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Essential Oils For Empaths

The last thing we may want to do is sit in meditation or use energy clearing techniques to realign ourselves after being exposed to stressful situations, such as being in a public area or among draining individuals, or simply when life's burdens get to us. Essential oils come into play in this situation.

best essential oils for empaths

Waving a healing wand to rebalance and refresh when overwhelmed by the energy of a busy world is a very alluring concept. Essential oils are ideal for a busy empath to maintain balance since they function like a magical elixir and have many amazing advantages. The essential oils assist in bringing about mental stillness, energy clearing, comfortable sleep, and a return to balance.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Empaths

The following essential oils are excellent for empaths and have a wide range of healing uses. They function as amazing empath elixirs and aid in treating physical problems and eliminating emotional energy trapped within the body or the aura.

1. Lavender Essential Oil For Empaths

Lavender essential oil, which is among the most popular, has a number of advantages for the mind. The essential oil promotes sleep, lessens worry and despair, and eases insomnia, all common symptoms of overburdened empaths. This essential oil is a fantastic emotion balancer due to its calming and tonic qualities.

Lavender Essential Oil For Empaths

Lavender essential oil's a sedative and an antidepressant. It is a great choice for extremely sensitive people since it relaxes the mind and influences the limbic system, the area of the brain that controls our emotions. The fragrance can instantly calm your body and mind and dispel any bad energy you might have brought home.

2. Black Spruce Essential Oil For Empaths

Black spruce essential oil comes from conifer trees, a pine family member. Despite having North American roots, it is now widely accessible online. This essential oil makes it possible to think more clearly by eliminating negative thoughts.

Black spruce essential oil has been a traditional, all-natural medicine for many years and demonstrates remarkable therapeutic abilities. The essential oil is great for empaths to set boundaries since it may bring harmony and peace to an overworked mind.

3. Chamomile Essential Oil For Empaths

Chamomile essential oil comes from the flowers of the chamomile plant. The essential oil has a calming smell and is widely renowned for its ability to calm and relax the body. Empaths frequently struggle with stomach issues, which this essential oil can effectively treat.

Chamomile Essential Oil For Empaths

If you have fibromyalgia, you can use this essential oil to ease your muscles. Chamomile essential oil grounds the senses and promotes inner peace. It has calming and anti-inflammatory properties, is a great sleep aid, and supports hormone balance. Applying a few drops to a bath or on your pillow at night is beneficial.

4. Sage Essential Oil For Empaths

Sage is a natural herb of the Mediterranean Basin and is growing wild across some nations. This grounding essential oil is derived from the plant's leaves and buds. It has a reviving and clean scent and can be used as a balm or an aromatherapy treatment.

Its soothing and comforting natural aroma makes it a potent aphrodisiac. Sage essential oil helps ease stress by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. With the help of this oil, the excessive cortisol levels frequently linked to despair and anxiety can be instantly decreased.

5. Jasmine Essential Oil For Empaths

The white petals of the jasmine flower, formally known as Jasminum Officinale, are used to make essential oils. Although it originally came from Iran, it has since expanded to tropical regions. Jasmine is a pleasant, floral, uplifting scent that infuses a space with a positive atmosphere.

Jasmine Essential Oil For Empaths

According to a recent study, it has properties that promote wellness, making it the perfect essential oil for empathic people. Jasmine essential oil can also create a romantic reverie when inhaling it. It activates GABA directly, a brain neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety without making you tired or drowsy.

6. Rosemary Essential Oil For Empaths

The Greeks of antiquity confirmed that rosemary essential oil benefited memory and brain function. This essential oil naturally helps you feel more energized for the day by reducing stress, fatigue, and mental depletion.

Rosemary Essential Oil For Empaths

This plant is unlike any other because of its woody, balsamic aroma. Its essential oil can benefit you more than you imagined, especially when you're depressed. A hot bath infused with a few drops of rosemary oil can rapidly purge you of all the bad energy.

7. Lemon Essential Oil For Empaths

Lemons' skins are steam distilled to release their essential oil. By breaching this oil, you can increase serotonin and dopamine, two important neurotransmitters for handling overload. This zesty elixir can rejuvenate you and get you back on track after a busy day filled with stimulus.

Lemon Essential Oil For Empaths

It's energizing, spicy, and fresh, making it a great choice for aromatherapy. A digestive aid is provided with detoxifying qualities. Lemon essential oil promotes self-love and calms emotional stress. This essential oil will lift your spirits when enduring morning sickness and vomiting.

8. Marjoram Essential Oil For Empaths

Marjoram goes by various names, but we all know it as the name of a popular cooking spice that comes from the plant. Its plants, leaves, and flowers have long been used to make remedies. You may also experience alleviation from unpleasant symptoms if you have reached menopause.

Marjoram Essential Oil For Empaths

Marjoram essential oil is sweet-smelling and acts as psychological protection, calming the mind and reducing anxiety. Since headaches are a well known indication of worry, it frequently alleviates them. Apply marjoram essential oil to your mood swings and cramps if you are on your period.

9. Frankincense Essential Oil For Empaths

The resin of the olibanum-producing Boswellia tree is used to make this empath shield oil. It is primarily found in the dry and hilly parts of Africa, India, and the Middle East. It can be ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil For Empaths

The perfume of this essential oil is musky, spicy, and woody. The sweet, flowery aroma of this essential oil aids in lowering anxiety. However, it can help with ailments like depression and anxiety when paired with lavender and bergamot.

10. Vetiver Essential Oil For Empaths

On the Asian subcontinent, vetiver essential oil, referred to as "khus" or "khus khus," is widely valued. From perennial grass, this oil is extracted by steam distillation. There is a strong smoky, earthy, and woodsy scent that lingers.

Vetiver Essential Oil For Empaths

In general, it helps to quiet the mind. HSPs can use this essential oil to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. By affecting the body's seven chakras, vetiver oil promotes mental wellbeing. To obtain the best benefit from the oil, diffuse it or rub it on your neck, wrists, or chest.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe For Empaths

The aroma of essential oils is released into the air by dispersing them. When you're feeling down and want to swiftly lift your spirits, use a diffuser to inhale your favorite essential oil quickly. You can sleep better by using a diffuser at night.


Step 1: Take an empty glass bottle and add all the essential oils drop by drop.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe For Empaths

Step 2: Now add 2 tbsp of coconut oil to it. Cover the bottle with a cap and shake the bottle to mix all the oils.

Step 3: Take your diffuser and add 10 drops of this oil blend.

Step 4: Plug in and use your diffuser according to the instructions mentioned in the manual. Sit back, inhale and relax.


When the mind feels overburdened, essential oils for empaths can be beneficial. Inhaling your preferred essential oil or using whatever method is best for you will help with unresolved and absorbed emotions. Empaths deserve to unwind in peace because they are very sensitive people. VedaOils provides a wide range of essential oils to choose from. You can log into their website for some amazing offers.

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