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15 Best Dried Flowers Arrangements For Wedding

Dried Flowers are a single decoration that can transform your wedding into a dreamy fairy tale. The first image that comes to mind when thinking of the lush detail is probably fresh blooms, but the latest wedding flower trend isn't as traditional. In this article, we will get to know about dried flowers arrangements for wedding. 

Dried flowers are having a moment right now. Dried floral elements, from bouquets to centerpieces, add a rustic or bohemian edge to your event while increasing visual intrigue. Dried florals can add a lot of texture to arrangements that fresh flowers can't always. This great way to achieve more voluminous looks for larger pieces or installations.

Dried Flowers Arrangements for Wedding

15 Best Dried Flowers Arrangements For Wedding

Dried flowers are fantastic for decorating one of the most important days of your life. But how can these lovely aromatic flowers be used in weddings? Let's look at this section on the 15 best dried flowers arrangements for a wedding.

1. Mix Them In With Fresh Foliage.

The juxtaposition of dehydrated buds and organic blooms in your wedding bouquet creates an unexpected design that will elevate your overall look. A beachy aesthetic is given a boho twist with a handheld arrangement of dried baby's breath, dehydrated carnations in tan tones, and tropical greenery. This display, bursting with warm hues and depth, will stand out against a white dress.

2. Emphasize Different Textures

A stunning bouquet brimming with texture is an easy way to elevate your look and leave an impression. The combination of soft desert flowers and dried grass will highlight shape, movement, and saturation. The texture will stand out even more if you paint your bouquet in neutral colors.

3. Accept Moody Colors

Autumnal weddings are defined by dried blooms and rich colors. Consider carrying a bouquet of chocolate cosmos and textural foliage down the aisle if you're getting married in the fall. The moody hues will complement the natural setting and provide the ideal contrast to your bridal whites.

4. Use Them As A Hair Accessory

A traditional wedding veil is traditional, but a halo of dried blooms on your head is a fun way to break the mold. A dried flower crown of hot pink buds goes well with a boho bridal look or a garden-inspired party.

5. Make A Notation Of Your Entry

This couple wanted to welcome loved ones to their ceremony by flanking the doors with a striking installation. Dried palm fronds, seed heads, and bracken were mixed with a fresh café latte and quicksand roses in the design. Due to its placement, the creation appears to be growing out of the grown and up the walls.

6. Help To Define Your Aisle

Looking for a unique way to walk down the aisle? Line the edges with a dried floral work of art. Your seaside ceremony will have an organic and wild feel thanks to an arrangement of bunny tails, textured grasses, copper foliage, and white flora. Keep your aisle markers low to avoid obstructing any planned views.

7. Tap Into The Fall Season

If you're getting married in the fall, embrace the surrounding colors and organically grown plants that define the season. Consider lining your aisle with golden ferns, intricately intertwined branches, local buckwheat, and dried buds in brilliant red, yellow, and orange tones. Because you want your aisle to be the focal point, choose simple chairs and keep other decorations to a minimum.

8. Serve With Pampas Grass

Every boho bride's dream is dried flowers and pampas grass. As you reach the altar, imagine a deconstructed floral arch tunnel floating above you. This structure comprises a base of tall, tufted grass and alternating layers of baby's breath and dried tan-toned flora.

The earthy textures and colors complement the desert landscape. Dramatic chandeliers and a translucent aisle with pink petals add a glitz to this boho design. Pampa grass is one of the best dried flowers arrangements for decorating your wedding venue.

9. Incorporate Tropical Elements

Dried Flowers Decorations

Even though your vow exchange is where all of the magic happens, your altar needs to be extra special. A gold ring studded with dried palm leaves, jungle greens, baby's breath, and other dehydrated elements is sure to please. We love how the bright red patterned rugs complement the boho-inspired arch to create an out-of-the-box look for this beach ceremony.

10. Look At Your Locale

If you need ideas for your ceremony display, tap the location where you'll tie the knot. You'll create a cohesive design rather than jarring and disruptive if you use a structure that mirrors the surrounding environment. This asymmetrical arch comprises dried grasses, vines, and blooms in natural colors that complement the dusty grounds. The foundation, secured with a pile of stones, reflects the canyon backdrop.

11. Shower The Newlyweds With Flowers.

Your guests will be overjoyed when you share your first kiss. Place cones of dried flower petals at your ceremony's entrance so your guests can toss them during the recessional. The bright colors will liven up your walk back up the aisle. Not to mention that your photographer will capture the most candid photos, capturing the pure joy you're feeling at the time.

12. Reconsider Your Seating Plan

Give your seating chart new life by adorning it with a tree-like building composed of dried buds, vines, twigs, and grasses. This design grows out of the ground and around the 3-dimensional blocks that indicate your guests' seating assignments. The muted colors add to the earthiness of this whimsical installation.

13. Make Them All The Same Color.

An all-white palette has a timeless quality to it. And by combining monochromatic colors with dried flora, you'll create a tablescape that will take everyone's breath away. Dried florals are full to bursting from modern vases and dispersed across a beige runner in this setting. As a neutral canvas, use a white tablecloth and white plates to emphasize the texture.

14. Experiment With Height

One of the simplest ways to up the ante is to incorporate height into your tablescapes. It also allows you to experiment with bold colors and prominent textures. These tall centerpieces of red and gold dried Lunaria on metallic stands tower over guests, making a statement without blocking anyone's view. It counts as simplest & creative dried flowers arrangements.

15. Decorate Your Table Settings

Dried flowers are also a lovely way to dress up your table settings. To add a rustic touch, attach dehydrated buds to each place card. Combine them with simple china and a greenery runner to highlight the floral accents.


The aromatic scent of dried flowers and their lovely appearance will add beauty to your wedding and joy to you. And, as previously stated, you can use these dried flowers to create a variety of wedding arrangements.

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