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Dried Flowers for Potpourri - 5 Flowers Scented for Home

Do you enjoy using scents and home decor? If so, then you must be familiar with potpourri. They smell like dried flowers and smell wonderful when placed in various parts of the house. Potpourri not only adds aesthetic appeal but also fills your house with the scent of unadulterated nature.

The wonderful scent can instantly make you feel better and give you a bounce in your step. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the potpourri craze that is sweeping the home décor industry. Here you will get to know about most scented dried flowers for potpourri and its benefits.

Dried Flowers for Potpourri

Benefits of Homemade Potpourri with Dried Flowers

When you could simply buy some at the shop or use a conventional air-freshening spray, why bother making your own potpourri? There are several of them.

1. Keep your Living Space Smelling Great

Potpourri will, first and foremost, keep your home smelling fresh. There's no need to turn on an air freshener or spritz an odor-neutralizer when a single bowl of potpourri can instantly disperse natural and attractive scents throughout a sizable area.

Simply pour the potpourri into a shallow bowl or other containers to let the aromas spread around the space. Without exerting any effort, you can take pleasure in the smell for many months or years to come. So use dried flowers for potpourri, it will keep your living space smelling great. 

2. Keep the Air Chemical Free

The components in air freshener sprays are frequently harsh chemicals and other dubious substances. Do you want to spritz those into the air that you and your family members breathe? Because potpourri is made entirely of natural ingredients, including dried citrus, flower petals, and spices, you'll never have to worry about coming into contact with potentially harmful substances. Using dried flowers for potpourri, we can keep our room chemical free.

Homemade Potpourri with Dried Flowers

3. Save Money

Even if you discover a natural air freshener or odor remover, the price may be rather costly when compared to making a batch of potpourri at home. Making your own dried flowers for potpourri at home can help you save money, especially if you use materials that are in season or that you already have on hand (and therefore less expensive).

4. Customize your Scent

Making your own potpourri and being able to customize the aroma to fit your preferences is one of its many appealing features. When it comes to potpourri smell combinations, there are a plethora of options, such as a potpourri with cinnamon for the holiday season or one with citrus for the summer. For a really unique house aroma, many people appreciate having the freedom to select the precise ingredients that go into their batch of homemade potpourri.

Top Scented Dried Flowers that Smell Good in Potpourri

Let's find out which are the top-scented dried flowers for potpourri that makes it wonderful because they can improve the uplifting perfume of your space and lift your mood to heavenly states.

1. Dried Rose Flower

Your potpourri's dried rose flower scent is equally sweet and spicy, evoking notes of meadows, honey, and fruit.

Dried Rose Flowers

Muskiness comes from the plant's stamen, as opposed to other rose smells, which come from the flower petals. Mixing with other dried flower boost its efficiency as well as aroma to boost your mood. Rose dried flowers for potpourri are the ideal flowers for beautiful aroma benefits.

2. Dried Hibiscus Flower

While the majority of the dried hibiscus flowers in your potpourri have no perfume, a few of them do. Your potpourri will look lovely with dried hibiscus flowers in a spectrum of colors, from white to pink, red, blue, orange, peach, yellow, or purple.

Dried Hibiscus Flower

This dried flower will give your potpourri a nice appearance and a light, sweet scent. Almost all other dried flowers blend beautifully with this particular flower.

3. Dried Lavender Flower

The dried lavender flowers has a powerful scent when used in potpourri. Once you have smelled a dried lavender blossom, you will know what it is.

Dried Lavender Flower

Overall, it has a floral scent, yet it is light and fresh and not overbearing. It may also have a sweetness to it in addition to undertones and odors of herbal and balsamic.

4. Dried Lotus Flower

Both species' dried blooms have a scent, albeit the variety affects the variety's strength and aroma character.

Dried Lotus Flower

The common description of the aroma of dried lotus flowers is "pleasant," "heady," "fruity," or "sweet." These flowers work best when combined with your potpourri.

5. Dried Rose Petals

When there are no rose blooms in sight, the aroma of dried rose petals in the air may be an angel speaking to you.

Dried Rose Petals

The smell of sanctity or the presence of God, such as the scent of a prayer that was miraculously answered in simpler terms the smell will be divine, may both be indicated by the scent of dried rose petals. It is one of the best scented dried flowers that makes you feel the presence of god with divine smell.


Your potpourri's base ingredient should be dried flowers. By combining a few items, you can generate countless versions that will uplift your mood and fill your home with enticing aromas. For the greatest aroma, just be sure you choose the best dried flowers for potpourri. Get dried flowers of the highest quality at the best prices on the market by visiting vedaoil.com.


Some frequently asked questions for our amazing readers. To give you more clearance as we care for your queries.

Q: How long does dried potpourri last?

A. The smell of our potpourris can linger for anywhere between 2 months and years, depending on the combination you choose, where it is placed, and how it is utilized. If you keep it somewhere protected from the wind and the sun, it will last longer. If kept in a drawer, a sachet has a lifespan of years.

Q: How do you make dried flowers smell good?

A. Flowers typically lose their original perfume after drying. To enhance the scent, add 5–10 drops of fragrance or essential oil to the dried petals. After that, spin the mixture slowly.

Q: How long does it take for potpourri to work?

A. After stirring, cover the bowl and leave the mixture to cure for four to eight weeks in a cool, dry location. Allow the potpourri fragrance to fill your home after that.

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