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Essential Oils For Weight Loss | Burn Belly Fat with Essential Oils

It is claimed that the only method to lose undesirable body fat is to eat healthily and exercise. However, there are a few other tactics you may use to speed up your weight reduction, and using essential oils is one of them.

essential oil for weight loss in belly button

Essential oils are well-known for their various health advantages, but they can also aid with weight loss? According to research, breathing, diffusing, or massaging certain essential oils can help reduce cravings, increase energy, and accelerate weight reduction. There is no risk in testing these essential oils if you are not allergic to them.

List of Top 10 Essential Oils for Weight Loss & Metabolism

Essential oils are nature’s cure for everything. When it comes to weight loss, there are some essential oils which can increase your metabolism and some which can make your hunger pangs go away. Read on to know more about the top 10 essential oils for weight loss and how they can help.

1. Basil Essential Oil for Weight Loss

You can gain weight and have various other health problems if you create too much cortisol, the stress hormone. basil essential oil can aid with mental tension and worry, two characteristics that can lead to weight gain and trouble decreasing weight.

Basil Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Basil essential oil can assist with anxiety and stress management. When it comes to selecting the finest essential oil for weight reduction, it's all about identifying what's getting in the way of your efforts and removing that roadblock. Try putting one to two drops of the essential oil in a cup of carrier oil and massaging it.

2. Grapefruit Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Grapefruit essential oil has fat-burning qualities. It includes potent ingredients that help to improve your metabolism and cleanse your lymphatic glands, allowing them to transport nutrients to your cells. Grapefruit essential oil activates enzymes in the body, which aids in fat metabolism.

Grapefruit Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Massaging grapefruit essential oil onto your stomach for weight reduction may help to lower hazardous belly fat and waist circumference. Grapefruit essential oil may also be used to curb appetite by mixing one to two drops in a cup of carrier oil or applying two drops to your belly.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Rosemary essential oil, which is strong in antioxidants and a natural anti-inflammatory, aids weight reduction by lowering cortisol levels, which rise during high stress and anxiety. High-stress levels can also cause emotional eating and undesirable weight gain.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Excess glucose is produced when cortisol levels are consistently high, and this more elevated blood sugar makes it tough to lose stubborn abdominal fat. The stress hormone cortisol was reduced by up to 23% after 5 minutes of sniffing rosemary essential oil.

4. Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Weight Loss

You can enhance healthy weight and support weight reduction by eating less junk and proper quantities. Juniper berry essential oil works to improve your mood by stimulating your mind and spirit.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Try diffusing some high-quality juniper berry essential oil using a nebulizing diffuser if you're dependent on willpower to keep away from the bad meals. This approach can be used to control late-night snacking and overeating. This is a more long-term method of teaching your body healthy dietary habits.

5. Lavender Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Lavender essential oil aids with relaxation, stress relief, and comfortable sleep. We grab our favourite fatty comfort foods when we're anxious, and we're less likely to go to the gym or get enough sleep. It also has the potential to reduce harmful appetites.

Lavender Essential Oil for Weight Loss

If these are problems for you, lavender essential oil might be quite beneficial. We drool and want to satisfy our needs when we smell wonderful fragrances. Therefore inhaling essential oils like lavender will soothe you and slow down those urges.

6. Ginger Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Ginger essential oil is one of the most effective essential oil for weight reduction since it aids digestion, decreases inflammation, and reduces sugar cravings. This is one of the reasons why certain restaurants provide ginger sweets to their customers and why ginger is a popular nausea remedy.

Ginger Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Ginger essential oil is also a thermogenic agent, which can help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism. Try putting two drops of ginger essential oil in a cup of carrier oil and massaging the belly, soaking in a warm water bath with two to three drops, or inhaling it straight from the bottle.

7. Turmeric Essential Oil for Weight Loss

We all know how important one's metabolism is to lose weight. A slow metabolism indicates that you aren't burning enough calories. Turmeric essential oil boosts metabolism and enhances adiponectin levels in the blood.

Turmeric Essential Oil for Weight Loss

If you want to succeed in your weight reduction quest and gain a new level of confidence, you can use turmeric essential oil. When your body is trying to evict that persistent tenant known as unwanted body fat, adiponectin needs to be high.

8. Tangerine Essential Oil for Weight Loss

The tangerine essential oil can aid in the acceleration of your body's metabolism, allowing you to burn extra fat cells before they become excess and cause weight gain. Tangerine essential oil can assist in increasing digestion.

Tangerine Essential Oil for Weight Loss

You'll be able to process food fast and effectively while also balancing your stomach's natural acids and digestive fluids. In general, you'll feel less bloated and indigestion-free. However, this is dependent on your nutrition.

9. Sandalwood Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Sandalwood essential oil tones digestive function and improves stomach and intestinal function. This incredibly easy procedure might aid weight loss by providing your digestive system with beneficial gut flora for optimal efficiency.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Sandalwood prevents overeating by curbing emotional eating. When do you most often cuddle up with a dish of ice cream or a slice of decadent cake? The scent of the oil keeps you focused during these vulnerable periods, ensuring you don't stuff your face with cake and gain weight.

10. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Cinnamon essential oil is a multi-tasking powerhouse that can help you lose weight. It helps to minimise food cravings, speed up digestion, and enhance metabolism by balancing blood sugar levels, contributing to overeating.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil for Weight Loss

It's very good in lowering hunger and cravings by regulating blood glucose levels and the glucose tolerance factor (GFT). Cinnamon essential oil can also help enhance your gut health by decreasing specific digestive enzymes that delay glucose digestion.

DIY Essential Oil Blend Recipes for Weight Loss

Weight loss has always been a hot issue, and chances are you know someone who wants to shed a few kilograms. Aromatherapy and essential oils for weight reduction have been clinically shown to reduce sugar cravings! Follow these 2 simple recipes to create your blends or weight loss.

1. Rollerball Recipe for Weight Loss

Topical applications of essential oils using roller balls are one of the best ways of using essential oils for weight loss. This blend will ensure that your hunger pangs are satisfied without any unhealthy binge eating.



  • Remove the roller ball from the roll-on container and slowly drizzle in the essential oils.
  • Replace the roller ball and top with grapeseed oil.
  • To mix everything, close the bottle's top and gently shake it.
  • To benefit from the aroma's hunger reducing characteristics, roll it on the back of the neck, behind the ears, wrists, and collar bones.

2. Weight Loss Diffuser Blend

Diffuser blends are perfect to start or end your day with. They give you a long-lasting effect. This blend will ensure that you say bye-bye to all your untimely hunger cravings.


  • Grapefruit Essential Oil - 3 Drops
  • Lemon Essential Oil - 3 Drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - 1 Drop
  • Basil Essential Oil - 1 Drop


  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations when adding oils to your cold air diffuser.
  • The aroma will convey to your brain that you are full! Yes, indeed!

How Do You Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss?

  • Topical Application: To reap the advantages, massage the oil into your feet's tummy, arms, legs, or soles. Target locations that are most prone to fat when using essential oils that diminish fat-storing cells in the body.
  • Diffuser: When working out, having a working essential oil diffuser will be beneficial. Essential oils' fragrant properties promote well-being, so you'll like working out even if you despise strenuous exercise.


Essential oil is like a dependable companion who goes the additional mile for you. These valuable plant-based extracts include potent, natural chemical ingredients that help burn fat, increase metabolism, boost well-being, revitalise the body, and much more. Always make sure you use only 100% authentic essential oils like the ones available at VedaOils.

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