely and safe experience that you should share with your favourite people thanks to the high standards of rich qualities upheld by Iris Potpourri. Iris' potpourri has petals, flowers, and leaves that have been carefully selected from some of the most opulent gardens.

3.) Brightail Infra

Brightail Infra's Everlasting Blooms are subjected to a number of challenging procedures, including dehydration, decolorization, drying, and dying, in order to retain a specific level of softness and reduce the fragility of the flowers.

The softness of preserved fresh flowers (everlasting flowers) may be maintained, and they are also simple to shape and hard to wear out. Consequently, it is distinct from fully dried flowers, and in a much better way.

4.) SupVox

The product line from SupVox offers a variety of dried flowers, branches, and leaves to fulfill your varied demands for handcraft art décor. They are safe to use because they are crafted from real, genuine flowers and plants.

All flowers and plants may retain their original texture and characteristics by using this natural air drying procedure. These flowers survive a long time thanks to a premium air-drying procedure.

5.) Hamlet

Hamlet offers a beautiful bundle of naturally dried stems from fluffy pampas grass. The ideal choice for statement displays! They are about 35 to 40 inches total in length. To guarantee that dried flowers reach you securely, they are first wrapped in white butter paper and sent in a strong box with bubble wrap. As this is a natural product, the size of the stems and flowers, as well as their tone and texture, may vary; nonetheless, the majority falls between the aforementioned size ranges.

6.) YellowCult

By utilising YellowCult's natural dried flowers, you can produce stunning DIY goods like candles, soaps, picture frames, earrings, jewellery, bracelets, rings, and toppings for cakes and cupcakes, which will enhance the beauty and color of your surroundings. You can give your life a little bit of flair using these products.

7.) IKalaa

Variously shaped flowers and foliage are included in pressed flower packs by iKalaa. They use vacuum packing for pressed flowers to ensure safe flower shipping. To satisfy your demands for various handicrafts, 100% real flowers are embossed, dried, and sealed. You can add some magic in your life with these natural resin flowers for DIY projects.

8.) Litvibes

The 42 PCS natural dried pressed flowers set from Litvibes is made from real flowers and leaves, so it will keep its form and colour as they would be in their original state. You can use it to create adorable gifts for your loved ones.

It aids in developing your capacity for imagination and creativity. Additionally, it may be used to make bookmarks, soap, table decorations, scrapbooks, furniture, and items made of wood.

9.) On the Soil

On The Soil offers various random dried flowers. Their total length comes to 25 to 30 cm; and ridge height to 3 to 5 cm. Since it is a natural product; there may be small variations in size and shape. Splits or darker areas might be seen. Handle these dried flowers gently since they are delicate and keep them away from dampness, wind, and direct sunshine. These lovely flowers may survive for years with basic maintenance. 30 stems in one bunch.

10.) Whispering Homes

These lovely dried globosa flowers are the picture of grace, purity, and tranquilly. This combination of blush pink with green fillers is intended to stun and dazzle and will stand upright and appear deliriously-rich in any setting. Put them in your favourite vases and decorate your home with these timeless beauty as gifts.


There you have it! If you are looking for a new hobby involving potpourri, or simply want to create some interesting decor for your house, these dried flowers are all you need! Every brand on our list has top-quality dried flowers, but if we had to choose one – we would, undoubtedly, go for VedaOils! Check it out now!

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