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Lavender Oil For Anxiety - Benefits & How To Uses

Nowadays, because of the stressful life where people are more involved in their professional life, issues like depression and anxiety have become very common. However, numerous recent studies suggest that natural therapies are a great option for treating different physical and mental conditions. Especially people with anxiety orders are prescribed to go for natural therapies that are found to be more effective than other forms of treatment.

lavender for anxiety

Lavender oil is a great natural essential oil that helps people in anxiety phases. This oil sends a message to the brain and helps people deal with emotions. Let's discuss lavender oil for anxiety in detail and understand how this oil helps it all.

Benefit Of Lavender Oil For Anxiety

Lavender oil helps you get rid of anxiety by relieving the symptoms. Those symptoms include worry, insomnia, shakiness, feeling on edge, and more. Here we have compiled a list of all the benefits of lavender oil for anxiety.

Benefits Depression And Stress: Depression and stress are the conditions that exist together. According to research studies, people who take lavender oil aromatherapy reported less depression, stress, and anxiety than those on medications.

Improves Sleep Insomnia: You might know that people who suffer from anxiety or depression also suffer from bad sleeping patterns. They often experience trouble sleeping too. Lavender oil aromatherapy helps in reducing anxiety levels and also improves the quality of sleep.

Benefit Of Lavender Oil For Anxiety

Regulated Breathing: Lavender oil is a great remedy for regulating breathing patterns. The oil activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is an element in the nervous system responsible for relaxation. Using this oil for therapy helps you calm down and decreases physical symptoms of anxiety.

Nervous System: Evidence suggest that lavender oil helps people with anxiety to feel calmer. It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the relaxation of the mind. As a result, it helps in regulating panic attacks in anxiety patients.

Improved Mood: Inhalation of lavender oil is effective in decreasing depressed mood in human subjects. It is an effective natural remedy for improving mood and relieving stress. In addition to that, this essential also claims to boost energy and creativity.

Effective Uses Of Lavender Oil For Anxiety

So, now we know Lavender oil is effective benefits for anxiety. It's time we indulge in lavender oil in various ways to reap its aromatherapy and other benefits to fight anxiety and depression. Here are some common ways to use lavender oil for anxiety.

Use 1: Diffusion

Of all the ways, lavender oil aromatherapy works best to relieve anxiety and depression symptoms. One such way is diffusion. The subtle aroma of lavender oil is known to help with mental stress. So, here's how you can use lavender oil in the form of diffusion.

lavender oil diffuser for depression


Step 1: Fill the diffuser with an appropriate amount of lavender oil.

Step 2: Diffuse for up to 30-60 minutes on.

Step 3: Take a break for at least 30-60 minutes.

Step 4: Make sure the room is well-ventilated.

Use 2: Bathing

Lavender oil is an excellent remedy when you use it for bathing, as it helps individuals suffering from regular anxiousness. It helps them cope with daily life stress that causes anxiety. Here's how you can use lavender oil for bathing.



Step 1: Dilute lavender oil in a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or castile soap.

Step 2: Let it disperse in the water.

Step 3: Take a bath and feel relaxed.

Step 4: Do not add pure essential oil directly to a bath, as it is risky.

Use 3: Inhalation

One of the best ways to use lavender oil for anxiety is through aromatherapy. You can try the inhalation method with lavender oil and relax your mind and senses in the best way possible.



Step 1: Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on cotton pads.

Step 2: Leave it lying nearby you.

Step 3: Inhale the aroma for 15 to 30 minutes.

Use 4: Massage

Another great way to use lavender oil for anxiety is in the form of massage oil. To get the best results, All you need to do is to use lavender oil diluted with some carrier oil. Here's how you can use lavender oil for massage and relieve anxiety.

lavender oil for stress relief


Step 1: Take lavender essential oil diluted in a carrier oil.

Step 2: You can use pre-mixed lavender-infused massage oil.

Step 3: Massage oil on your forehead for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Do not apply undiluted lavender oil.


Now, you might be convinced that Lavender oil is one of the best natural ways to help people with anxiety and make them feel calmer. Lavender oil has all the properties and nutrients that may provide temporary relief.

With anxiety orders on the rise, essential oils are a successful, effective remedy to help reduce anxiety and calmness. Use your ways to use one of the ways we have mentioned above in the article and help your mental health or someone else you love.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions about Lavender Oil For Anxiety:

Q. How Does Lavender Essential Oil Smell?

Lavender oil has a delicate and sweet smell that is sweetly floral, herbal, and evergreen woody. It also has powdery notes.

Q. Does Lavender Oil Help With Panic Attacks?

Lavender oil provides support for people who are suffering from anxiety and significantly decreases the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Q. Where To Put Lavender Oil On Body For Anxiety?

The best way to use lavender oil on the body for anxiety is by topically applying it through massage. Another way to put lavender oil on the body is by using it daily while bathing.

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