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Myrrh Oil For Skin Care - Benefits & How To Use It

Especially when it comes to skin issues, myrrh oil has proven to be a great natural remedy. No matter what is your skin problem, be it a issue of acne, premature ageing or anything else, this oil can cater it all. Let’s further discuss in detail about the amazing things and benefits of myrrh oil for skin.

Myrrh Oil For Skin

Myrrh oil is made up of Myrrh, a dried sap of reddish brown in colour extracted from a thorny tree called Commiphora molmol or Commiphora myrrha, found in Northeastern Africa & Southwest Asia. Although first mentioned in one of the most important medical documents from ancient Egypt known as Papyrus Ebers, it also has been used in Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times, extracted by the process of steam distillation nowadays, and it is known to have numerous benefits.

Top 7 Myrrh Essential Oil Skin Benefits

Let’s discuss the various Myrhh oil skin benefits to understand why this oil is recognised as a great remedy for all sorts of skin problems.

1.) Myrrh Oil for Acne

It can be used as an effective remedy for sensitive and oily skin because of its astringent properties. A few drops of oil mixed with a carrier oil can be used to dab the acne breakouts with the help of cotton buds. It can also be used to prevent infection in acne when used in a cold compress.

2.) Myrrh Oil for Wrinkles

Adding it to an unscented lotion or a face cream and applying it daily can reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles.

Myrrh Oil for Wrinkles

That’s because myrrh oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is also rich in antioxidants that helps reduce wrinkles and the appearance of large pores.

3.) Myrrh Oil for Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging is one of the best benefits of myrrh oil for skin because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that hydrate and strengthen your skin while soothing the appearance of ageing. It boosts collagen production and helps in fading away all the major signs of ageing.

4.) Myrrh Oil for Wound

Myrrh oil works as an astringent and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that helps in healing wounds and scars much faster. It also soothes skin discomfort and itchiness from the skin.

5.) Myrrh Oil for Psoriasis

Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in reducing the infection of psoriasis by eliminating redness, pathogens and pain. It also affects the immune system by reducing the occurrence of flare-ups.

6.) Myrrh Oil for Stretch Marks

Myrrh oil is very helpful in reducing stretch marks.

Myrrh Oil for Stretch Marks

The oil is rich in moisturising and hydration properties which, when applied to the affected areas calm the skin tissue and boosts collagen production, which further helps in lightening the stretch marks.

7.) Myrrh Oil for Allergic Reaction

A mixture of Myrrh oil can be used to subdue the allergic reactions caused by plants such as poison Ivy. Further mixing this oil with other carrier oils like coconut oil results in a mixture that can be used for other allergic reactions as well. In short, this oil helps in fighting various allergic reactions.

How To Treat Skin Problems With Myrrh Essential Oil?

Nowadays, Myrrh Essential Oil is widely used in Skincare Products. The effective presence of terpenes like limonene, germacrene and curzerene provides it with skin-soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

1.) Myrrh Oil for Acne

Using Toner of myrrh oil for skin care is one of the best option to treat acne.

How To Treat Skin Problems With Myrrh Essential Oil?

Toner is another skincare product used to rejuvenate the skin, and myrrh oil became one of its essential components because of its antimicrobial properties that can help clean acne-prone skin.

2.) Myrrh Oil for Anti-Aging

Myrrh oil has become one of the key ingredients in an anti-ageing serum, with other ingredients like lemongrass, Frankincense, Argan, etc., increasing the effectiveness of the serum.

3.) Myrrh Oil for Psoriasis

Myrrh essential oil itself can be used as a skincare product. Adding 4-5 drops of Myrrh essential oil to a preferred carrier oil and applying the mixture to cracks and bleeds during high flare-ups of psoriasis can help in eliminating pathogens responsible for it and also helps in reducing redness and pain.

4.) Myrrh Oil for Meditation

Because of its exquisite aroma, it is used in aromatherapy to enhance deep breathing and meditation by reducing stress and anxiety.

Myrrh Oil for Meditation


So, use myrrh oil for skin related problems. It is important to note that essential oils are mostly used in dilution with carrier oils; therefore, it is best to dilute myrrh oil to avoid the risk of skin irritation.

With its wide range of effects, Myrrh oil is proven to be immensely beneficial for the skin and incorporating it into your skincare routine will not only makes your skin smooth from the outside but also helps in keeping it healthy by fighting harmful pathogens, simultaneously soothing your mind with its powerful aroma, Myrrh oil will help you fight potential stressors as well.

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