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Olive Oil For Baby Massage | Homemade Baby Massage Oil

We all have heard about the long list of benefits olive oil comes with. But did you know this magical vegetable oil also has the power to protect your little members of the family? Yes, that's true and that too in the form of massage oil. We all know baby massages are quite delightful and are one great way to boost a baby's development for decades.

Olive Oil For Baby Massage

Olive Oil comes as a great option for a massage oil to give your baby soft, supple, clear skin and loads more benefits. Wish to know how? Let's discuss in detail the benefits of olive oil for baby massage and how it should be used for your little ones.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Baby Massage

Olive Oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils that is also used for skin and cosmetic care purposes. That's why it is easy to choose this oil for your baby's massage oil requirements. Here are some benefits of olive oil for baby massage.

  • All Weather Massage Oil : One of the best advantages all mothers love about olive oil as baby massage oil is that it is an all-season massage oil. Certain oils are specific to weather conditions but that's not the case with olive oil. Just use a generous amount during the winter season when the skin dries more.
  • Intense Moisturization : We all would do anything to protect our baby's soft and gentle skin. Now that's possible with the help of olive oil as it is rich in moisturizing properties. It also contains a hydrating compound that permeates your baby's skin making it soft and supple.
  • Split Ends: Many believe dry hair and split ends are due to genetics but daily habits and environment are major causes. A pinch of petroleum jelly applied to your hair can help to reduce the appearance of split ends. Petroleum jelly, when applied to your hair before going to the pool or swimming in the sea, prevents dryness.
  • Symptomatic Relief During Flu Season : Winter season is also known as the flu season when our little ones are quite prone to colds and cough. Massaging your baby with olive oil along with eucalyptus essential oil can bring symptomatic relief in cold and respiratory congestion. You can also rub it on your little one's soles and palms to bring more relief.
  • Helps Loosen Cradle Cap : Cradle cap skin condition is very common amongst newborn babies. This condition leaves dry and flaky layers on the baby's scalp. Olive oil helps loosen the scales formed due to this skin condition. Simply massage the baby's scalp with olive oil and wash it off with mild shampoo. See favorable results in a few days.
  • Promotes Good Sleep : You might not know but olive oil has great mind-relaxing properties. This relaxing property helps soothe and lull your baby to good sleep. All you have to do is to rub some drops of olive oil on your baby's feet and massage him till he gently drifts to sleep.

How to Use Olive Oil For Baby Massage?

Now, as we know the amazing benefits of using olive oil as a baby massage oil, it's time we learn how to use it effectively. Here's how to use olive oil for baby massage.

Step 1: Mix coconut oil with olive oil in a bowl. And Warm the oils together. How to make it slightly warm.

Step 2: Undress your baby and lay them on a soft surface.Then Take some amount of oil in your palms. And Rub it on your hands together.

Step 3: Begin with the stomach, chest, and back area. After That Slowly massage, stroke, and knead your baby's skin.

Step 4: Spend 30 seconds massaging every area. And Make this massage session an alternate day bedtime routine.

Precautions in Using Olive Oil For Baby Massage?

Although olive oil comes with a myriad of benefits for baby massages, you need to use it with utmost caution. Always perform a patch test. Stop using it if the baby develops a rash after using it. Also, don't apply the oil if your baby has skin allergies or infections.


We all would agree to the fact that nothing beats the benefits of natural oils and olive oil surely proves that. It is healthy oil not just for cooking but also for our baby's skin and other health issues. It's time we trust olive oil and use it for our baby's at VedaOils. Don't forget to consult your pediatrician before using it.

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