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Walnut Oil For Hair Growth : Natural Oil For Long & Strong Hair

Walnut Oil is considered to be one of the best ingredients for your hair. Obtained from the kernels of Walnut, it is rich in essential fatty acids and exhibits fungicidal, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, and other therapeutic properties. It enhances blood circulation which makes it an ideal ingredient for hair growth. Regular use of Walnut Oil in hair care recipes adds a perfect shine to your hair.

Walnut oil benefits for hair

How does Walnut Oil help your hair?

Walnut Oil maintains the scalp and hair health in optimum condition. It prevents hair loss by strengthening the hair roots. If you are suffering from hair & scalp issues, Walnut Oil can come to your rescue. Its soothing effects on the scalp minimize irritation and its anti-microbial properties resolve issues like dandruff.

It contains potassium which speeds up the process of hair growth. Therefore, the next time you order groceries doesn't forget to include Walnut Oil for your hair care routine.

Walnut Oil Benefits for Hair & Scalp Care

As a magical hair care ingredient, Walnut Oil for hair works well and also offers several therapeutic benefits. Its antifungal properties prevent scalp infection. The omega-3 fatty acids present in this oil reverses hair damage.

It also possesses cell regeneration properties that aid in the process of hair growth. Some of the essential benefits of incorporating Walnut Oil in your hair care recipes are highlighted below:

Walnut oil Benefits for long hair
1. Accelerates Hair Growth - Walnut Oil is rich in biotin that accelerates hairgrowth. It contains vitamin B7 that makes your hair thick, strong, and long.

Applying Walnut Oil on color-treated hair enhances the shine of the color. Due to the presence of potassium, the process of hair growth fastens up naturally.

2. Tackles Dandruff - Applying Walnut Oil on dry and irritated scalp leads to instant relief. It also tackles the issue of dandruff by eliminating the toxins that are responsible for its formation.

It also promotes blood circulation in the scalp and prevents the further development of dandruff. Regular use of Walnut Oil in hair care recipes will give you dandruff-free hair.

3. Stop Hair Loss - Hair loss can be due to several reasons. However, one of the major reasons is poor scalp health and loosened hair roots.

Walnut Oil fortifies scalp health and enhances the strength of hair roots. It repairs the damaged hair and minimizes hair loss to a great extent.

4. Avoid Hair Thinning - The cell regenerative properties of Walnut Oil ensures that your hair does become thin.

In fact, it makes your hair thick and improves its quality by providing adequate nourishment. The fatty acids present in this oil make your hair strong, long, and shiny.

5. Enhances Hair Strength - By treating the scalp and by fortifying the hair roots, Walnut Oil enhances the strength of your hair follicles.

It also imparts a visible shine to your hair by working on its structure and cellular composition. It also soothes the scalp and prevents issues like split ends and hair fall.

How To Use Walnut Oil For Hair Growth?

Walnut Oil can be used directly or after blending it with other oils and ingredients. It is often included in hair masks and hair care blends because of its nourishing effects on the scalp and hair.

It works great in all hair care recipes as it is rich in zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and other nutrients that are essential for maintaining hair health. Walnut oil for hair does wonders by nourishing the scalp.

Jojoba & Walnut Oil Recipe for Strong Hair 

Pre-poo refers to the hair treatment process that you follow before washing your hair with a shampoo. It is especially recommended for people who have fragile and damaged hair.

The oil blend seals the hair cuticles and prevents the hair follicles from coming out. The following DIY pre-poo Walnut Oil recipe proves to be excellent for all types of hair:


  • Walnut Oil - 10 tbsp.


Take a glass bowl and mix all the oils nicely. There is no need to wash your hair before applying this mixture as it is a pre-poo blend.

How to apply walnut oil blend for hair care?

  • Massage the oil blend nicely on your hair strands and scalp. Cover the entire head and apply it thoroughly. Your head must feel a warm sensation after its application.
  • Now, wear a shower cap and wait for 1 hour before washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Walnut Oil Side Effects on Hair

There aren't any noted side effects of Walnut Oil on hair. However, make it a point to get natural and organic Walnut Oil to avoid any side effects. If your hair is sensitive to natural oils, take a patch-test on a small part of your head before applying it to your scalp and hair completely.


Walnut oil protects your hair from environmental factors like sunlight, heat, pollution, dirt, etc. It does so by sealing the hair cuticles and creating a protective shield over your hair follicles. Apply walnut oil on your hair and see the difference from the first day!

Walnut oil is wonderful for your hair as it promotes hair growth and curbs the issues like dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning, and hair loss. However, always get Walnut Oil from trusted sources as only chemical-free and pure Walnut Oil will bring the desired changes in your hair.

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